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    The two most popular, if not the only versions of Minecraft, Java and Bedrock. Java being around 8 years old, and Bedrock being about the same age as Java. The two have their differences and their similarities but which version is truly the best version money can buy? Java gets more features while Bedrock has all the features of Java, and less. A popular example of this is the Combat Update which brings a more realistic combat system to the game while Bedrock just has unrealistic combat in which you can spam a mob with a sword to kill it quickly. But unlike Java edition, Bedrock is more optimized for Windows 10 devices. In Bedrock edition, you can set the render distance higher and fly with less lag, where as with the highest setting on Java, there is some noticeable lag. Yes, Java edition has it's flaws, but so does Bedrock. So which version do you guys like more?

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