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    • Will mods like Optifine be added to vanilla?
    Something even better. Overall, the game engine is being simplified, taking most of the load off of the client, and having the server doing the heavy work, greatly improving SMP.
    Smoothstone stairs are not planned.
    No new mobs are planned.

    From the Breaking News - Modding API Updates! post.
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    posted a message on Slimeball Rarity -SUCCESS and 50+ Supporters!
    Quote from ErasmoGnome

    You keep saying they are endgame material. Why should they be? As Syeonyx brought up, sticky pistons are useful for a whole host of things. Potions shouldn't really even be mentioned here, because they are not any more endgame than the nether is. It is far easier to get magma creams through magma cubes than getting slimes and the other materials.

    That's not really much of a valid point. You could say the same thing for any endgame material and make it sound like a convincing argument. For example, enchantments (mass enderpearls, mass potions, (semi) automatic farming machines/facilities) are useful for a whole host of things. Why should they be end game?
    Quote from ErasmoGnome

    But as I've said, most players don't even know what chunks are. They would have no idea what they were looking at, and an entire explanation would have to be added to debug mode to make this useful to such players, wasting space and cluttering up an already fairly cluttered space.

    So what; most players don't know how to read all of the information on the debug screen either. Do we have an explanation for it? No. If they really want to know, they figure it out, or research how to do it.
    Quote from ErasmoGnome

    My point here would be that sticky pistons should go hand it hand with pistons. Right now, sticky pistons incredibly harder to get than regular pistons. Why should they be so much farther into the game? I usually get enough materials for quite a few pistons as soon as I reach redstone layer, because all it requires that is rare is one iron and one redstone. Sticky pistons, on the other hand, require so much more effort obtain. Why? You keep saying they are endgame, but why should they be so much more endgame than regular pistons?

    Do they not already? When you are around the redstone layer, you are generally around where slimes spawn. Either get lucky and get one to spawn where your digging, or use a slime finding tool. From there, expand the area to your needs.
    Quote from ErasmoGnome

    Not. Every single other mob spawns wherever it wants to. Without looking it up, there is no reason to assume slimes are different. I, for instance, found a few slimes and just assumed they were very rare. I knew they spawned deep, so I built a huge room belowground. I got zip, because I didn't even know what chunks were, and had no reason to make the assumption that slimes only spawn in certain places (beyond just belowground).

    Your post here contradicts itself. You claim that there is no reason to assume that slimes have a different spawning algorithm than any other mob; yet you say that you assumed that they were different. What made you assume this?

    A probable reason why you didn't get many slimes would be that, in a 128 block radius of each outside block of the spawning area, was too dark. High yield slime farms have the area lit up to indirectly increase spawn rates. Its also helps to build the spawning area around where the slimes spawned.
    Quote from ErasmoGnome

    Except for the fact you've mentioned above that you don't have to fight the Enderdragon to consider it endgame. As I've already said, sticky pistons have no reason to be any more endgame than regular pistons.

    Grammatically, your first sentence in this makes no sense what-so-ever.

    Sticky pistons are not really endgame, but midgame. The only reason they would be considered endgame is because a lot of endgame material requires them (or helps speed things up). If you want masses of them, you build an efficient farm for it to satisfy your needs. If you don't want them, you ignore them.

    On my (fairly new) server, me and my friend have used over 857 slime balls (give or take a few) in total. Right after we found iron, we made a slime farm to start gathering them up early. Shortly after we moved, most of our projects incidentally overlap with more slime chunks, increasing our yield even further.

    The point is, slime's spawning rates are fine; if you want them, put some effort in to achieve it.

    If your going to ***** about not being able to get something, play on creative.

    If you want something, you have to work for it; you can't just complain without putting any effort in.
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    Quote from Brinjal66

    People would wonder why mobs all choose neutral gender? You mean like everyone wonders why mobs all use their default skin instead of changing it?

    No, if this was implemented, players would have a male and female gender; mobs would still be neutral. This would cause some people to wonder why gender doesn't apply to the mobs.

    I never said anything about changing breeding. And only 2 models would be added- male player and female player

    I wasn't saying that you were, I was saying that if gender would apply to mobs, it would change some things.

    I'm not forcing them, as I said neutral would be an option if they don't want to pick.

    "The blocky shape gives it a bit of a traditional masculine look, but adding a separate female mesh would just make it worse by having one specific model for female Human Beings and male ones. That would force players to make a decisions about gender in a game where gender doesn’t even exist."
    From Notch's post.

    The same way they identify their skin.

    The way skins work currently is that they connect to the skin servers and retrieve the image, how would this system differentiate the player models?

    I am solving the problem that if gender was implemented, people would be forced to pick a gender. My solution is to allow people who want to pick a gender the ability to do so, without forcing everyone to do it.

    Adding a neutral gender as an option is still forcing players to pick one...
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    Quote from Brinjal66

    A solution to this problem is 3 models:
    1: Neutral, same as current one
    2: Male, skin has beard, model has wider shoulders
    3: Female, skin has long hair, model has one pixel extension of chest. (It was so hard not to say boobs)

    See above.

    If they add gender to players, some people would wonder why gender doesn't apply to anything else. This would just add a mess to everything. Breeding would be harder, models would have to be added, and more mobs would have to be added since cows, and chickens are only female. In notch's post he made a good point on this, why force the player to pick a gender in a game where gender doesn't even exist. In the end, there is no point to add gender; if people want to identify their gender, custom skins are a thing.

    Post thoughts:
    How would this work from a coding perspective? How would clients identify other players as male or female (or the default model)?
    Finally, why are you trying to solve a non-existent problem?
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    posted a message on An Female Default player.
    If they add a new model for female players, it implies that the default model is male. The default model represents a human being, not a male or female human being, just a plain human being. Notch posted on his blog stating this, granted he isn't the lead developer anymore, but I doubt it would change.
    No support.
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    Quote from declanmar

    Using powered rails is difficult and costly.

    Also i would suggest making a "link" out of 4 irons like so...

    and you would place that between carts.

    Quote from Ironpigschannel

    not everyone cant get powered rails easily on survial


    You don't need very many powered rails to make a fast minecart track. You only need one powered rail once every fifteen blocks to maintain the max speed. For six gold, you can move 90 blocks at max speed; that's not even accounting for height differences. If your track slopes downward, you gain even more momentum.
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    posted a message on Minecart Trains?
    Or you could just use powered rails....
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    posted a message on Option To Turn Lan Server Status Off In SSP?
    No support.
    The reason mojang merged singleplayer and multiplayer was to get ready for the modding API and to make fixing bugs faster.
    If they add an option to stop emulating a server in singleplayer, they are basically back to square one; they would have to debug singleplayer as well as multiplayer again.
    If you don't like it, downgrade via mcnostalgia and wait for the performance update.
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    posted a message on Return singleplayer back to being SINGLEPLAYER
    No support.
    The reason single player now emulates a server is so modders don't have to code for both single player and multiplayer when using the modding api. Now, a modder just has to make sure it works on single player to know that it works on multiplayer.
    As for your error, goto the support forums
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    posted a message on two hands better know as dual wielding!
    No support. How would one break blocks if, in one hand (with something like another block in that hand), and have torches (or really any block or food item) in the other? Many functions would be broken by the fact everything can only have one action. Most likely dual wielding would be bound to the left and right mouse buttons; which would be problematic for items like swords. Blocking becomes unusable, you cannot place and destroy blocks with one hand, and you cannot destroy blocks with food items to save tool durability. The item bar hot-keys and the scroll wheel on the mouse lose their use as well, either only being able to select things for one of the hands. Also how would bows work? They are clearly require two hands to operate it (as shown in the player models, and just common sense). Duel wielding may work in a game like Skyrim, but it doesn't work in Minecraft. Besides, not everyone is ambidextrous, and its not that hard to press a button on the keyboard or scroll the mouse wheel.

    Off-topic: Minecraftia isn't the minecraft community, its a made up place that I yogscast referred to in one of their videos (I'm pretty sure it was them who referenced it). The minecraft community is just referred to as the minecraft community.
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    posted a message on funniest bans ever -almost 200 crackup ban hammers that spoken-
    I was once banned for helping someone repair the spawn after someone griefed it...
    Also my friend was playing on a class based pvp server and got banned for killing the other team.
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    posted a message on How do you get LAN friends?
    Quote from Nathan68269

    you can only do it with wifi?

    and how do you become lan friends with them?

    You clearly don't understand the concept of LAN. LAN stands for local area connection, and the LAN feature in minecraft opens up your single player world to everyone on the same network as you. The easiest way to do this is to set up a wifi network and have your friends connect to it. There is no such things as "lan friends".
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    posted a message on Corn Crops and More!
    This seems like way too much work for too little reward. Whiskey doesn't seem to have much of a benefit if any to the player. The corns husks don't sound like they help with anything either. Making a baby chicken to an adult chicken isn't that useful; and using corn instead of wheat selectively for chickens doesn't make too much sense. Wheat is already easy to mass produce, and the way your suggestion states that corn should be grown is more labor intensive than growing wheat. No support.

    Also you have a typo.
    Quote from Bocaj1000

    Corn Farming
    Corn farming is easy and simple. Corn can survive for two Minecraft days with rain or water. The less water, the yellower and drier it gets. So, get a water bucket and right click a cork stalk to water all the corn stalks in a 15 block radius. It doesn't require farmland to grow, but allows it to grow twice as fast with it. When broken at one block tall, it will yeild 0-1 corn seeds. At two blocks tall, it yields 1-2 seeds and two corn husks. At three blocks tall, it will give you 1-3 seeds and three corn husks.

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    posted a message on Chat Toggle Key
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/45360672/Hide Chat.zip
    There, I coded a mod to hide chat for 1.2.5. It used F6 to toggle it.
    I personally don't support this idea especially since its an option in 1.3
    Why would you need a key when its an option, are you too lazy to go click it?

    Sudo code if someone wants to continue it (I don't see why you would).
    if( is true)
    stop rendering;
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    posted a message on Forcing texture pack for SMP server
    Quote from milano606

    I suggest the admin makes a texture pack Blacklist. So the player has these options:

    Use the recommended texturepack
    Use your own texture pack, UNLESS it is on the blacklist of the server. If you still try this, you simply won't be able to connect to the server untill you have chosen a 'legal' texturepack.

    This would make everyone happy, except the cheaters!

    There's a few problems with that, that would be easily bypassed by renaming said texture pack to be on the blacklist; that or it would have to check every image in the texture pack, which would take some time and more processing power. Also, its not that hard to change what data is written to the packet containing the information to easily bypass the check.
    In the end its a waste of time to develop that feature.

    Quote from mollekake

    You wouldn't need to download it, it does so automatically.
    and i don't really see the problem with it. Themed servers would be a great experience.

    example: Zombie server. a good texture pack makes the experience all the difference.

    Would remove the x-rayers.

    And i bet the most popular servers would have the option OFF, so most people could use their favorite texture packs.

    I, for one want this the most. i want to make a themed server, with no x-rayers.

    That's still downloading it... The only thing different between that and what I assume you think downloading is, that you didn't click on anything to start it. If you want to make a themed server that blocks x-ray, use bukkit and spout.
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