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    posted a message on [1.6.4 Forge SSP, SMP, LAN] TuxWeapons 1.1d - Readded mod support!
    It's mah name! :D
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    posted a message on Year 2065: Post Apocalyptic Super Duper Serious RP [1.5.2] [24/7] [Essentials] [Whitelist] [Bukkit]
    Quote from JoeShmoy

    Yes, the server is populated.
    One thing though, they didn't have radios back then, it wasn't until the 2060's. But considering that you obviously put a lot of effort into this and the overall quality I'll let it slide.
    Also could you make your skin look more rugged? Add some dirt or something. I mean he should be extra dirty considering that he was a Miner AND is living in the wasteland.

    Thanks for the accept! I will try to add as much dirt as I can to the skin, with my poor Paint.net skills.
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    posted a message on Year 2065: Post Apocalyptic Super Duper Serious RP [1.5.2] [24/7] [Essentials] [Whitelist] [Bukkit]
    Out of Character

    Minecraft account name: Tuxter

    Country of residence and time zone: USA, EST

    Define role playing in your own words, do you have any past role playing experiences? Roleplaying is to diverse yourself in another world -experience new concepts, and build a character like or unlike yourself to create a unique experience. Interact with people to create even more diverse gameplay. My past role play experiences include post-apocalyptic servers like this one (Fallout servers) to fantasy role play servers. I took a break from role play for a while, and now I am ready to get back in to the game.

    What is your reason for applying to this server? There are three big reasons why I wanted to join the server. First, since I have not been playing RP servers for some time now, want to re-experience it. Secondly, I wanted a server where the story line was not that of Fallout, but stays interested. Your lore is not cliche', and the perspective that humanity is holding on barely is really cool, as well as the incorporation of robots and manufacturing. Lastly, I wanted a populated server. I wanted someone to be always on to join me on my adventures, and really develop my character.

    Have you been banned before, if so why? Never! Rules are very important to me, and I am always sure to abide by them. They are there for a reason. I get to join the server, and in return - get to have fun.

    Do you agree with our rules, how about the lore? Will you kindly? <<<<<< Like I stated before, I like the lore, and I think it is a really interesting direction it is being taken in.

    Will you use the server's official texture pack? Yes. I have no problem using the pack. My computer can handle running it fine. I have a gaming PC, so it should not be a problem.

    Define Powergaming in your own words, example: Powergaming can be defined in many forms, as it is used in many different ways. A general definition of powergaming is when a player forcefully completes an act upon another player, without the other players consent. A very common example is if you kill someone without it being acted out in role play.

    Define Metagaming in your own words, example: Metagaming is a term used when a player defies the rules of roleplay, such as knowing information, or using assumed characteristics. For example, saying hello to Bob when you have not learned of his name yet.

    In Character

    Character name: (Last names aren't required) Sybil The Miner (Or sometimes Sybil)

    Your character's story so far: I was born in the wake of everything. When I came to life in the year 2025, I was launched in to a world of chaos and despair. The world was in the biggest depression seen yet. I used to hear of the old days,, when everything was beautiful and vibrant - not bland and boring. People could make real choices. When I came in to the world, there was no such thing as choice. Like many people in my small community, I was forced to mine and work for IntraCorp. I was a tool, used to make all of their machines. The useless things that were breaking our new world. I worked for years and years. Treatment was terrible , and the robots of IntraCorp would make us work so hard, and bad people died. That is why I hate those things - those savages that aren't even human beings that force us in to the pain and sufferings of working as a miner. Years went by, still no luck. Of course, there were there was the failure of an uprising that happened when I was a mere 8 years old. But, the one freedom I loved and did have - was the radio. In all of its beauty, it was the one thing that kept us miners going, including me.

    I could not even participate in the rebellion. I was just forced to build the machines that were destroying my team. But then it happened. The meteors fell. We were finally free! But, a new challenge awaited us - a wasteland. I tredged on carefully, nearly almost killed by the radiation. I hopped from group to group, travelling the wasteland like everyone else. I was alone. I remember certain things, like killing a man for the first time, to being enpeached as a leader of a group. Now I travel the roads alone, with a new world ahead of me.

    Does or did your character have any companions or family? None.

    How old is your character? 45. I did the math correctly, hopefully the dates match up with the age.

    Describe what your character looks like, any distinctive physical features? Still uses his mining gear for clothing, as it adds a bit of protection being that it is layered. He has a scruffy beard, and never shaves the thing. He needs to look menacing in order to survive.

    How does your character act? Sybil is neutral, has some leadership experiences, and is calm in certain situations. However, he is haunted by the past and has a strong hatred for the 'bots who roam the land.

    Character's occupation: Mineer

    Does your character have an education? (Read or write) Some math skills, but is good at persuading.

    Any special skills that your character has, nothing unbalanced: (For this one, I decided to list my pros and cons)

    +Has a silver tongue.
    +Takes a leadership role if needed.
    +Very strong, and is able to fight many people. He is a built figure.
    +Obviously a great miner.
    -Not very agile. Does not have quick speed, nor can he get out of buildings fast. So, he is not the best scavenger. Also, this may cost him something in certain battles. (In roleplay, I may not sprint.)
    ​-His hatred for robots makes him discriminate them, causing him to not trust people of that kind. This can lead to some bad leadership decisions.

    Does your character hate or fear anything? Stated above, as well in the bio. He has a hate for robots because of his past. More info found in bio.

    Describe an example of your character in great suffering and pain (RP, and Long): The roads are long and dusty. My friend Jonas and I come to a building, once owned by IntraCorp. We enter the building. It is deserted, as usual. Some mutants, but nothing much.

    "Let's see if we can get some batteries and get the hell out." Jonas says.
    "Got that one. This isn't exactly my favorite place to be right now. Too many memories."
    "I feel ya'." he says, "The past isn't the most fun place to visit." We chuckle a bit.
    Some basic weapons, robot parts, which I spit on as I usually do. Then we find the batteries.

    Jonas tells me he wants to explore upstairs a bit. Why not? I think to myself. There is loot in every corner. We find more and more mutants. I am starting to think we hit the jackpot. Some water, scraps of food, and we even found one piece of dynamite! Perfect for a combat situation. Up and up we go. We find bountiful amounts of loot - we hit the jackpot. We finally make it to the roof. Remnants of a radio tower are still there. This one was destroyed. From behind me, I hear the click of a gun being pulled back. How could he do it?

    "Time to finish this. You are the third sucker to fall for this. But, you. This guy! You are the one I had to stay 3 months with to gain your trust!" he exclaimed, "just another fool."

    I am angry. I turn around. "What are you? You are the man with a past, with such a deep history, and really cared for me? You're ­! How could you point a gun at me after all we have been through?"

    "The real monsters of this world are the living - and you should know that."
    He readies his gun. Just in time - the mutant is inches behind him. He turns to fight the thing behind him. Then I lunge. The pickaxe goes straight in to his throat. He makes a gurgling sound. As his life fades away, I am in tears. He left me! It is his fault, not mine! The only friend I have had in a broken world. Now it is taken away. It's over. The body collapses. But, I take the gun. I should not have to be alone. I put the gun to my temple, ready to pull.

    "The real monsters of this world are the living." echoes in my head. I can't bring myself to do it. With sorrow and tears, I move on. I am not going to become one of them. One of the monsters. Time to move on, find another true living in the wasteland.

    Anything else to add? I adressed before that server population is imporant. In all honesty, is the server populated usually?

    Provide an image of your character's skin:

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    posted a message on [World War Z: Minecraft Adventure Server] [Now in Beta][City][Lootable Chests][Base Defense Feature][Claimable Bunkers! *NEW*]
    Pretty good server, but I found a huge cave with diamonds! :P
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    posted a message on [1.3][Alpha] ♦♦ SoulForge: Elemental Rebirth ♦♦ [A Brand New Way To Play Minecraft] [PvP Twisted] [Custom Plugins]
    Quote from RasuneNeko

    :( did everyone fall off the earth?

    Yep. Vent is down. Lets talk on Skype though. I will call you when you are on. Too bad everyone died :(
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    posted a message on [Minecraft Machinima] The Hardcore World
    We all know of the pain and agony that happens when we have to click that button - to delete our hard work forever. This video is about that struggle. It is about how losing a hardcore world really does suck. Hope you enjoy. Leave feedback for improvement and be sure to stick around until the end for more of my videos.

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    posted a message on Project Ares: Community Montage


    Project Ares is a pretty well known Minecraft PvP server, with big YouTubers coming to it to have fun. But I wanted to do something different, something that the community would be remembered by. So, I took the initiative and started the Project Ares community montage. With great feedback and support, I was able to make our final product. I present the Project Ares Community Montage! Enjoy.

    Want to join Project Ares? Visit there website! http://oc.tc

    Have any Questions? Email me @ [email protected]
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    posted a message on Ability to dis-enchant an item
    I would like to see this implemented in to an anvil somehow. Cool idea :).
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    posted a message on MINECRAFT FOR WII U or 3DS good idea? :D
    We are going in to a whole new world of marketing. That is very complex.
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    posted a message on Mushroom Islands: Too Rare?
    I would think that it would be a problem if Mushroom Islands had a valuable resource that is needed highly for the game. Honestly, the island has only some mushrooms and weird cows. Nothing value.

    I do agree however, that they should be a bit more common. Cool idea.
    Peace :)
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    posted a message on PlanetSide 2 - MMOFPS - PS2 Fully Released
    I watched a livestream of this game. The sheer scale of this game amazes me. It is a must have. You will surely like it if you are a fan of
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    posted a message on What Games Should I Buy For Xbox 360
    BF3, Portal 2. Top two favorites.
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    posted a message on World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
    Wow got really boring after my time playing it since Vanilla to WOTLK. Cataclysm burned it. 'Nuff said.
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