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    posted a message on Streaming anytime I can
    Hello all i will be filming and streaming allot more lately mainly mine craft but a few other things so please drop by and say hi :Dhttp://www.twitch.tv/kingtuttpro
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    posted a message on Mindcrack like Vanilla Server looking for Members
    IGN: tutter28
    Skype: KingTuttPro

    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    What you can offer: I offer a new look on a lot of things I love to build and make the best buildings and stores in any minecraft world I love to be the funny man and the money man so jokes and mining are also big points for me but redstone I am not so good in.
    Experience: I have played since the release of alpha
    Anything other info or questions: no nothing more to say but if u have questions for me feel free to ask away

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    posted a message on New Mindcrack Like Server! GreenLeaf Server! [Whitelisted] [Accepting YouTubers]
    • Minecraft Username: tutter28
    • Age: 17
    • YouTube Channel and Number of Subscribers: KingTuttPro 27 (haven't uploaded in a while but that's the reason why I want to join)
    • What are your skills and weaknesses? My strengths are my creativity and and building I also have skills in business because I like to make store like things in minecraft to I also like money haha I also work well with other people. Some of my weaknesses are redstone I am not good at all with red stone but I am working on it as much as I can.
    • What can you offer for the server? I can offer a new look to the server and another person that loves to play minecraft to help make the server even better than it already is
    • PS I really liked the intro video at the top did you do that?
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    posted a message on LateNighters SMP Vanilla Server! [Whitelisted] [Mindcrack-Style] [18+] [YouTubers]
    Age: 17

    Gender: male

    Skype (Not required but preferred for messaging): KingTuttPro

    Timezone: um???? Canada

    Why should we chose your for the server: because I love minecraft and I really want to get back intyo it with a good group of people and start up my youtube channel again

    Are you mature (Honestly):
    ya I am very

    Strength's: build and my creative mind

    Weakness's: redstone but im working on it

    Youtube channel: KingTuttPro

    Will you record an LP?: if I get on I will

    What makes you better then an average Minecrafter? to be completely honest I don't know im not a young id with a high voice haha

    Any other information that we should know about you?: im funny like to joke around and play lots of jokes I also like to be the riches person on serves so I like to dig

    Test of you reading the post!

    When did the map reset? I have no idea don't remember reading anything about a reset

    Do we like drama? no no one likes drama unless its a play or something

    Do we allow pranking? yes you do but theres are rules around it
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    posted a message on New Mindcrack-like server | NOT Accepting apps (server is full, donate to get in and get more slots)
    IGN: tutter28

    Age: 17

    Skype: (you need skype for group events) KingTuttPro

    Why should I choose you: Because I love to play minecraft and have been looking for a good server to do with people and start doing my Youtube videos again.

    Why do you want to join: I love Minecraft and I want to get into it more than I have ever done in the past.

    Will you be making a let's play: yes I will.

    youtube channel: KingTuttPro

    Have you been banned: no I have never been banned from a server before.

    If so why: n/a

    Information about you: My name is Austin I live in Canada Ontario I love to play video games and sports I also have a job at pizza hut but mainly work late at night and have all moring and after noon free

    ​What will be your recording schedule: when ever I have a chance to do so
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    posted a message on Game of Blocks 1.6.2 [mcmmo] [Grief Prevention] [econ] [Mobarena]
    IGN: tutter28

    cant wait to get started
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    posted a message on Brand New 24/7 Youtube Feed the Beast Mindcrack Server! ( 30 Slots )
    Age: 17

    Why you want to join the server: because im looking to do more minecraft content on my channel

    Skype name and do you have a mic: KingTuttPro i have a snow ball mic

    Modded Minecraft Experience: some not to much main mod experience in tekkit

    Your Youtube channel: tutter28
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    posted a message on [Hamachi] SilliCraft Tekkit Server
    Good server nice staff very help full if you got any questions they seem like good enough ppl once you come on you all ways have a friendly hello sent your way or just a causal hey its nice to just practice on server of for long time players to its good for everyone so long on now DO IT 0.0
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    posted a message on mindcrack like server looking for reliable players
    IGN: tutter28
    Experience: since alpha so a couple years
    Reason to want to join: i have been looking for a server like this for a long time
    expectations: for it to be awesome
    what you consider yourself good at: building lots of cool contraptions
    Do you have a problem with being pranked? no i love pranks unless they destroy alot of things
    skype name (if you dont have one, please get one, or pm me, i will get you whitelisted osv from there): KingTuttPro
    time you can play per week: prob 2 or 3 unless i work then an hour
    behavior: very nice and friendly
    Age: 16
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    posted a message on Tesseract Factions
    About yourself: i like minecraft :D
    Have you read the rules: yes indeed

    In character:
    IC age: 20

    Ic Name: tutter
    Backstory: i like steak i like liver meow mix meow mix plz deliver

    Faction: citzen
    Class: merchant
    Any other information? nope thats about it
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    posted a message on new server looking for staff plugins "essentials" "redstone host" "gold grade" "factions" "lockette" "no-pvp" "no whitelist"
    admin or mod: i will be willing to take any positions
    in game name: tutter28
    why do you want to be part of my staff: because i love tekkit servers and i think that to many people get these positions that abuse there power and i think that i would be a great member of your team
    interests(eg:games): i love the computer and xbox any gaming systems i love fps games and any games in general
    are you good at building: i love to build i do it all the time
    have you ever been admin before: yes i have on my friends server
    have you ever been banned before: no i have not but i have been kicked once for 24 hours becuase of my base my friend built wool guy parts in it
    do you understand breaking the ruels will get you demoted and someone else will replace you:i understand i wouldn't want anything less
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    posted a message on Internal exception: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out
    Quote from bloosyboy

    Read time out explains that it is a simple timeout error, the server is not responding in time, the minecraft servers have gone offline right now, just sit tight untill they come back online.

    Its not the server's fault , my friends can stay on ... it just kicks me off everytime, so it must be a minecraft issue ? maybe someone did something to it ?
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    posted a message on Internal exception: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out
    Quote from bdl3700

    if you have avg you can be cetain that it is avgs fault i got avg yesterday and now have this same problem.

    ok well if you have avg.... then 2 questions what is it and how can i get rid of it?
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