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    posted a message on [Valhalla][24/7][Plugins][Bukkit]Guest Area,Towns,Wonders
    IGN: tubbatubba
    Age: 16
    Location: Sweden
    I wish to build (not just 'a house' but with what!): The Alamo, sandstone probably. I am a big fan of sand-structures.

    Why I think I can be a good addition to this server: Im a serious player, I've been hosting my own servers for friends and been playing with subbasubba

    Mark that you agree to the following rules:
    I understand that if I'm inactive for more then 2 weeks without leaving notice my land can be resold by the realm.
    I understand that I will receive a starter plot max 20x20 to get started on: (this might be bigger deppends on what space is at hand at the time you join)
    I understand that on this server I have to buy my land with ingame money:
    I understand that I have to be nice to others on the server and not engage in slander:
    I will respect the rules in regards to cutting both trees and leaves , as well as not to cut any Pine-Trees:
    I understand that all my actions will be logged and that I'm responsible for my own account on this server regardless of who logged in on it:
    I have read the other rules: Yes, I have.
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    posted a message on Stability testing on a WAR-server! [KILL KILL KILL]
    WAR-server in minecraft, need some stability testing.
    Right now, the cap is 20 players, if it can handle that, I will higher the cap until it will crash.
    WAR is a mod where you are supposed to kill eachother, right now i got two arenas, pit and rayban.
    rayban is a big arena, where you can capture the monuments or kill the other players, 3 teams, 5 players on each.
    pit is a small, higly-intense arena for up to 6 players, two teams, 3 on each.

    PORT: 25565
    Country: SWEDEN

    AMD Athlon x3 64 @ 2,8ghz, clocked down!
    4gb ram

    As said, im using the WAR-mod, HeroicDeath and Noon!
    Please come with feedback! constructive, flaming or calling me a fat faggot, dosen't matter!
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]
    Just thought that I'd stop by and say im DYING to try this on bukkit! It would fit perfectly into our newly built colusseum!
    Oh yeah.. The nazi cross is only there because we have one rule: We don't remove anything someone built.
    Really dying! get a move on :iapprove:
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