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    posted a message on ☄️ WildPvP | A quality matchmaking network. (Looking for ALL staff members) + Builders & Devs Needed ☄️

    WildPvP Staff Recruitment
    Quality minecraft matchmaking.
    last edited 7/20/19[/i]

    Discord: [/b]https://discord.gg/xN6WQ9Q


    Learn about our network and why we are unique.

    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to view our application thread. We are happy to announce our staff recruitment post and are looking for dedicated and responsible minecraft members to join our staff team. So, you might be wondering what is Wild? WildPvP is a new and efficient minecraft combat network with new and unique features that make us different than other big name HCF & UHC servers. We want to provide a more player friendly and well developed server to the community with gamemodes that we all like. Currently we are launching a heavily modified version of KitMap for our network with unique gamemodes and ideas making the pvp experience more appealing to the players but still keeping it Hardcore like. Down the line we are planning on adding more gamemodes to really show people how PvP should be played.


    Join The Team[/b]
    Apply to Wild and help us create the next big thing.

    We hope you have an interest in joining our server team. Before applying for us please meet the requirements below:

    • Discord Account
    • Microphone
    • Age of 14+
    • Ability to spend 2 hours per day.
    • Professional skills and attitude.
    • Work well with the staff team.
    If you were able to meet the requirements please continue reading our application process and view the several positions available on our network. Please note we set these requirements to help us create a professional staff team. False information on applying will result in an automatic removal from the application queue list.


    View our several positions open and choose what best fits you.

    Spoiler (click to show)

    Spoiler (click to show)

    Spoiler (click to show)

    Connect Now![/b]
    Come join Wild and experience the next combat generation.

    Discord: [/b]https://discord.gg/xN6WQ9Q
    IP: [/b]wildpvp.net
    Store: [/b]http://store.wildpvp.net

    thanks for reading, join the discord to be updated about our release[/i]
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    I am interested to Developer, add me my discord is: smhv#2219

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    posted a message on =-=-=-=-=-=LOOKING FOR SERVER TEAM=-=-=-=-=-=-= Build Team/Developer Team/Helpful Staff! Please respond with my application form

    What Rank Would You Like to Apply For? - Junior Mod or Senior Mod please! and thank you!

    Minecraft Username - smhv

    First and Last Name - My first name is Josh, I am sorry but I am not saying my Last name.

    Skype - live:smhv1212 or smh v

    Age - 14 almost 15

    Have you been staff on any other server? - I have been a Owner before but that was a long time ago, but Currently I am a Moderator on a Server called Archer Network, I am also a Developer on a server called "Terra Craft" following me being a Admin on a server called Ground Zero Network, That is what I am currently ( besides the Ownership ) I use to be a Helper on like 2 other servers before I was a Admin on Ground Zero, but then I retired from BOTH of the servers, So then I am now server staff on 3 different servers, I use to be a Helper on Archer but then they promoted me to Mod.

    How much time can you put into this server? - I can put about 4 - 6 hours a day here, put per week I can do 9 - 12 hours a week. Maybe even more
    (Monday) 4 - 6 hours
    (Tuesday) 3 - 5 hours
    (Wednesday) 4 - 6 hours
    ( Thursday) 4 - 6 hours
    ( Friday ) 6 - 8 hours
    ( Saturday ) 7 - 9 hours
    ( Sunday ) 6 - 8 hours

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    posted a message on EXTREMELY NEW MINECRAFT SERVER | Taking full staff team in recruitment! anyone can join! | Admins, Head-admin, Moderators etc.

    why did u ban me? I didn't do anything really... I was building and helping doing my job and you just banned me? from discord and the server and you blocked or unfriended me? really wow jerk

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    posted a message on EXTREMELY NEW MINECRAFT SERVER | Taking full staff team in recruitment! anyone can join! | Admins, Head-admin, Moderators etc.

    NAME: Josh
    AGE: 14 almost 15!
    IGN: smhv
    DISCORD: smhv#2219
    POSITION OF CHOICE: Sr.Mod or Head-Mod please and thank you :D
    WHY CHOOSE YOU: I should be choosen for several reasons. I don't want Staff just to mess around with commands, or brag about my awesome prefix, I actually want to help people. I mean, sure being Staff is fun, but It's also quite a difficult job that I've heard from some of the staff. The main reason why I want to be a staff member is to make sure everyone is having a fun time on this fantastic server. I'd hate for someone to leave all because of someone being disrespectful, They need help with something or they just simply don't know what to do/how to play. Another reason why I want Staff is to stop hackers. I hate hackers, They ruin the fun for everyone else by having lots of unfair advantages such as god mode/regeneration hacks or aimbot. The third reason why I'd like Staff is to help other staff members. Normally, you would see in most applications that they only want to help players, but sometimes staff need a hand too, like building or testing maps, new mini-games and plugins. I tried managing a whole server by myself and it was really difficult, but with the help of a few extra people, my job ended up being a whole lot easier. Also I would like to be a Staff member here, because I believe I can construct an optimistic, welcoming and productive atmosphere on the server and here on the forums. Users are often disregarded, which, let me tell you, hurts. But I believe I can adapt to the server. I hope I will be actively playing on the server, and am exceptionally active on the forums, as you might be able to tell even if I don't get staff aswell. Having a Staff position is filled with great perks to improve the Staff society, and I believe I will be able to handle these perks and use them to improve the overall population of the server. There are 2 key things a server needs, equality and unity. Equality means to have all members care for each other the same (in a positive way). Donors often intimidate/taunt the players who are an inferior status than they are. I’ll be able to make the server attain equality by sharing insights, tips, and that users can accomplish their goals of becoming staff. Now, for unity. Unity is an immense quality to encompass in a server. It means that all members, Donors or Members, can cooperate together without any arguments or such. (This is last reason! ) I want to be a staff member to help anyone who needs help, stop all of the spammers, advertisers, impersonators, or even hackers! I will always to my best to be as helpful as I can to a fellow staff member or a new player! I will never let a staff member down if he needs me. I can help anyone who needs my help. I will help new players, intermediate, in terms of how long they've been on the server, and even the advanced/veteran players of this server. This server is going to be the best server I have ever played on in my minecraft years, and I want to make it as safe and as fun as I can possibly make it for the players, donaters, or even staff. I will always to my absolute best in stopping the rule breakers who come on just to ruin other players experience on this amazing server. I want to help any of the staff with maybe a new plugin that needs testing, a new rank that needs to have the permissions test, etc. I will never deny a staff members requests, unless it is way out of either my job as a Helper or Moderator or just is against the rules to do. I have always done my best to try and stop the rule breakers, but I get the same response 8 out of 10 times, "You're not staff, you can't tell me what to do you have no power over anyone!" The thing is I will always do my absolute best to keep the server a fun, safe, and exciting place to be.
    PAST EXPERIENCE (IF ANY): I have past experience, My past currently is me being a Owner a Manager a Developer, Head-Admin and a Moderator. My current positions are Helper on two servers then Admin and Head-Mod I am planning to start another server my own again to give it another try haha xD[/b]

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    posted a message on Brand New Server Looking For Lots of Staff!!

    Age: 14 almost 15

    Location: Arkansas

    Position: Any time of position I dont care, Maybe Admin? or Mod?

    Experience: I have been staff on 4 servers CURRENTLY yet my past has been like in total 9 servers maybe 10. I am a Helper on two servers and a Head-Mod and a Admin currently, In my old past I was a Owner,Head-Admin,Manager,Developer,Moderator,Helper on three servers. That was my PAST and they were during different times like the Owner ship was 3 months ago then my Head-Admin was 6 months ago then my helper's all of them were 5 - 8 months ago, Then the Developer was 1 year ago then the Mod was 10 months ago then the Manager finally was 1 month ago.

    Working Mic: Yep!

    Discord: smhv #2219

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    posted a message on Minecraft server need staff here! Come and join and apply! HydraMC

    The ip is thehydra.mcnetwork.me

    I am not the owner but you should still join and get a chance of staff!

    Need help at all? Contact JoshuaHoll980#6192 or xHersh#5512 or MrCrextor#0274

    Got discord join the server discord! https://discord.gg/dJHxPgE


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    posted a message on -=- TownRP Server -=- Looking for builders, developers, staff team!

    Could I apply for a Helper rank or like Mod, Admin or Manager if not thats ok I really wanna help out your server

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    posted a message on (Urgent) Looking for Manager/Co-owner

    Hello, I am 14 years old. I would like to become a manager to you know take care of all of the staff applications for you so you dont have too :D

    Email: [email protected]

    My discord: Ventex #2219

    Name: Jake
    Age: 14
    Position applying for: Manager

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    posted a message on -Looking for STAFF- (HIGH chance of being accepted)

    I've sent you a friend request is that still your username mine is Ventex #2219

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    posted a message on NEW Minecraft Factions/paintball/creative server in need of staff! Builders and a Manager are mostly needed

    IGN (In-Game Name): * xNation_

    Age and Birth date: *(Optional) I am 14 I was born on May 24th 2005

    Gender: * Male

    Timezone: * (GMT Format) GMT - 5 Central Day Time

    Position you're applying for: * (You may apply for: Builder/Moderator/Administrator/Coder) I am applying for Admin or Moderator either one :D

    [If applying for Coder] What languages are you certified in?: * I am not applying for coder yet I use Java and Java script

    [If applying for Coder] Have you coded any plugins, mods, or add-ons?: * (Please include a link, video, or screenshot of them in action) This is a link that I made of the plugin I can proove it if needed this is the link: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/title-welcoming.374340/

    [If applying for Builder] What are some of your creations?: * (Please include screenshots or videos) I am sorry I am not applying for Builder

    Why are you applying for this position?: * I am applying for this position to help the community and to help players and to support them when going threw rough things, I am also applying for this position because I hate to see hackers on the server ruining the server soo bad and making it impossible for other players to have fun.

    What makes you more qualified than other players for this position?: * What made makes me more qualified than other players for the position I am wanting is that I do not lie in my application I 24/7 tell the truth and I am very honest of what I say. I am also a responsible person and respectful in all ways.

    Have you ever been banned from a server? If so why?: * I have been banned from Hypixel for advertising I regret it yet I dont do it anymore.

    [If applying for Moderator/Administrator] How much experience do you have managing Minecraft or other game servers?: *I have LOTS of experience not too much but still a lot. I have been a Owner,Manager,Admin,Moderator,Helper twice and a Developer.

    In your own words, what are four (4) of the server's most important rules?: * (1) No cheating in any way! (2) Swearing is not allowed! (3) Bullying is not allowed either (4) Scamming is not allowed aswell

    When are you available/can you be active on the server?: * I am available any time if not I will notify you when I am not active or available. I can be on the server for around 4 - 9 hours a day.

    Anything else you'd like to add: * My discord is Ventex #2219

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    posted a message on -Looking for STAFF- (HIGH chance of being accepted)

    Name: Josh

    Age: 14 almost 15

    Discord: Ventex #2219

    Timezone: Central Time Zone, AKA GMT - 5

    Role you feel like you would fit in the best:I feel like a Mod or maybe Admin but if not then Mod or Helper :)

    Do you have any experiences in the past of being a staff member? Yes I do! I am a Helper,Mod,Head-Dev,Trial-Mod and Admin

    We really do see potential in the server growing big which means we need dedication and commitment. How long can you be online/active on the server each day? I can be on the server for about 4 - 9 hours a day yet I will contact you of what is happening to week private

    Any other info? Nope

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    posted a message on Need Staff bad! LinkCraft 1.8-1.8.9

    Hello there!

    My server "LinkCraft" is needing staff bad! If you want to come and apply on my server for FREE! ( obv ) Join my discord and you will find your way to applying and having a chance of getting accepted
    Join the discord here:

    Wanna join the server?

    1.8 - 1.8.9

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    posted a message on Looking for someone who has experience with factions servers and can help with plugins

    Hey, So your discord name does not work could you add me? Ventex #2219

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