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    Is there any way where you can build a boat and put entities on it while it is assembled? Like the metaworlds mod? It would be nice if we can start the ship and move around on it while the ship is moving and open doors and stuff.

    From what I understand this is impossible unless the mod is completely rewritten. The reason you need chairs and crates to move entities in this mod is because it let's darkevilmac focus on creating more content opposed to slaving away to make a system which is inherently hard to create (minecraft was never created with this type of movement in mind) work. The reason metaworlds works is for the same reason it doesn't interact with anything; it's essentially two different fixed dimensions in a single space. Which is a clever workaround but has its own problems (such as meta worlds not interacting with the world). While I do think it would be awesome to walk around on a ship, I'd rather have a mod that interacts with the world (unlike metaworlds) and doesn't lag so much that it throws people overboard in mp (unlike the ships mod). The only reason this mod accomplishes these things is because it doesn't have these freedoms of movement aboard the ship. Then again, I'm no expert, if someone corrects me later in this thread, assume they're right.
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    aren't you karmajuney?
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