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    Heartbreaking Moment
    Well, I don't have any screen shots to go along with this or anything, but this is just an important announcement. I have a backlog of screen shots to write about now, so don't worry, plenty of material will be coming out. Now, I was at the bottom of the ravine mining obsidian when, out of nowhere, I hear the sound of crunching bones and a squeal only recognizable as a pig's. Our friend, the pig, who I had come to know as the owner of the cave, is now dead. My heart sank when it had happened, as I had seen him only moments before, and countless other times going to and from the cave. Let us take a moment to remember the cave pig, and bow our heads in silence as we remember his squiggly little tail and joyful oink. I intent to dedicate a monument to the little fella sometime in this world. But anyways, I have work to do!
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    Hello everyone! Well, a little history first. Oh, and I might as well warn you that there is going to be a LOT of writing and a few pictures. Okay, as I was saying, I don't know why but today I was just struck with a bit of inspiration, an itch you could say. This itch lead me here, to the forums. I've lurked here for a little over a year, and rarely post. I read some threads, and even did a little pass it on save, which I intend to continue working on as I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love to write, and type as situations warrant, and I love the threads of people documenting their day to day activities on Minecraft. I haven't seen one in a while, and I would enjoy doing one and sharing my experiences with you and maybe even inspiring you!

    A New Day Awaits:

    I awoke to a brisk wind sending a chill down my spine. I don't know how I got in this world, but the situation's severity soon took root into my mind. I quickly ran to the nearest tree and began harvesting wood. I knew I needed to work fast, as the shrill cold and monsters of night would soon be upon me. I cut down a few trees, and started to search for a nearby cave to inhabit. As luck would have it, a flat patch of land held a cave opening near where I awoke, almost as a haven placed there by the creator of this harsh world. I constructed a table to work on and a shoddy wooden pick and began chipping away at the cold stone wall. The freezing cold made every strike of the pick reverberate up my arm, similar to church bells being rung. As soon as I had the materials, I pieced together a furnace and burned some wood into charcoal.

    Now that I was heated a little, I felt an urge to explore the shallow hole in the ground barely deserving to be called a cave. I found a very small opening that I had over-looked upon first entering the cave. I lit it up with torches I had crafted and ventured inside.

    It didn't go on for long. It ended shortly with another outlet to the outside. It was actually very helpful though, as it contained a nice pocket of coal, which proved invaluable to me over the course of the night.

    Now my mind was focused. It was time to pierce the earth. I crafted a stone pick and shovel, and started a staircase downwards. I was making some headway when I got a little sidetracked, my stomach grumbled and I needed food, bad. I could have gone out and slaughtered animals, but I decided to take a more time-consuming, but effective approach. I cleared away walls and pushed back further and further and made room for a wheat farm. I found some iron in the walls and smelted it down and formed it into a bucket, which I then fetched some water with to maintain the soil I was about to till. I lit it up and new I had done a good job, but now it was time to find seeds.

    I like my homes to have wide open rooms, leading into each other. So, why not do that here? It is a cave, but at the same time it is now my home. I knocked out a large wall separating the entrance and the farm, then added in a nice wooden border to the farm, to give a sense of dwelling to me. To know that this is my home, my territory. I also planted some seeds to begin growing wheat. I hope it grows fast, my stomach is caving in on itself.
    It would probably be safer for me to just stay inside. I don't know how long I've been in here though. My hunger is severely impacting my productivity. This wheat it taking forever to grow, I think I better do something to help it along.
    I crafted a sword and ventured outside into the night. To my surprise, not a monster was in sight. I need them though. I need bones to help fertilize my small farming operation. I hiked over a small hill and saw light omitting from around a corner, and my keen eyes caught the tops of some pumpkins. I will have to venture further.

    A pit of lava! Quite a sight. By the pit there was a skeleton, and my eagerness for bones and child-like obliviousness prodded me to follow him into a cave. I killed him, but to my surprise I saw a room made out of cobble. I didn't know what was inside, and my curiosity got the best of me.

    Inside there was this demonic device, this, tainted machine. It was making skeletons pop up out of thin air right in front of me. I killed them, one by one, and lit up the room. As the light drove back the darkness, they stopped appearing. There was a chest with some meager supplies inside it over in a corner of the room. I foresee myself using this 'machine' to my advantage one day, harvesting bones to fertilize my crops.

    Day was finally here, or a day I suppose. I haven't a clue how long I was in that cave, or home I should now say. I harvested some wood in the early morning light, and used the bones to fertilize the crops, and I finally procured some wheat. It was now time to build a small pen, and find some animals. I got some sticks and formed them into a rudimentary fence, which I turned into a pen. Over on the side of a hill there were some pigs, I got close to them and lured them to the pen with my newly acquired wheat. I then locked them in and fed them. One could say they got to work, and soon enough there was a baby pig with an abnormally large noggin looking at me.

    I spent the day harvesting trees, and towards dusk I looked out over into the horizon from atop a hill where a pine recently stood. I saw a giant landmass, that looked almost as if it defied gravity. It struck me with its beauty, and I knew one day I would venture there. It was a great picture for me to have in my mind as the day ended and I withdrew back into the depths of my cave-home. If only I had a comfortable place to sleep and dream of the lands I had seen in the distance, maybe that should be my next goal. A place to sleep. That will be something for another day though. For now, I have crops to tend to and unknown depths to pierce.

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