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    posted a message on Chunky - Minecraft mapping and rendering tool
    Wow. I was looking for something else and found this by accident. I've been rendering for hours, and I just realized that I have forgotten what it was that I was looking for earlier.

    Oh, if you're taking suggestions, every settings page needs a "return to default" button.
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    posted a message on What item would you like to see that can be enchanted?
    Quote from redheadsrule

    Enchanting arrows. There would be things like fire, ice, explosive, no drop etc. Lots of one to 64 at a time, depending on how stupid or desperate you are.
    This, and the fewer you enchant at once, the better the chance that you'll get a really awesome enchant. That is, enchant 1 arrow and you're pretty much guaranteed to get an Arrow of Awesomeness even if you're only using one XP level, but if you try to enchant a whole stack you might only get +1 damage even if you burn 50 XP.
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    posted a message on Uncle Troy Presents 100 Creepers
    I just wanted to announce that I just uploaded my 200th Minecraft video to my YouTube channel Uncle Troy Presents. This video celebrates 100 encounters with creepers from my first 100 episodes. Please check it out.

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    posted a message on Stone Age Challenge
    Just in case something like this hasn't been suggested before, I thought I'd mention the Stone Age challenge I just started. For this challenge, you generate a map (I used the seed "Stone Age") in hardcore mode and try to survive without using the furnaces to smelt metals. In essence, you are limited to wood or stone tools. The general idea is that you are from a Stone Age time and haven't discovered metal refining yet. However, you're a smart cookie and can fully utilize any metals you find in chests in dungeons or abandoned mineshafts. I figure that this way you can eventually get a few metals (though they will still be very limited) and eventually slay the dragon or whatever goal you set for yourself.

    I try to explain it a little better (and start playing the challenge myself) in this video:

    Good luck!
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    posted a message on What are your First 5 Steps after creating a new world
    1) Go to the General Store.
    2) Buy a lantern.
    3) Kill Morgoth.

    Wait, wrong game. Never mind.
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    posted a message on Lava Land (is for Lovers)
    My suggestion for a mod is simple: Make a tiny alteration to the terrain generator so that mountain peaks have a lava source block above them. This would effectively create the appearance of a volcano. I suggest looking for those little single blocks at the tops of hills (or even mario blocks out by themselves) and putting the lava only on top of those. For a real experience, put lava source blocks on top of 1% of trees. This makes a nice lava fountain and occasionally starts a forest fire. The point is to create lots of volcanic activity, but not so much that the game is unplayable.

    I've created a video of my playing around in creative mode where I illustrate what I'm talking about:

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    posted a message on How To Build A Portal Elevator - Bedrock To Sky Limit In 13 Seconds
    I've been using this for quite a while, but you do a good job explaining it. Here's a video showing how I do it.

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    posted a message on Fastest Vertical Travel
    Fastest way I've found to get from bedrock to sky limit is to use portals. You may have to build and rebuild them a few times to get it right.

    Portals of Power

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    posted a message on Survival Island meets 404 - incredible new seed for 1.8 - "GiantRavine"
    Just to let everyone know that I'm still playing this. I don't think I've had this much fun in Minecraft in quite a while.

    A few things if you're thinking of trying this map:

    1. Either download the map from this thread or revert to an earlier version, as the current version (Beta 1.8.1) generates pretty much the same ravine but without the abandoned mineshafts.
    2. Set yourself some limitations. I played with my usual style and actually managed to "win" the challenge without dying. I think I should have at least gone with Hard instead of Normal difficulty.
    3. Post your pictures or videos in this thread, or the thread over in the Seeds forum, because I really want to see what other people are doing!
    Personally, I explored the entire GiantRavine, have finally left the island and, am currently trying to completely fill in a map of the area. See the results here on my YouTube channel.

    BTW, TarniaW: My name is Troy H. Cheek. You're not the first to call me Troy Geek, though. No hard feelings.
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    posted a message on How Do You Tell When Wheat Is Ready For Harvesting?
    Quote from McAngusYoung

    The Wiki is a lot like the forums. It has this weird thing called a search bar that people don't seem to know exist.

    There are two other ways the wiki is like the forums. First of all, you have to know what it is you are looking for before you can search for it, as imprecise search terms often return the wrong thing or nothing at all. Secondly, time and time again I have searched for something that I know exists, using the exact same search string which worked the last time thanks to my browser's autocomplete function, only to be told that it does not exist. Basically, I believe the OP when he says he tried to search and didn't find it.
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    posted a message on Survival Island meets 404 - incredible new seed for 1.8 - "GiantRavine"
    If I've done this correctly, my letsplay of the GiantRavine Challenge 1.8 now has its own YouTube playlist:

    GiantRavine Challenge 1.8 Playlist

    This playlist will let you skip all the other stuff on my channel (Uncle Troy Presents) if you aren't interested in it. As of this writing, I've got 12 GiantRavine episodes recorded and am uploading them about one a day.
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    posted a message on 1.9 Breaks everything! (rant)
    Quote from aIpokissa

    And how would you think it would be possible to make them spawn in existing villages as the spawn location is determined when the villages generate?

    I thought I read where Jeb_ said they were going to try to make it so that NPCs spawned in existing villages. Also didn't I read somewhere that villages had their own biomes? That would make it pretty easy. Just spawn NPCs only in village biomes with a pretty small cap. That would also have the side effect of villages repopulating after you kill them or they wander off and die.
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    posted a message on Is this pc good for minecraft AND some steam games?
    That's better than what I'm playing on right now. Should be sufficient. Trying to find the "best" deal is tough, because no matter what you find, you'll always find something better. I've gotten good deals from Newegg. TigerDirect is also good, as long as you don't have to return anything.
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    posted a message on Ammunition Shortage
    Quote from Riqht

    They are not that rare? :unsure.gif:

    Well, skeleton spawners aren't uber-rare. But I believe I read that you're most likely to find a zombie spawner, with spider spawners the second most common, with skeleton spawners being the rarest. In other words, you can't count on the first dungeon you find having a skeleton spawner.

    The fact that I found three skeleton spawners within 50 blocks of each other back in 1.7 does not prove me wrong. Nor the fact that in 1.8, we just found conjoined skeleton/spider dungeons within sight of our new base.
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    posted a message on Survival Island meets 404 - incredible new seed for 1.8 - "GiantRavine"
    For some crazy reason, I decided to try this. I'm playing on Normal difficulty with no particular restrictions. Given my history, I figure the challenge will be challenging enough without giving up torches or playing with one eye closed or whatever it is you experts do to make things interesting.

    First episode of GiantRavine Challenge is here:

    channel view

    It's part of my Minecraft playlist which is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/troyhcheek#p/c/A93F767AAB547D8A

    and my channel page is here if you want to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/troyhcheek
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