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    Version 2.0.2
    Thanks for the pack Talonos. I've been enjoying it so far.

    The mod Natura is adding a food item, Mushroom Stew, made by using the normal Minecraft Mushroom Stew recipe. The food is being ignored by Spice of Life I think because I don't get any diminishing returns. Whatever the reason I can a diet of 100% Natura's Mushroom Stew and not have any diminishing returns. I'm trying not to use it, but it's so easy to cheat ;)

    Also, I found a huge floating island/continent that has Glowstone and Astral Silver. It has a beacon I couldn't active. Maybe because I'm not on the scouting mission for it yet? Or is the Beacon bugged?

    Chit Chat:
    I started at Alpha Bio-dome and spent most time exploring with the scouting missions and trying to complete Xenobilogy. I died a bunch around Erie Island trying to get up. I've been wearing only Wooden Armor so far and using Tinkers Tools made mostly our of Fusewood, saplings I got from Driskol. I'm requisitioned lots of Bonemeal and Animal Bags, got a breeding pair of all animals except Cow/Mooshrooms. I've been generally enjoying myself. Thanks again!
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    Quote from Aaron215

    The server is usually up. Go ahead and try logging on now, I'll play you in a game of spleef if we have permissions set up.

    Logged in no problem, and the ping seems reasonable, hard to tell w/o being able to break blocks etc. Which team speak does the server generally use v2 or v3?
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    This is great, thanks to the reddit post for bringing my attention to it.

    I'll probably try and log on tonight just to see how my ping is on the server (I'm not based in the usa). If it's good I'll setup my mic and see about joining some matches.

    Really excited, the RFW maps look like such fun.
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    Almost Automatic
    From Curtis The Epic
    While making a mob farm that does the job for you may seem nice, creating a simple fall trap that leaves the monsters with half a heart allows you to just punch them receive both experience & drops.
    Consider using Instant Harm potion once your brewing is setup to reduce time spent punching.

    When building elevated/floating floors/blocks you can place a block underneath the floor by using a waterfall to move up and down. This is instead of creating a sand tower/scaffold. Of course a sand scaffold is more useful if you will be doing extended up/down work.

    (This may be too noob to be 'pro')
    Logs are more space efficient than planks and sticks. Bring wood on an expedition in the form of logs, than later decide if you need planks or sticks. This also helps by requiring you to carry less pre-constructed tools.

    Placing a bucket of water on the side of a tall wall/cliff (when at the top) and than removing it allows you to keep your water bucket and gives you a nice cushy way down.

    To scale a wall vertically with water; place the bucket of water as high as you can reach, swim up the water, when bouncing on top click the source block you placed back into the bucket, quickly re-placed the source block above your head (on the wall) while jumping, repeat to the top.

    If you're low on health and not in a position that allows easy retreat to a safe haven you can create a temporary one by placing two stacked blocks in front of you, to either side, and behind. A block can be placed above your head to complete the shelter by jump/placing a block on one of you newly made walls and than building off that. You can hide here in safety until your health has regenerated. Quick clicking can be used to replace a block with a work bench if you need to craft new tools/armor while regenerating.
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    posted a message on 1001 Things to Add to your Home
    I compiled most of the suggestion here so far into a google doc. Comments/Suggestions/Additions?

    By Request I'll turn on public editing.

    Small: http://bit.ly/9GpMBq
    Not Small: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AqyexGo53f54dGZPdVk3Q2diS1otaWR6TnV1TUxNSXc&hl=en&authkey=CJL1iFU
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    Some models I found:

    Some of the models in the sites come in compressed archives with several other files to filter through, but I found at least one model on each site that worked just using the info linked by erich666.

    Untested/Potential Registration:
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    Quote from Opeth »
    trondaron did express an interest in helping with the coding aspect, although I'm not sure of his abilities in this scenario.

    Neither am I, but I'm looking forward to giving it a shot. This would definitely be my first 'community' project. That said, I'd be more than happy to work under/with other coders should they show up.
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    So for now maybe we just rock a forum thread, with a "set" format.

    World#, Save Size (in MB), Number of people who inhabited it before you, Base at spawn (yes/no, size), Name (choosen by initial uploader), Significant additions/comments.

    What else?
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    Quote from Opeth »
    The problem with a feature like that would be that people could upload mislabled saves, so the maps could become completely different and disorganised, unless you had a moderation team to verify they are updates/expansions to the original save. But it would involve a lot of work for the moderation team due to constant downloading of files and wouldn't be viable, or it would mean a long waiting time before updated maps actually get published.

    I was given to the impression (I haven't personally verified it) that each world has a 'seed' that is used to continually generate area that is discovered. Assuming a standard upload method or relatively standard (zip vs rar, and in the world save folder vs without world save folder) it should be trivial to check the seeds of a updated version against a previous version.

    I'm a programmer (mostly C#, .net, php, sql) I offer to assist in creation, but I do not have hosting resources, nor do I have money. I have limited time and an interest in seeing this type of thing flourish. I also have ideas, but I'm avoiding scope creep until some sort of team or structure is in place.

    Heres to seeing abandoned cities and art.
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    Quote from Destructios »
    Any noise is too much noise.

    Does this mean I should stick to solid colors? It seemed so bland with just solid colors. Do you happen to know where I can learn some pixel shading techniques?

    I'm really a newb artist, I know asked for anything, but I guess I'll reneg a bit and say I prefer some fleshed out information.

    Thank you Destructios! I'll see if I can replace the noise and still avoid flat color.
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    Looking for tips/suggestions/input/advice all or any is welcome.
    Link to me skin: http://minecraft.net/skin/skin.jsp?user=trondaron
    For those that don't want to click/see flash etc:

    My own comments:
    - Thinking about changing body color to match the 'helmet' color
    - Not crazy about the strip on the helmet but lost for alternatives
    - Not sure it's recognizable enough

    Do you recognize the character?
    Too much noise?

    Thank you!
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