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    1.7.10 is the best version of Minecraft because of the huge amount of high quality mods available/

    The ability to mod the game is what made Minecraft so popular in the first place. People just loved hacking into the jar file modifying classes and other people loved to use those hacks to play a modified game. I remember having to patch the jar manually then later modloader and even later forge came around.

    For every feature 1.7.10 doesn't have there's a mod for it.

    There are a lot of changes brought by 1.8 which made modding a hassle so a lot great modders left the scene and only a few returned briefly for 1.10 or 1.11. All the features added in vanilla since 1.7.10 pale in comparison with what the mods can offer.

    Instead of embracing the modding community 1.8 in fact killed Bukkit made forge mods more difficult to always play a game of catch up with the faster release cycle of Minecraft and with the aquisition of Microsoft the game is about to move away from java, from forge and are creating their own visual only mods.

    There are mods in 1.7.10 to make it like 1.8 and 1.9 or even like 1.10 and 1.11. While not all features are available like dual wield or shields is possible to install a mod for that too. In a sense 1.7.10 already had everything that was gonna come out in the next 5-10 years!

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    Quote from xxQWx»

    New links for Mob Spawn Controls 2 because the previous ones are apparently dead:



    thank you :D
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    You should really add enchantability to Fortress Blades and Thaumic Disasembler. They feel so useless without the ability to add enchantments.

    Fortress blade is not even recognized as a weapon by Osmotic Enchanter and Thaumic Disasembler is recognized but gets absolutely no enchanting options.

    I feel items who can be enchanted are way more useful in the game

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    Et Futurum is legal and so is Forge

    Minecraft's EULA says the general one rule is "you must not distribute anything we've made unless we specifically agree to it"

    they define "distribute anything we've made" as

    i quote:

    • give copies of our Game to anyone else;
    • make commercial use of anything we've made;
    • try to make money from anything we've made; or
    • let other people get access to anything we've made in a way that is unfair or unreasonable

    So the way they define it is not as you would define it in English. Generally all EULA or contracts define terms in a legal way to be used in the court. That means do not distribute anything we made doesn't mean same thing as in English. It means what the EULA defines as do not make money or abuse everything we made.

    Furthermore they go even into more detail as what you're allowed to do

    "Below we also give you limited rights to do other things but we have to draw a line somewhere or else people will go too far. If you wish to make something pertaining to anything we've made we're humbled, but please make sure that it can't be interpreted as being official and that it complies with this EULA and the brand and asset usage guidelines and above all do not make commercial use of anything we've made."

    They added that clause for mods. They encourage you to expand on their game but not to use their work to make money or make other games or use Minecraft brand or pretend you work for Mojang/Minecraft/Microsoft.

    "The license and permission we give you to use and play our Game can be revoked if you break any of the terms of this EULA."

    "If you've bought the Game, you may play around with it and modify it by adding modifications, tools, or plugins, which we will refer to collectively as "Mods." By "Mods," we mean something original that you or someone else created that doesn't contain a substantial part of our copyrightable code or content. When you combine your Mod with the Minecraft software, we will call that combination a "Modded Version" of the Game. We have the final say on what constitutes a Mod and what doesn't. You may not distribute any Modded Versions of our Game or software, and we’d appreciate it if you didn’t use Mods for griefing. Basically, Mods are okay to distribute; hacked versions or Modded Versions of the Game client or server software are not okay to distribute."

    Note that you can include SOME code as long as you don't copy paste a lot. So adding a function here and there is okay. Finally they reserve the right to define something as a mod or not. So even if you do crazy stuff that might seem illegal they can jump in and declare your work is a mod.


    long story short YES Et Futurm is completely legal and so is Forge

    Bukkit was a different story they were making money of Minecraft brand thus breaking the non commercial use of mods clause I mentioned above.

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    There are many reasons why 1.7.10 is and likely will always remain the best MC version for mods for ever.

    Minecraft used to be coded very slowly by a small in dev team making releases slow between versions. This gave moders ample time to produce modding tools and mods and keep them up with the latest releases. Before forge there were other ways to manually hack the jar I remember.

    Things have changed a lot since 1.7.10 times

    First Minecraft has become much more popular was acquired by Microsoft and the number of developers working on the game has steadily increased. This has made the releases more frequent making mod way harder to maintain to last stable release. By the time you release your mod you're already 2 versions behind.

    Second since new versions are released so often mods have become less relevant as new stuff is being added all the time. Forge will likely never be officially part of Minecraft team because paying forge developers would be a waste of money for Microsoft.

    Also many mods are stuck at 1.7.10 version because they have to be re-written for 1.8+ due to json model system.

    Also json model system makes creative or magic or random blocks or generated blocks no longer possible which makes many of the magic mods way harder to produce. Tech mods with a lot of machinery and block devices are way easier to create.

    So in a way 1.7.10 minecraft way was harder to code but gave moders way more power and creativity over 1.8+ mods.

    You can see this for ex Thaumcraft 5 sucks in comparison with Thaumcraft 4. PSI mod is more of a tech mod. Most of the big mods that survived are all tech mods.

    Mods such as witchery or Twilight Forest will never be played again.

    Backporting features from newer MC versions into 1.7.10 should actually be easier to produce than updating every single mod to the latest version.

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    This mod used to be so popular in 1.6.4 I don't many remember s this. And it got pretty much forgotten and abandoned when 1.7.2 -> 1.7.10 came about and now is coming back with a vengeance. Is very unique magic mod because the magic powers are limited only by your ability to make and cast spells. Generally most magic mods spells have fixed properties and powers for spells with optional upgrades or empowered spells but here you choose everything.

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    posted a message on WIP Technorcery mod


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    Quote from iCeleste_14»

    Oo, hope the 1.10 comes out soon, my friends and I are trying to find a mod for alcohol for our server!

    I'm making something like that right now but is a WIP. Is kinda of a baby Growthcraft but with other alcohol and features so you can use both when they update it :)
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    posted a message on Making A Block Face A Certain Direction Based On Player Rotation

    I ain't gonna lie but this thread actually helped me figure out why my block resets direction in my 1.10 mod!!! Thank you Stone Miner. And sorry for the necro

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    Quote from seraphimrock1»

    will this update to 1.10 or whatever people are working on these days?

    Im doing a mod for 1.10 right now and I'll tell you 1.7.10- is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than 1.8+

    Where in 1.7.10 and previous mods were like 90% coding and 10% sprites now they are about 60% coding and 40% creating a modpack with json models sprites blockstates etc. Is actually much more fun to code for 1.10 than for 1.7.10. Forge simplified things so much now.

    To update a mod for newer version of MC is a pain in the butt and is very unlikely you will see a 1.8 even anytime soon.
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    This is a mod about magic vs technology for 1.11 now.

    This mod originally began as a way to resurrect awesome mechanics from older or abandoned mods but since I started it's slowly becoming it's own unique thing. While it still loosely based on some ideas from other mods it does not feel like a clone or remake in any way. In fact the more I work on it the more different is becoming. I decided to move away from just copying other ideas to more like using those ideas as a basis for my own ideas. Read the wiki for a bit more detail about all this.

    Based on the way is going I think by the time I finish this mod will be completely different to anything else and only superficially similar to other mods.

    This is WIP. No release yet as I have started working on it just about 1 month ago.

    Note that I don't use this MC forum much . Join me on discord if you wish to chat.

    Github here https://github.com/trollworkout/technorcery

    Wiki here https://github.com/trollworkout/technorcery/wiki

    Join my discord channel here https://discord.gg/34vsTRF

    Support me on patreon here https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=4606046

    Here's what I been working on the past few days

    In the pic below you can see Thornwood which deals damage like cactus if you touch it, elder door and a few slabs and stairs and a couple of logs you can see Elder (green) , Thorn (red) and Hazel (gray) a lil bit.

    In the next pic you can see Thorn wood door and Deposits vat (similar idea as Silver Vat but it produces all the unique metals found in this mod : copper, tin, zinc, silver, lead)

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    Quote from DrGoo282»

    That makes sensebut you have to be careful in how you phrase it. The reasons why us non elemental creatures get damaged by too much/little is because our bodies have adapted to maintain a certain level of heat, water, air, etc. Elementals on the other hand would be much more difficult to defeat using their same element, because the subsist solely on that element for survival. So while yes, you could damage a fire elemental with fire, it would be much harder since it is able to absorb the heat and sustain itself. That is why you use the opposite elements to defeat them, as it tips the balance much more effectively than by giving them more of the essence they need to survive.

    Also why the Ordo could damage the environment is because it would halt the progression of all reactions, as they are inherently chaotic. Life wouldn't be able to survive in such an environment, so it would quickly perish. It isn't because it's simply "too much", but because it would halt the continued chains of reactions that let life continue.

    I disagree. Is not that elementals are stronger against their own element but that they are weaker against opposing elements.

    For example two fire elementals fighting one another would be on equal ground and would deal full damage to one another and not half damage or less damage as you suggest. However a fire vs water would deal double damage to one another cause they are opposites.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]

    Guys there are other threads to discuss EULA issues . This forum is about Thaumcraft not about patreon, money, eula etc.

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    Quote from Azanor»

    How exactly is that supposed to be illegal?

    Is legal. Minecraft license prevents you from distributing decompiled code NOT decompiling the code and prevents you from making money off Minecraft. All mods are legal.

    Patreon and what's it called is legal because you're not asking for money or making money off it. You're simply making money trough ads by having people download it a lot.

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    Quote from TheLordEternal»

    So, I'm wondering. How would radiation affect/Interact with Vis? What would occur when the two comes into contact?

    Vis does interact with the material world after all, so what would happen?

    Would they annihilate each other, Or would one empower the other?

    Nah dude radiation is a type of vis. If you install EssentialCraft3 you will see that . Magic powered by magic raditation which can be used for Thaumcraft vis via a plugin.
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