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    posted a message on Looking for server admin/mod, and help building.
    I would love to be a mod and help out. (though I'm not the best builder)
    I'm good with people and I would NOT abuse my powers. :lol:
    Skype: trixey28
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    posted a message on Planet Earth Minecraft server NEED TESTERS! And STAFF!
    IGN: trixey28
    Staff or tester: either one is great but if I do get staff, I'd prefer to be a mod
    age: Do you mind if I keep this a secret because I happen to be a girl and I don't like guys creepin' on me?
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    posted a message on Vanilla. Whitelist. 1.6.2. No plugins. Survival skills required.
    *Name: Rose
    *Age: This is the one thing that I would like to keep a secret, if you don't mind. I'm not quite sure why, but maybe it's because of all those creepy guys hitting on me if I'm anything close to their age.
    *IGN: trixey28
    *Experience with Minecraft: I've played for 3 years, since Alpha. Also, I watch too many Minecraft videos on YouTube to be healthy.
    *How often you can you play (per day): I have absolutely no social life and I'm always on my computer so a lot (many hours.) But I won't be able to play as much when school starts back up again.
    *What makes you different from others: I'm female. But other than that, I guess it's just the little things like determination. If I set my mind to something, I'll finish it. I won't leave a structure half built to go and start something else. Also, I think I might have slight OCD so every little detail will be figured out and if I don't like something I spent three days building, I'll tear it all down and re-build it.
    *What are some favorite things of yours in Minecraft: I'm very proud of a castle I built in Feed the Beast made out of marble. I don't know if you're familiar with the block, but it took me a long time to build and it was probably the biggest project I had ever done. Sadly, I lost the world when I got a new laptop and didn't think of my Feed the Beast worlds going on the USB stick.
    *Why Vanilla: With every mod and Feed the Beast out there, it's so incredibly nice to just go back to basics and not have to learn commands or new recipes or anything like that.
    *Solo or group: Either one, but group is more fun.
    *What do you like to build in Minecraft (I am not looking for houses): Honestly, anything that you can look at and your mind just says "Wow". (I don't do pixel art)
    *What do you like to do in Minecraft: I love to build things, even though I might not be the best at it. But mainly, I love the adventure of survival mode. I love how it's different each time and that it never stops. There is always more that you can do and something that you haven't done. But playing on a server with other people just makes it all ten times better.
    Any additional comments/things of interest: I really hope I get to play on this server and I do have Skype.
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