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    I like this, but maybe if the crafting recipes and textures would feel a little less modded (if it does get added they probably would change them) and I don't think adding another ore in the overworld would be good, add it to the end instead cause the nether recently got another ore

    Yea, I'm not a pixel artist by any stretch of the imagination, in fact those were my first textures ever done. I'm sure they'd feel much more integrated if the mojang artists did it. I'm curious about 2 things:

    1. What part of the recipes feel modded? If Mojang said they were going to implement this tomorrow, what do you think they would do differently?
    2. Why would you not want them in the Overworld? The way I have it laid out, there would be one dedicated to the Nether and one dedicated to the End. The reasons I have the main 3 in the Overworld is because
      1. Their function is not powerful enough to be put in the End. I mean how does a Heat Amber stack up to a Shulker Box? Would you even care if you found a Heat Amber in the End when you can get an Elytra, a Shulker Box, and Dragon's Breath?
      2. Thematically it doesn't make sense. The Nether is where you find Nether Quartz which massively boost your ability to Redstone, Therefore, I put the Redstone Amber there. The End is all about weird space, compression stuff via Shulker Box's so I put the Pressure Amber there. Things like fire, movement, light and life are introduced in the Overworld, so I put those there.

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    Quote from Puffy_Pony»

    I would steer clear of magic in general for the player in Minecraft. Players mechanics mostly focus around machinery, technology, and "pseudo" magic like potions. I would focus on expanding these--certainly some of your ideas could work for new functional blocks or potions.

    I would agree with you except enchanting exists. Enchanting is not pseudo magic it's full fledged magic and its linked to a gemstone, like my system. Evokers also exist and we're led to believe that they are a type of person like any villager or illager or even witch. People also seem to be enthralled with somehow gaining the Evoker power set and lots of people want the Illusioner to be introduced properly. I'd say that means that there's a large subset of people who want more explicit magic in Minecraft.

    Unfortunately most people's solution is "craft a wand so that I can launch this super overpowered exploding fireball with my new mana bar that requires eating this new super rare fruit to replenish." Those kinds of suggestions don't fit with the spirit of Minecraft. I was setting forth an example that I think fits Minecraft because it is naturally limited, manipulates in game features, and encourages people to mine in new places. It basically parallels redstone. Additionally, this system gives an explanation to certain odd things in the game. After finding a life amber, a perceptive player could make the connection with a totem of undying with green eyes, and what the totem does. After crafting soul amber, it makes sense that Evokers and Mob Spawners can exist.

    You're right in that these could be cool new functional blocks, but my argument is that amber would give a these new blocks an easy and understandable recipe that wouldn't exist otherwise.

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    Shortlist of changes made to the idea

    • Got rid of conversion orbs to simplify amber item creation
    • Changed the effects of some Ambers
    • 2nd tier of Ambers are now gotten through tempering
    • Other gems in the game now have a place in amber crafting and effects
    • Added more pictures
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    The problem with using in game stuff is that its very hard to balance. For instance, taking your example of a blaze rod and nether quartz for fire makes the fire stave exclusive to the nether. However, starting fires is not something that is so hard to do you need to wait until the nether; in fact, you need to start a fire to even get there. The same logic would then mean that I would need Gun Powder and Flint to make an explosion stave, which means that I can make a way more powerful explosion stave in the overworld way before I could ever think about making a lame fire stave from the nether.

    The reason I chose to use amber instead of existing gems was to fix several problems at once.

    1. Not enough reason to mine in Minecraft
    2. No one mines at the top layers because there's nothing there. Amber in real life happens to be found at or near the surface and would give people a reason to mine there
    3. Consistency. Most of the systems in Minecraft are consistent, when you pick up an ore, you know what to do with it, when you pick up any rock you know what to do with it. That kind of design can't continue if the new system uses blaze rods here, but lapiz there, but who know what over here.

    I was also not going for potion effects because then whats the point of potions? Minecraft is engaging because you can shape the environment how you want. A magic system should allow you to shape the environment even more than you could before. That's why most of the amber effects are focused on the environment, not on fighting other things. If your clever, you can change the environment to deal with mobs and obstacles in a cool and wizardly way.

    I will say though that the original post is overly complicated. I think the new edited post will be much easier to read, and the simplification to the system should hopefully make it more Minecrafty.

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    posted a message on Common Suggestions Thread (Suggestion Forum Suggestion)

    Over the last few days, I've seen at least 4 suggestions that are extremely common. I know the forum rules state that you should search before you post but people who are new to the whole forum thing usually won't use the search feature. Since there are always new people using the internet, this leads to "Vertical Slabs" and "..... Variants" and "Furniture" suggestions to appear every few weeks. Veterans then don't feel like replying because repeating yourself all the time is annoying, and the lack of feedback is discouraging for people who are new. Therefore, I suggestion having a pinned thread dedicated to these suggestions with their general reception and why they're received that way. Something like:

    Vertical Slabs

    People generally like the idea. Some technical issues regarding half blocks and linking. Not sure why Mojang hasn't done it.


    Some people want it, others feel like the point of Minecraft is to be creative with what you have. Many people feel like it would be better to add other more important features first.


    Even though it won't stop everybody, I think a pinned thread like this would serve a similar but different purpose from the small suggestions thread.

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    As I was reading the weapons thread yesterday talking about guns in Minecraft, I saw some people bring up current issues with projectiles in the game and some ideas regarding how a new projectile weapon should somehow be completely different from current options. My understanding is that common arguments for adding guns are:

    • There aren't enough uses for Gunpowder
    • Why is there Gunpowder if there aren't any Guns. (Honestly, if I were Mojang, I would change the name of this item to Black Powder)
    • There's a want for more varied options in ranged combat
    • Guns are "cool" and some people think they fit the game aesthetic
    • Somehow a metal projectile gets more people going than an arrow

    Some common arguments against are Guns are:

    • Few uses for a Gunpowder doesn't justify a new weapon
    • Mechanically, guns will basically be 'Crossbow 2.0' with the added problem of only having one projectile type
    • Guns don't fit the aesthetic of Minecraft
    • Added weapons should expand gameplay, not give more of the same (like the Trident)

    I saw some ideas that attempted to reconcile the divide and were in the right direction but were overly complicated. One in particular, AMPPL50's Fire Charge Launcher, gave me the inspiration for a Sling Shot as the next ranged addition. Sling Shots are primitive enough that they fit Minecraft, and the recipe can be simple enough that you can craft it earlier than the Bow. Because there's no ammo strongly associated with Sling Shots, we can get creative with what this weapon could do. The recipe would be as shown in the attachment, requiring 4 sticks and 1 string. The Sling Shot would have a quick charge/fire time. It's range would be .75 of a Bow, but every projectile fired does damage, even if when thrown normally it doesn't. The different Ammo types would be:

    • Stone
      • New block gotten from breaking down 1 Cobblestone into 4 Stones
      • Damage: 3-5
      • Special: Knockback Equal to twice a fully charged Bow

    • Iron/Gold Nuggets
      • Damage: 4-6
      • Special: Ignores some Armor

    • Poisonous Potato
      • Damage: 2-3
      • Special: Poisons Target

    • Snowball
      • Damage: 1
      • Special: Freezes block, making it slippery like ice. Also Freezes water for a short time

    • Egg
      • Damage: 1
      • Special: Retains same properties as when thrown except that trajectories are now flat instead of arcs

    • Ender Pearl
      • Damage: 1
      • Special: Teleports target to a random location far away.

    • Fire Charge
      • Damage:1
      • Special: Target catches on fire. Also acts as ranged Flint and Steel

    • Firework Star
      • Damage: 4-5
      • Special: Area Damage

    • Splash and Lingering Potions
      • Damage: 1
      • Special: Potions now travel much farther than when thrown

    • Honey Bottle/
      • Damage 1
      • Special: Temporarily makes a surface sticky like a honey block

    • Ink Sack
      • Damage 1
      • Special: Blinds target for extended period of time

    If pre-Existing items can't be used as is for ammo. My suggestion would be to mix each item with clay to form a(n) "____ Shot". For instance, a Slimeball + Clay would make a "Bouncy Shot", which is unique ammo for the Sling Shot. The beauty of this weapon is that as you explore the world, the possibilities for the weapon unfold before your eyes, giving you incentive to carry it over a Bow. It can become a utility as well as a weapon. Best of all, as new content gets created with new effects, this weapon can take advantage and get updated with new projectiles. Please comment with any and all feedback!

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    posted a message on Weapons in minecraft.

    I'm just going to shamelessly plug the post I made earlier this year titled The Conversion Update - Minecraftian Magic.

    While not exactly the same it pretty much has what you're talking about as far as a staff with 'Elements' and a new way to mine without using the traditional methods. I intended the idea to fill the gaps of the current game by adding something new while keeping the feel of Minecraft. Not sure if I'm allowed to link it, but it's currently one page back on this suggestions forum. I do caution that the post is long and somehow still not detailed enough. Maybe if I add more supporting pictures I could reduce the size of the text body. If that is what you were going for I'd like some feedback, not sure if the post/idea is any good since I didn't hear one way or another. If not, I would echo what Jancrash said and would like more clarification.

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    I have seen many attempts at introducing a magic system in Minecraft and all of them have fallen into very similar traps: artificially imposed elemental systems, mana bars, “rare” items that are in weird places from a game design standpoint, overpowered systems, game mechanic replacement… The list goes on. I’m hoping this suggestion can be free from of most, if not all, of those things. Since I’m envisioning this an an entire update, the post itself will be long and detailed.

    At its core, Minecraft is about manipulating the world and rules around you in creative ways to build, craft, and make each world your own. Just as Redstone follows this philosophy, so will this suggestion. The ‘magic’ in this theoretical update will be the Conversion of energies already present in Minecraft, along with a few added ones (since updates always include extra stuff).

    Similar to how Redstone carries signals, Amber will carry energy. Amber Ores can be found between level 64 and 48. When mined, the ore will drop several ambers. There are 3 colors of Amber in the Overworld which correspond to different energies they can convert. They can be tempered to change their energy by using a furnace with lava as the fuel. Other Dimensions also have their own Ambers.


    • Absorb and Emit transform certain blocks, [Lava <--> Magma <--> Stone] , [Water <--> Ice] , [Clay Block --> Terracotta]
    • Emitting sets things on fire and absorbs active fires (will damage Blaze's on absorb)


    • When absorbing on a block or entity that will explode, absorbs the explosion
    • Emitting on a block or entity causes a small explosion (half strength of TNT)


    • Absorb reduces speed of mobs for a short time
    • Absorb stops Minecarts in motion
    • Absorb stops water and lava from flowing turning them into 'Still' versions.
    • Emitting pushes mobs, carts and blocks. If a block cannot be moved it breaks. If a mob hits a wall it takes damage.
    • Emitting on a 'Still' water and lava turns them back to normal. Emitting on loose blocks like Sand and Concrete Powder makes them flow


    • Absorbing on a block affected by gravity (i.e. Sand) stops it from falling.
    • Absorbing on a flying mob will ground it
    • Emitting on a block will make it 'Heavy' and fall like Sand or Gravel.
    • Emitting on a non flying mob would make it unable to change vertical position. Grounded mobs can fly again


    • Absorbing on a source of light makes it stop emitting light, turning them into 'Darkened' versions
    • Emitting on a block makes it light up like the sun for a time, damaging undead mobs. Returns light to 'Darkened' blocks


    • When absorbing during a storm, lightning will strike you, doing no damage and instead being absorbed
    • When emitting, lightning strikes the area. If a mob should transform, it will


    • Absorbs and Emits hearts --> Decrease health on absorb Increase on Emit. Reversed for undead mobs.
    • Absorbing on a plant objects kills them [crops and grass --> Dead Bush] , [grass --> coarse dirt] , [leaves to sticks]
    • Emitting on plants and animals acts like feeding them or placing bone meal.


    • Absorbs experience
    • Emits a mob spawn based on inventory taken from top left downward [Bone --> Skeleton] , [Rotten Flesh -> Zombie]


    • Absorbs and Emits redstone signal. Absorbing on a permanent redstone block only temporarily affects it.
    • Can emit on any block to turn it into a strong redstone source


    • Emitting on a block searches for other same blocks adjacent to it. If there are enough blocks, they compress into one. [4 Sand adjacent to each other turn into 1 Sand Stone block] , [9 adjacent Ice --> Packed Ice]
    • Absorbing on a compressed block expands the block into any adjacent free spaces. If an entity is in a free space, it will be buried an take suffocation damage.

    Once found, amber has to be ‘Set’ into things at a Gem Setter. The Scepter (below) is the basic tool made for Amber.

    With the above Scepter in your hand, you would be able to absorb heat (right click) and emit light (left click). Ex: absorbing Lava turns it into Magma, filling the scepter with energy. If you then emit on another block, that block would glow like the sun for a time, draining the scepter of energy.

    Natural secondary effects occur wherever applicable. Light will damage undead and pacify spiders; Lightning on a Creeper transforms it into a Charged Creeper etc.

    Lastly, the bottom slot of the setter is to add modifiers, which are other crystals or crystal like items already found in the game.

    Nether Quartz

    Transmit energy between other equipped amber items

    Ender Pearl

    Double the casting range

    Lapiz Lazuli

    Doubles health of item


    Absorbing gives more energy

    Nether Star

    Doubles Energy Capacity

    Prismarine Shard

    Expands Effects to 4 adjacent squares as if you cast on them (+)

    Prismarine Crystal

    Expands Effects to 4 adjacent squares as if you cast on them (X)


    Emitting takes less energy

    Armor and weapons can now be upgraded at a Smithing Table with glass. Amber can then be set into the upgraded equipment to either absorb or emit, not both. Amber equipment can’t be enchanted. The magic is activated contextually (i.e. jumping to activate boots). The same charge mechanic from scepters applies. New Charging/Dissipation Blocks will allow you to deal with energy levels in these items.

    Other blocks can be set in the same way. Ex: A solar powered Furnace can be made with light and heat ambers. Or a Hopper with a Pressure Amber can turn Ice into Packed Ice.

    Edit was made to shorten the post and simplify the system based on feedback and much thought.

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    posted a message on Falcons in Minecraft

    Maybe similar to how a dog is a hard counter to skeletons and a cat is a hard counter to creepers, the falcon could be a hard counter to phantoms.

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    posted a message on Sky dimension and mobs idk really where to put this for tags

    I think dragonbubblefire gave you a perfect roadmap to making it easier to read. A paragraph should be a group of related ideas, so group similar ideas together to make a paragraph, then when you move on to other not as related ideas, make it a separate paragraph. Check grammar and spelling.

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    Quote from erictom333»

    Bats are meant to be ambient mobs with no use. Their only purpose is to make caves feel scarier.

    I distinctly remember you being the person who's very adamant about things having a use. What's the phrase... 'Why do we need this?' Often used even when someone distinctly states the suggestion is for aesthetic purposes. One would think that because this gives an otherwise useless mob a sensible and useful drop, you would be all for it...

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    Quote from scorrp10»

    While I would totally get rid of phantoms (heck I never updated past v12 because of all that stuff), but seriously?

    Why didn't you go right back underground? Why did you emerge so caressly? When coming up in an unfamiliar location, one always must do so in a way that lets them immediately retreat and bar the way.

    Phantoms or not, being greeted by a pair of creepers is no fun either.

    You had time to place craft table, make bed, place bed, try to sleep, run, eat food etc, when all you needed to do was dig a hole and get into it - or use a few whatever blocks to build a small shelter.

    This. This is why I didn't feel like responding to this thread. The premise is all wrong. No matter what the circumstances, if I'm away from my bed and night descends, the only logical thing to do is dig a hole and block the entryway with the dirt I dug. Wait a few minutes, dig back out to check if its day, and if not replace the dirt. It's not rocket science, it's common sense.

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    posted a message on Potion of blindness with bat eyes.

    That's a pretty good idea, support.

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    There are some good ideas in here, mechanically speaking. Death trails and confusion controls to name a few. But if you're suggesting a whole dimension, this isn't nearly enough.

    Think about how much stuff is in the End, or how much stuff is in the Nether. The dimensions don't just add new blocks and enemies, they add new concepts into the game. The Nether introduces the player to alchemy and advanced redstone. The End introduces levitation/flight, and warp storage options. In addition, each dimension adds items and blocks that upgrade or side-grade some stuff from previous mechanics. For instance, the Nether gives you soul sand which adds new mechanics to sand type items while the nether gives you new stuff for alchemy. Finally, each dimension has a boss associated with it.

    It's your suggestion, we can't make up over 50% of it for you. If you can't think of new mechanics for the items that would be found in the new dimension, it's probably because there is no need for more of those types of items. To me, it just sounds like you're just wanting variations of existing blocks. We don't need a new dimension for that. We can cover over half of the stuff in your post, including the blocks you made by just adding blue slimes to the world that spawn with green ones. Then we could just make recipes based on that slimes drops. You could have flower archers spawn in flower fields, and mushroom minions be a unique mob in mushroom island biomes where you find mooshrooms. Unless there's a unique theme that binds your suggestion together along with new mechanics, I'd say there's no reason for a new biome to be made for just 4 blocks, 3 mobs, and a bunch of items that have no purpose.

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    posted a message on Sign rotation and writing on both sides of a sign.

    This is actually a great idea. Full Support!

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