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    Quote from Collinw24

    1. No hacking clients or any hacks (X-ray or Fly mod) This will get you banned.

    2. Do not whine on this server if you do you will be kicked and jailed for ten minutes.

    3. Do not ask for ranks. YOU WILL BE BANNED

    4. Respect the Admins if you don't we will kick you and jail for five minutes

    5. Do not date on this server this isn't a dating website

    6. Do not ask for Items

    7. If your stuff gets stolen don't complain to the admins it is your fault for not having it locked

    8. You are aloud to grief if it's no where near spawn or the Dock

    9. If you see someone hacking or cheating tell an Admin or if you see an Admin abusing powers tell another Admin

    10. Do not use any Racial slurs or do anything raciest

    That's it! Hope to see you on the server!

    IP: craftingnations.servebeer.com:25565

    you are allowed to grief? so whats the point in playing on the server then? to watch your work destroyed? pssh.
    and you say THATS IT! as if the list is small.. tho i do agree with many of the rules. however you expect the playerbase to govern itself. or rather, you expect all the kids to tattle on each other? seriously?
    the only people who stay on this server will be the donators /admin the rest of the player base will be dynamic, as each individual leaves after being griefed, then telling someone about it, then leaving as soon as they are 'jailed for whining'
    and with such few admin, whos gonna be on at night to stop all this from happening? no one.

    no thanks. perhaps if your userbase was all above the age of 20, sure, but..
    never mind, just.. no thanks.
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