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    ok this is ok

    i like this map
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    om gos i'v playd trafomers fall of cybertronI WOO D BE ON THE AUTOBOT SIYDOKIN TRAFOMERS
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    Quote from RyanLeanardoe

    frankly someone will post the recipe of the tool or weapon on a wiki or this forum so the hidden recipe isnt really a good idea :L


    it makes no sense, since everyone wants new recipes anyway, to make a recipe list thats invisible. thats my 2 cents anyway.
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    i just realized your last part of it. you buy retail? LOL. i buy newegg. i build my computers. who buys a retail computer loaded with bloatware? only noobs. no offense.

    Quote from Clinton

    When you buy 16GB of RAM to sell you're using it for one thing. You can't argue it would take 15 months just to break even. When it's virtualized you are buying a piece of the hardware. That's why there's virtualization.

    i dont buy a piece of a pizza; i buy the whole thing. not precisely a sound example, but for this it will do.
    15 months? how long do your systems last? i haven't had a single piece of mine go down EVER. i suggest finding a better company to buy your computer equipment through if you have it go down, any piece of it before a year and a half.
    i still have a 486 that works just fine.. seriously. you need to find better companies if your system goes down. and you can use a system of even 300 bucks for more than one thing.. especially with the prices of multiple cores going down in cost by the day.
    a nice, filtered enviroment with some dust filters always does the trick.
    also, some solar panels work nicely to lower bills. but i guess those would go down in 15 months too huh? do you use 60 watt bulbs in your ceiling? those last less than 15 too. i recommend halogen.
    seriously, there are many, many uses for a system of that 'caliber' or rather, low caliber.

    i wont let this derail.

    lets keep this on track. no more talk of how much servers cost; thats upon the individual to figure out.

    what i'm looking for is a good solid server, at least 20 strong, designed with adults in mind. no pvp. yes i realize this is a game o legos. at least superficially. that doesn't mean we cannot have at least one server with kids not on it, or at least young adults.
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    Quote from Clinton

    Sure you can build a computer. But can you pay for the space, power, bandwidth, maintenance, and cooling costs for $20/month?

    At a $300 price tag for that 16GB server the provider would have to have a client on it for 15 months just to break even (Your $20/month). You do realize that's without any other cost including hardware failure? If you think this is overpriced you should stop buying anything retail or groceries from the store. Then you're on to growing everything yourself to feed yourself, etc etc.

    The point is, the hosting market is probably one of the least overpriced products/services out there. Mark-ups are usually 150% at any sort of store or other business.

    how long have you had your computer?
    do you utilize it for one thing? i sure dont. i utilize it for many things, tho it cost me much more than 300, i know for a fact i can build a server for that much.
    its all about the PPR (the price vs performance ratio)

    but more importantly. i will never agree with the scheme. its a virtual server, its not real, its not a real piece of hardware you are paying for, but only a fraction, and you know as well as i do that thats just not good enough. no thanks.
    on a more recent note, again i was poisoned upon logging into your server. i shall not do so again. it really sucks too i really do like most of the folks on your server but as long as that guy is there, i wont be coming back again.

    we can agree to disagree on this one, i think.
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    Quote from Clinton

    Check out our server: mc.allgamer.net

    It would be impossible to provide 16GB of RAM for $20 a month unless your goal was to go bankrupt within a few months.

    untrue. ram is ram. and i can build a server for under 300 bucks with 16 gigs of it.
    the real eater is bandwidth, not ram. ram is inexpensive.
    Quote from GetOvertheGames

    Welcome to the new server of the tvs crew!
    This server is non-whitlist and easily accesable. You need hamatchi and minecraft and thats about it.

    Some stuff you can do on this server:
    Quests for rewards
    Free Build
    Conquer Dungeons

    And Soon to come, Pvp, Griefing, And stealing in the nether!

    To join this server, join the hamatchi Network:
    Network Id: Tvsserver
    Password: 123

    The Ip is:

    pvp griefing and stealing in the nether?
    check the other page. sorry, im' looking for one thats survival, not pvp. thank you tho :smile.gif: i'm glad people are looking at this
    and to clinton... thanks homie, and your server is awesome :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on The Crafting Nations (250 Slots, 16 gigs) [1.2.4 Bukkit] ★ Lagless ★ Great Community ★ Plugins ★ Economy ★ Infinite World ★ 24/7
    Quote from Collinw24

    1. No hacking clients or any hacks (X-ray or Fly mod) This will get you banned.

    2. Do not whine on this server if you do you will be kicked and jailed for ten minutes.

    3. Do not ask for ranks. YOU WILL BE BANNED

    4. Respect the Admins if you don't we will kick you and jail for five minutes

    5. Do not date on this server this isn't a dating website

    6. Do not ask for Items

    7. If your stuff gets stolen don't complain to the admins it is your fault for not having it locked

    8. You are aloud to grief if it's no where near spawn or the Dock

    9. If you see someone hacking or cheating tell an Admin or if you see an Admin abusing powers tell another Admin

    10. Do not use any Racial slurs or do anything raciest

    That's it! Hope to see you on the server!

    IP: craftingnations.servebeer.com:25565

    you are allowed to grief? so whats the point in playing on the server then? to watch your work destroyed? pssh.
    and you say THATS IT! as if the list is small.. tho i do agree with many of the rules. however you expect the playerbase to govern itself. or rather, you expect all the kids to tattle on each other? seriously?
    the only people who stay on this server will be the donators /admin the rest of the player base will be dynamic, as each individual leaves after being griefed, then telling someone about it, then leaving as soon as they are 'jailed for whining'
    and with such few admin, whos gonna be on at night to stop all this from happening? no one.

    no thanks. perhaps if your userbase was all above the age of 20, sure, but..
    never mind, just.. no thanks.
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    and the search continues. i see so many potentially good servers that take 12 year olds. its a shame. i saw one that fit everything but one: too many kids play there for there ever not to be griefing. sad state of affairs, but its not the worst. the servers that require you to donate are the worst. i refuse to play on one, ever. it would cost more than the game itself. perhaps if the server had invested as much as a real mmo, perhaps then, but you all know as much as i do that will never happen. people ask for donations, and are hosting on some crappy network.

    and the worst of it is the fact the server clusters that are hosting are doing nothing but a money grab. they give little in the way of resources, and little in the way of bandwidth and expect much in return. i understand making a profit, but whos gonna pay 20+ a month for less than 16 gigs of ram? i'll tell you who: kids. and ignorant adults who have never done this before.
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    LOL, like i'd play here.
    its full of 14 year olds.. i dont care how 'mature' a 14 year old can emulate, i'm still looking for a server thats for adults (not adult material, but adult in maturity level, and i'm sorry, no 13 year old is gonna be adult mature. he can emulate it, but when pressured, it'll show. it always does. cuz he's young). i doubt i'll ever find a server not for kids. i always feel creepy when i play on a server with a buncha kids. no; i refuse. i want a server for adults. my search continues.
    its a shame too, you made it free to play. i respect the heck outta that. you have no idea how much i respect that.
    but your rules list is longer than many i've seen yet, and thats saying alot. perhaps you should summarize, but i digress.
    sorry for interrupting your play for views here. have fun with your big buncha kids.
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    server is up and running. no errors, at least thus far, not much there at the moment. i had been hoping for more people but as i can tell, there are at least a few fearful people who seem to think by logging in they'll be killed.

    i might remind people that since they dont actually have anything on this server, it hardly would matter, and it would simply be reported here upon this webpage that in fact, i had done such a dishonorable thing. i wasn't kidding when i said the people who join now would be admin. nor was i kidding when i said that later, it will be impossible to become one. perhaps this is the way it should be. when i open this to the public, the name will change, as well as the rules.. well all but one. there will never be any donations. ever. everyone will be equal. its a little impossible to keep it this way on a economic server, especially when you take into account the fact that folks who donate typically get advantages such as /give and /teleport, amongst other things. yet on this server, none will get these advantages. everyone is entitled to an opinion, regardless (at least to me) of creed race, or origin.

    since my sincerity is in doubt, i suppose i could construct a better page; but that to me would be absurd, as absurd as paying money to play on a server of a game that costs less than 30 bucks. but what do i know, huh? lol.
    3 ops so far; who will join them? i guess time will tell.
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    posted a message on New server: TrollCraft
    welcome (wow, what a name)
    EduardKhil to our small list of non-cowards. welcome aboard!
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    Quote from nebenezer

    I want to suggest you check out AuthentiCity, but it's not big enough for your liking just yet.
    It's definitely what I would call a "mature" server. I am 33, my admin is 24, one of my mods is in his 30's and the other mod (I don't know his age) is very respectful of the game and others.

    We are still building the server in preparation of going live with no whitelist but we have much to do before we can do this without allowing the wrong people the opportunity to grief or be a nuisance.

    We only have 10 slots right now but that is only because we don't need any more than that. This is a game that I paid $22.5 dollars for but then I realized how fun it would be to own a whole entire world that people could play in 24/7 whether I'm there or not.. so I spent a little more to make that happen. I'm not in to wasting money, let me assure you: I will add slots as soon as we need them, we opened with 5 and as soon as we filled them all up for the first time I got 5 more. So far so good :smile.gif:

    On that note let me also share that: We DO NOT accept donations. The ONLY way to get ahead AuthentiCity is with hard work and devotion to the game. If you have a sincere interest in the game and are capable of respecting the world and the other members in it then you get to build.

    Also, we have Mumble

    PM me if you want to learn more about the world we're building

    now we're talking. i most certainly AM intrested. i'll contact you right away.
    Quote from iCanon

    So close, I have an adult server that is primarily made up of old server hosts. It's too small for you right now, it can hold up to 20 people but we have about 5-6 active atm.

    Everything is lax on the server and i believe the youngest is 22 or 23.

    GL finding a server.

    PM me if you have a change of heart.

    im interested, tho it is a little small, perhaps whos there will change my mind :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on BrownSheep.us [MINECRAFT AS IS]
    its a shame more people aren't on this server. its actually a great server, the owner is friendly and responsive.
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    the truth is there's all these big [bracketed][useless plugins] that haven't been decided by the community itself at all, and are expected to follow rules that they never agreed to, and if they dont actually follow them, they get banned. at least here, you get to make the rules, you get to make the server, except no one has the balls? a shame really. hardly matters to me, the server ip will never be placed in here, and there will never be a whitelist. ever. i cannot change a mind that never gives it a shot, so the only thing i can say is whatta buncha pansies.
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