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    posted a message on ☠FuzzieCraft☠ Survival ★ Great Community ★ Discord Server ★ Giveaways ★

    FuzzieCraft is looking is a growing community server looking for staff.

    FuzzieCraft is a small OP survival server with a very kind community
    we are looking to expand our staff team because we are getting a decent amount off players.

    We have..

    A set up discord server.
    Staff apps open.
    Friendly staff.
    Friendly server.
    Loads more, join to find out!!!


    We are also looking for staff!
    Jr Mod:

    Must have experience.
    Must know basic commands
    Must be willing to help people
    Must have recording software
    Must be a likeable person
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    posted a message on ☠QUANTUM☠ Factions ★ mcMMO ★ Great Community ★ Small, new server ★

    Hello there traveler, welcome to Quantum Network! Here I explain about this server:

    1. Friendly based discord community

    2. Custom Items (Based on Player suggestions)

    3. Rewards


    Survival (Developing), Skyblock (Being developed), Factions (Developing)

    The server is currently looking for staff team, and players!

    Feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/2PkE5gHz4k

    Im your host : Luke

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    posted a message on Blazing Skies - Custom Factions server!

    Hello everyone, there is a factions server that is officially releasing the first map on this Monday morning EST. This server has exciting events, unique features including Custom KoTH, Exclusive builds, working anticheat, Custom world that players can explore throughout their factions experience, and have fair odds for every player, so that everyone can have fun and enjoy their time on Blazing Skies.

    About our server:
    ➥ Custom Events & features
    ➥ Factions (adding Skyblock next)
    ➥ Custom builds, warzone & world
    ➥ 1.8 PvP
    ➥ Supports 1.8-1.16

    ➥ Fast growing community

    For more detail, feel free to contact me on discord or join our official discord server

    Discord -JustQu1t#2284
    Discord Server - https://discord.gg/Vk6xayy

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    posted a message on <***> RaidPvP <***> Beta release information!

    Hello there,

    So if you are reading this, you could find here some information about upcoming OP FActions server which is called RaidPvP. Basically our server has:

    • Custom Enchants
    • Crazy Gkits
    • Extreme Warzone

    For updates visit our discord : https://discord.gg/sy3Aanp

    Release date: April 26th 2020

    Also we are looking for Staff team:

    Available positions:

    - Helper (Age: 16+)

    - Moderator (Age: 18)

    - Builder (Age: 16+)

    - Manager (Age: 18+)

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    posted a message on ☆Legacy Prisons☆ Upcoming Prisons Server Recruiting for Community!

    Hello there my dude,

    Firstly let me introduce myself here, so I'm Luke, I'm 18 years old, and I live in Lithuania. So if you are reading this thread then you are intrested in joining a custom prisons server community, and even when it's released you can join the acctual server, where you can gain awesome experience playing. So the server will include:

    • Custom Overworld
    • Custom Enchants for pickaxes, swords, axes, and armour
    • Custom Player Rankup (Exp Levels)
    • Mines in the open area

    Here is the link to the official Legacy Prisons server : https://discord.gg/nEhYbbQ


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