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    Quote from hardcorerobot

    Restrictions on how software may be used have never been of benefit to the user.

    One does NOT gain more rights or a better experience when use becomes even more restricted.

    Stop being an apologist - it is sickening.

    Oh, the horror.
    Hmm... you mean "less" restricted, don't you? I mean, your premise of more restriction being bad is accurate, but insinuating that there are more restrictions under the new terms is just wrong.
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    Torches in the ceiling of a 3-high room will ensure the light is 11 or less. My new mush-room is set up like that, with a stone floor except for dirt to mark the seed-shrooms that I want to keep there.
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    Notch is trolling (or just wrong, both have happened before) when he says that. No amount of TNT will break bedrock. If you could get billions of TNT into one space, and get them all to explode at the same time, and if further it didn't crash the game, the code would still handle each TNT as a separate event, and the bedrock would not break.

    Picks do not damage bedrock at all, the code blocks it in multiple ways. Eighty people using diamond picks on a block of bedrock for eighty years will have damaged it not at all.

    Glitches which previously allowed destruction of some bedrock have been fixed, and will no longer work.

    Only hacks (all mods are hacks currently) will allow breaking of bedrock.
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    The correct answer is, "Find the thread for it in the mod forum. Read it, and perhaps ask there."
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    Quote from MarnaxCBRM »
    A meter is 3 feet if you are lazy. 3.2808399 feet to be exact.

    Ugh! If you're lazy, call a meter 3 feet 3 inches. That 3 inches is another 1/4 foot. When you eventually want more precision in your conversion, add another inch for every 3 meters, so 4 meters becomes 13 feet 1 inch. The exact conversion is just a little more than that.

    The difference is the difference between a 5'11" person and a 5'5" person in the game.

    Don't ever think of it as just 3 feet, or you'll wind up crashing into Mars.
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