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    posted a message on What type of server would you play on if it were an option?

    Couldn't you mod out the combat update? Rather than doing without all the new features since?

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    posted a message on Iron Nuggets? For What?
    Quote from ShelLuserยป

    I'm hoping for an iron clad potion somewhere in the future, one which would / could reduce damage for instance. Maybe comparable to how we have golden carrots. An iron potato could be fun :)

    I've got it... iron nuggets surround a poisonous potato = a potion ingredient

    Call it ironsides or something

    finally a use for all those poisonous potatoes I've been keeping!

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    posted a message on I have played the same version of Minecraft for four years

    I started on Xbox beta 1.6 and when I got PC I played 1.3.2 for years on end mainly as a creative builder. There was just no need for me to advance. I only did so when I got a new computer and thought I might as well be up to date... it was a bit of a culture shock.

    I like the new biomes and things to do but god, I really lament the demise of the old mob AI and the cooldown when swinging a sword. Thanks to that you're now absolutely hosed if you get gang banged by 2 or more endermen or get spotted by a few vindicators at once. If you don't have a god apple - game over, thanks to that bloody cooldown (and the incessant nerfing of weapon power in general).

    I suppose it's an equaliser for fully enchanted diamond armour, which previously made you untouchable. Now I won't go outside without a totem of undying in my left hand and a god apple in my hotbar. And don't talk to me about shields. The only time you really need them is when you're being swarmed, and that's precisely when they're no good as you end up needing to lower it to eat or throw a potion, meaning you die, meaning all you did was delay the inevitable.

    What bugs me a bit is these changes have now made the game pretty dangerous even on normal. Meh, I'll still play though!

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    posted a message on Just came back after a 3/4 year hiatus. What a transformation! (& scenic screenshots)

    I completely forgot that the terrain had changed to accommodate all the new biomes. I got quite lucky with this terrain, it's laid out nicely with lots of rivers and lakes. I had to a boatload of terraforming though; the areas where the large buildings were all had to be flattened.

    I took more pictures.

    look at that view

    A spot of fishing on a nice day

    And a bit of good old free range farming.

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    posted a message on Witches not very dangerous anymore?

    Bloody hell, what're they calling that - the "easy mode" update???

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    posted a message on Why is everyone so afraid of a Minecraft 2?

    Wouldn't a Minecraft "2" pretty much undermine the very principle?

    Minecraft is almost organic in its nature that it's always changing and evolving.

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    posted a message on Just came back after a 3/4 year hiatus. What a transformation! (& scenic screenshots)

    I just came back to PC MC after like four years being out of the loop. When I first started on PC I downloaded 1.3.2 and subsequently modded it pretty heavily. I got into some massive build projects and because of all of the mods I just never updated it. Made some epic creative builds and then interest slowly tailed off. Still dipped (and still do) into XB360 MC once in a while but it's miles behind. Feels like only a short while ago we got horses lol.

    Well, I got a MacBook Air recently (punchy little thing for its size!) and decided to have a butchers at the latest minecraft. Actually bought it again, but hey, it's cheap for the amount of playability you get. Managed to pop my world in and load it despite being years behind, and no world corruption occurred at all that I can see, except for two odd glitches: picture frames disappeared and nether portals needed re-lit. That proved an interesting one to solve as I actually use a nether transport system, but alas pretty good for a world that stayed stuck in time for years.

    Well, what can I say? The game has matured so incredibly much. The mobs feel balanced and unique in their own ways and the skeleton is annoying and difficult but in an entertaining way. The ability to now render chunks farther than "far" is nice as it makes the world feel more immersive. The added visual options are nice (old flat style clouds? Yes please!) And holding items in the left hand! That's way cool. I've clearly been away for ages as lots of things feel new to me.

    With the newer render distance options "farther than far" and a computer who can run them I have been able to get some really nice screenshots.

    Sunset at the Plantation

    Sunrise over my Battersea Power Station mockup (for clarity, my render distance is set to 18 chunks; "far" or 16 chunks cuts off half the power station here)

    The Power Station and my modernist inspired "eco house" build. A distant jungle looms.

    There's not much inside the power station, but this gives you an idea of how massive it is inside. It turns out, that on a minecraft block-to-meter scale, it's only around half the actual representative size of the real battersea power station.

    The modernist living quarters up close.

    And my first major build of the world; a blingy art-deco inspired building that is really just the embodiment of excess. Also has an underground passage to another part of my world and an underground garden with a greenhouse roof at ground level.

    Interestingly, the lit beacon at the top of the tower (which is above the clouds) flashes on a minecart loop and has never failed since its build in 2012-ish. It has been going non stop since that time.

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    posted a message on Advice for becoming a better builder
    Post examples. you might not be as bad as you think.
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    posted a message on How big is the house that you live in?
    Does this count? It's a hotel that I live in part time, much like the caretaker:

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    posted a message on The Golden Ticket: your invitation to trencheel303's 1.7 world!
    ***You have been invited to join trencheel303's 1.7 era Xbox world (survival)***
    Hello everyone,
    My world is open to guests wishing to join. This has been done before, but it fell through after a short time - I'm hoping this time is more successful. The world is well established; there is a thriving village, hotel, expandable mine and public farm and an in-progress floating town.
    About the world

    IMO this one is a little bit special (but then again I would say that).

    It's a very old world in relative terms, generated on the night 1.7 came out. This has resulted in a preservation of the older style terrain and some parts of the world are particularly stunning. There is a large desert and sea with islands, hilly areas, flatland for farming and a small Taiga. Under the surface there is a fascinating array of tunnels and caves and around 10 or more dungeons that I've found.

    Although I'm a PC creative player, this Xbox world was started in survival and has NEVER been switched to creative. Therefore it's 100% "bona fide" and all achievements will still work.

    As it's an older survival world, this does mean there are a few things missing or very rare/non renewable;

    -Jungle trees and wood (this means cocoa is non renewable)
    -a lot of the clay has been mined but there are bricks available for trade
    -Melons are missing (no mineshafts) -No ability to get to the end (no strongholds)
    -No emeralds (no physical Extreme Hills biome)
    -No villages or villagers (however, there ARE zombie villagers)
    -as well as no other physical new world aspects
    -Nether quartz. A nether reset WAS performed earlier on to get fortresses, but not since the introduction of quartz.

    There ARE pumpkins in the world, as I had the foresight to save one for planting, and there are carrots and potatoes, as well as nether wart (so brewing is very possible!) and nether brick. The nether DOES feature a blaze spawner... somewhere.

    Although these aspects are fairly trivial, I appreciate they'll bother some people. This world is more designed as a laid back approach with less focus on bleeding edge features and more for those who enjoy a classic feel of Minecraft.

    Current projects:

    The current main project is a large floating city loosely based on the idea of Bioshock Infinite's Columbia. I started this and everything so far was built solely by me. I burned out and haven't touched it since, and at the moment is in a half built state. I am looking for people to come to the world and help build this up to completion and ultimately have a personal touch from each person who personalises their spot.

    Facilities of the world:

    There are many things to do in the world as well as sights to see and a recently refurbished hotel to stay in while you get yourself sorted. The HOTEL is free and does not require any kind of trade or payment, the exception being that you provide your own food and materials. Available in the attic are enchanting and brewing facilities.

    THE MINE at level 12 is a very established set of branch mines that is expandable the further one wishes to mine. I rarely mine anymore however there is still much room for expansion. The mine is open to all and is "modular", so you can expand it to make more branches.

    EFFICIENCY AND TEST is the area you go if you wish to grow huge tree farms, build massive unsightly structures for the lols or as a test bed for redstone or other projects. Pretty much ANYTHING goes here, this is the playground basically.

    THE PUBLIC FARM is linked to the main village near spawn via rail. There is livestock as well as wheat, potatoes, carrots, sugar and mushrooms. There is a sheep to help you get started on making a bed, and chickens for eggs. Basic rules apply to the farm, namely please try not to extinct animals by leaving only one of each type, and replant the crops you harvest. Simple stuff.

    ZOMBIE EXP DROPPER this is a classic "drop to near death" grinder made from a zombie spawner which allows you to punch the zombie to death and yields EXP to level up 0-30 in around 20 minutes.

    The farm is not yet automated but I plan to change that soon.

    The barter system:

    I have implemented a rudimentary pricing system for trade between members of the world and myself. These prices are a GUIDE and don't even have to be used! There is no set currency and trade between members is entirely up to those members participating. Mostly the prices set are for the benefit of items I have up for sale or trade, usually armour or weapons, and will fluctuate based on availability. Bricks, for instance, will cost considerably more than a lump of coal.


    "An incentive?! What's that you say?"

    I'm well aware that to a certain degree, a world is a world. I want to be a little bit different with my approach, and as well as providing a somewhat unique perspective via the terrain, I also want to offer newly spawned players a set of benefits to help you get started. These are entirely optional of course, and for those that prefer the initial build up from nothing, it is your choice.

    My offer to all new players are any and all of the following if you want them:

    Fishing rod
    Bow and 16 arrows
    Iron Sword
    Leather Armour
    some food (hunger bar can be a ***** for the first few nights, trust me I know)

    Also, on a first come first serve basis are priority spots on New Columbia, these are part built houses that are structurally complete, they just need interior work. You choose the building and it's yours for life.


    The world options are as follows:

    --Invite only is OFF
    --Friends of friends is OFF

    -Trust players is OFF, it is enabled on a per player basis once they've joined
    -Fire spread OFF
    -TNT blast OFF
    -PvP is OFF

    I may change these or review them on a case by case basis. TNT blasts can be performed on request. These rules may seem strict but they're in place for the greater enjoyment of the world by all.

    General rules:

    Although I like to be as easy going as possible with these things, it's important to establish just a few ground rules.

    "The really obvious ones"

    No messing up other people's property. In this world, it's REALLY easy to tell if something isn't your property - there aren't any villages, so anything man made (or signposted) isn't yours to touch. Stay off! Do not trespass others' private property, do not steal and do not remove blocks.

    Keep huge tree farms for a quiet, out of the way area. No covering the main village in trees, please!

    Same applies to chopping down trees. If they look like they're part of a build or placed for aesthetics, put your axe away. It's just common sense.

    No hoarding animals - because of the mob limit this reduces what others can have. I have culled many of my own animals to bolster the public farm and still allow guests to have their own - please be considerate.

    Nether portals - building your own is permitted, but make it a fair distance away from the floating one, please. This is the world's main nether portal and links with a specific enclosed "safe area" in the Nether.

    C O M M U N I C A T I O N

    Communication is essential, so those of you that join in need to have a mic. While I'm not expecting to hold a full blown conversation (on the contrary, it'd break my concentration), some chat is nice and helps break the ice.

    Non-talkers will be allowed to roam the world, but will not have trust options enabled.

    Accidents do happen, and if they do, talk about it! If you burst through someone's house by accident while mining up to the surface, repair it as best you can and let the owner of the property know. Accidents are no problem and won't be held against anyone.

    All in all, have fun in the world and prosper. I welcome applicants of all ages of "mature" and above. Leave a line here, add me on Xbox Live and let's get cracking.

    When you first join, you'll enter a closed spawn arena with some starter materials. I will give you a tour of the world so you can get used to where the mine and public farm is at, and how the rail lines work. You'll be given a room of your choice at the hotel, and your starter materials offered if you wish to take them.

    The world will be OPEN most evenings (GMT) from later this week onwards. A regular backup of the world is taken to a separate drive.
    So what are you waiting for? Get ready to come and be part of a great map with some great future projects!
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    posted a message on Creating your own house? Dumb idea?
    Oversizing is a serious issue due to each voxel being so big. I created an 11(?) room hotel with large dining room, reception and library - it's a lovely building and all but it feels horrendously oversized. It shouldn't need to be that large, It visually "looks" like a small mansion but is the size of a cruise ship.

    The best I think I've done is a plantation house I built on the PC, the oversizing issues you can sort of get away with here because they always did have an image of grandeur and size in the movies. Inside though it really isn't that big and is like an anti-tardis.
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    posted a message on Will I lose my world if I update to 1.8?
    Quote from LeslieGilliams
    The underwater temples will only generate if the ocean is deep enough - highly unlikely that you would have built anything there. But if you load an old world in any of the new snapshots or eventually 1.8 the temples will generate even if you have been to the ocean before.

    That's pretty nasty and if it's true, it's a really crappy way of doing things. I'll have to research it because it sounds like an odd thing to do given it could overwrite user placed blocks.
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    posted a message on New way to obtain to black dye.
    Quote from mr_enderman77

    What about black clay and glass?

    I don't like the withered flower, maybe a black flower?

    How about an "inky rose"? It looks like a dandelion, except it's black.

    Apologies it appears I am rather out of touch. I play a very old version of MC on the PC and I play Xbox. We don't have coloured clay or glass.
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    posted a message on Will I lose my world if I update to 1.8?
    Quote from sazrocks

    The new underwater structures will be generated in already generated chunks.

    That doesn't sound likely, as it has the potential to overwrite something you created underwater.
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    posted a message on New way to obtain to black dye.
    Quote from noahwarhead22
    I don't about you but I really hate going to go in the water , kill squid , go under water to grab the ink sacs. All this , and its pretty slow.

    Do this only twice, dye the sheep black and then breed the black sheep. Once you're breeding the sheep into the teens, the whole process escalates and you can be clipping the wool off as it grows back and continually breeding. Very quickly you end up with a lot of wool, it's how I carpeted an entire hotel in only two nights.
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