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    Welcome on EnjoyThat!

    General info about the server:

    ➣ Server IP:
    ➣ Discord invite: Click me!

    ➣ Website/Store: Click me!

    No application needed, anyone can join the server - Non-Whitelist

    ➣ We are not Pay2Win - You can buy ranks but the benefits are not game-changing.

    ➣ We are running on the latest version - 1.17.1 Java Edition

    ➣ Game style: Survival with economy, events and a lot of interesting plugins.

    ➣ Recently started, so everyone has the same chance to be the best of the best!

    ➣ Server running 24/7 without any lags, constantly 20 TPS.

    Key features of the server:
    Lands - You can create your own lands anywhere in the wild
    to make sure, that nobody can steal from you.
    PVP - In the wild, the pvp is enabled, so you can fight
    to show everyone who is the king of the server!
    Skill system - Level up your skills, to gain more hearts,
    more mana (used for superpowers) and much more!
    Jobs - You can make money for example by mining cobblestone
    and some shiny ores or you can work as a hunter and you will be
    payed for killing mobs and animals. Pick your own way!
    Custom enchants - Enchant your stuff to make it better than ever!
    Events - Compete with others in many events where you can win ranks,
    in-game currency, special points (GP) and many more!
    Custom vote rewards - Vote everyday to get GP (special in-game currency)
    with which you can buy exclusive items!
    Player-Shops - Everyone can rent a parcel in the Player-Shops area
    and build a shop, where others can buy from them!
    Discord suggestions - Be the one who is adding new features to the server.
    Suggest new things on our discord, others will vote for them and if
    the most is voting for, the feature will be implemented.
    Trade system - Unique trade system, which allows you to trade with anyone
    without the need to be near them. With use of "/trade [name]" the trade offer will be sent to them.
    Auction house - Anyone is allowed to post their own exclusive items into the
    auction hall, where the highest bid will buy the item!
    Game-chat on discord - Chat with others even if you are not online on the server!
    With the use of plugin we were able to connect game-chat with discord chat room.

    • Do not cheat! List of allowed modifications is on our discord.
    • Do not spam the chat.
    • Do not evade mute on the server by talking in discord game-chat room.
    • Do not tp-kill.
    • Do not exploit bugs.
    Who I am and what's the main reason of starting the server:
    Hi, my name is trejxx and I am the owner of the EnjoyThat - survival server.
    You may be asking: "Why are you creating a survival server, there is many more
    survival servers which we can play."
    The main reason for me was that since I started playing multiplayer minecraft I wanted
    to have my own server, where everyone enjoys the play and everyone is happy to be there.
    Now I am ready like never to host one of the best multiplayer survival servers,
    where you can enjoy the freedom, make new friends,
    find new possibilities and last but not least,
    be happy that you can again play minecraft like in the old times.
    I am sure that the right people will find the way onto our server and enjoy the time all together.

    Thanks for reading all this pal! Looking forward to meet you on the server!
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