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    posted a message on TrmeorSpec On the rise again! In need of all active staff!
    Hello Everyone Welcome to my Thread!
    My Names Tremor I'm Currently looking for ACTIVE STAFF.

    Im currently bringing back the TremorSpec Server that everyone once knew and loved. If you like to find out if you Qualified please Fill out a little information about you self and why you think you would be a perfect fit. Once again I need active staff members if you get accepted and go absent you will be removed. And if you do get accepted you are still no guaranteed a spot on the Staff list when server Drops on the expected release date.

    Information about you
    In Game Name:
    Age And DOB:
    How long have you been part of the Minecraft community:
    Why do you think you would be a good fit:
    Do you have discord or a way to communicate out of server:
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    posted a message on TREMORSPEC is now recruiting active staff members

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for reviewing this post.

    My name is TremorSpec I'm the owner and founder of TremorSpec minecraft server and TremorHosting (website will be up soon remodeling server and website) .

    I am currently looking for active staff member that are will to help build the server both with players and in game building. I'm also looking for experienced developers and ex server owners to manage plugins. I'm also looking for Admins and mods to manage the player base.



    1. At least 15 years old

    2. Must know basic world edit and voxel sniper commands.

    3. Must have discord and mic

    4. Must be reliable and active to and for the community.

    5. Have experience and photos to verify builds.

    6. Must help with advertisement to bring players to server. Including making forum post.


    1. At least 16 years old

    2. Must know how to manage plugins and use PermissionsX to assign players permissions and to correct groups if needed.

    3. Must have discord and mic.

    4. Must be reliable and become active player to the community.

    5. Must have some experience managing plugins weather it be on you own server or someone else. You will be asked a few questions to verify how much you know and dont know.

    Mods and Admins

    1. At least 16 years old

    2. Must be responsible and apply the correct consequences as applicable.

    3. Must have discord and mic.

    4. Must be able to watch chat and not be afk when online.

    5. If you have experience send pics and show proof if not verifiable then experience isnt there and you will have to be trained.

    6. All mods will be trained weather experienced or not (less training required for experienced community players)

    For more information contact me on discord


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    posted a message on TremorSpec Help Needed Looking for Builders and a Development team.

    Hello Everyone I'm looking for a few people to help bring back the infamous server TremorSpec. I'm looking for a few builders that know how to use voxel sniper and world edit and knows how to create something out of nothing Imagination a must and a full development team that have experience in using Pex and many other plugins. If you'd like to be part of something great and rewared highly at the end of all of this then feel free to Reply to this post with the following information.



    Snapchat name

    Skype user

    Position Desired and why

    and last but not least experience and proof if available.

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