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    After a year of development hiatus all the fault of TG for being a lazy butt, development has begun again. Not much has been added as of yet, but that is obviously subject to change. You can track progress on our GitHub and Tumblr. Downloads will become available when we are ready to truly begin alpha testing, so we can find and squish bugs before they become problems and we must call an exterminator.

    Recommended Forge version: 1.10.2 (as of right now, specifically version 1.10.2-, which can be downloaded here)

    Hello all! So some time ago I came up with some ideas for a Homestuck mod for Minecraft. I know that there are several mods and maps out there, but just about all of them are incomplete or abandoned. This one, I hope, will actually add some stuff that it seems everyone else forgot, and perhaps even more.

    The only problem with this is that my computer won't let me code anything.

    EDIT: The above statement has now been rendered false, as coding is under way.

    So while I'm trying to figure out why, and hopefully correct the problem and learn some coding to actually Do Something, these ideas I had will be compiled in this thread here, for anyone to gaze at and potentially help with development.

    So, first of all, the big question, for those that don't know.

    What is Homestuck?

    Homestuck is an interactive webcomic created by Andrew Hussie on April 13, 2009. The comic recently finished its seven year run on April 13, 2016, with a grand total of 10,022 pages. The comic's plot revolves around a group of four teenagers - John, Rose, Dave, and Jade - as they play a reality-altering game called SBURB that changes their lives in many ways, probably more so bad than good. The game sends the four kids and their guardians into another dimension while wiping their home planet clean of all life. The kids must survive the dangers of their own individual planets and defeat the final boss within a certain time limit before they can win the game. But there are problems: their game session is glitched. Instead of a reasonable time limit, the kids only have 24 hours to beat the game. To make matters worse, an NPC-gone-rogue named Jack Noir has taken the place of the final boss and is pretty much completely immortal. The only way to correct the issue is to restart the session, but doing so will restart the universe they came from as well and they will have no memories of anything that happened. With help from an alien race - who played the game before and created the kids' universe - they manage to escape the session before the universe rewrites itself. But there's more trouble afoot. The new session is also destined to never be won without outside influence, Jack is still rampaging, and even worse, a time-travelling unconditionally-immortal demon called Lord English is wreaking havoc in the fabric of space-time, not to mention the Empress of the alien race aforementioned wants to use the new session to rebuild her empire. So now winning the game is not their only priority: they have to defeat immortal bosses too.

    And that's just the dumbed-down retelling of the comic. There's much more involved that you would actually have to find out for yourself by reading it.

    (You won't find out everything immediately. Trust me, I've read it three times and sometimes I still don't understand what's going on.)

    The biggest part of Homestuck is that it's long. Very long. As in, 8000+ pages long. And still going. It takes dedication to read it. Dedication, and a whole lot of free time.

    NOTE: Much of Homestuck is not thoroughly explained in this mod post; it's mostly major stuff I go into detail about (Denizens, land quests, etc.). Much of this is explained in-comic. Though searching the wiki is a decent idea, it reveals major spoilers in case you were wanting to read it later, and may even be more or less confusing than how the concept is explained in-comic. I especially do not guarantee that the explanations I post here will be very accurate. The simplest solution is to just read Homestuck if you truly want to understand what's going on. Is it harrowingly long? Yes. Will it take up a lot of your time? Most definitely. Is there a chance you may not like it? You won't know until you try! I actually didn't like Homestuck much at first, mostly because of the same excuse people who skipped straight to Act Five will usually give you: the first act is boring. That doesn’t mean you should just skip it. Act One is hilarious in its own right and sets the stage for the majority of what happens later on, so chances are if you skip Act One, you’ll miss a lot of what’s going on later.

    What This Mod will Add

    If production is underwent, this mod will add new dimensions, armor, weapons, mobs, food, items, blocks, and goodness knows what else.


    The Medium

    The Medium is where game players are transported after a series of events take place. The Medium is virtually nothing and yet everything all at once, and this is where 99% of the game takes place. This is where individual players’ own personal planets (randomly-generated worlds) will be. Gates found around these planets will lead players to other locations on their planet and to coplayers' planets as well (if coplayers are available). If playing a single player session (if it's implemented to be this way), the individual’s planet will be empty and barren, and, depending on a choice, will allow access to several other little planets as well, which the player must conquer before their true land will be unlocked. This will be explained in detail later.

    Players’ planets in the Medium will contain enemies, known as Underlings; Consorts, cute peaceful critters that act akin to villagers; and a Denizen, a single entity of unbelievable power. It may also contain pre-generated structures such as castles or towers, dungeons, caves, and resources in many strange forms.

    Derse and Prospit

    Derse and Prospit are two planets located near Skaia. Derse and Prospit house the players' dreamselves, which function as an extra life and are crucial to ascending to God Tier in a certain way. It is currently unknown as to how this is determined, so it will as of now be randomly generated (the only exception to this is that Space players will always be Prospit dreamers, Time players will always be Derse dreamers). Derse and Prospit are also populated by carapacians, cute little humanoids that make up the peasantry, the guard, and the royalty. The Black King and Queen are whom players must defeat to beat the game. Derse and Prospit can mostly be accessed only while asleep, but some planets may contain transportalizers to Derse and Prospit.

    Skaia and the Battlefield

    Skaia is the realm from which all creativity in the multiverse is generated. Skaia is constantly under attack by the Dersite army and is protected by Prospit. Prospit is always doomed to fail, however, and this is why the players must defeat the Black King and Queen, to prevent Skaia's destruction. Skaia is closely neighbored to the Battlefield, which is where the final battle of the game takes place. Its surface resembles a chessboard (because Homestuck loves chess), and contains a powerful bomb in its core called the Tumor. The Tumor's detonation is powerful enough to destroy two universes simultaneously, so it’s suggested it never be activated. Skaia is also where the Genesis Frog grows, which is why it's so important to protect it.

    The Dreambubbles

    The Dreambubbles are a special realm for the souls of the deceased, and for players to dream after ascending to God Tier or one of the two bodies (the dreamself or the Earth body) is dead. The Dreambubbles contain the memories of all players that inhabit them and dream within them. They reside in the Farthest Ring, a section of the Medium that also contains the meteors that wiped The Overworld clean. Players can still obtain items and weapons while in the Dreambubbles and they will be in their captchalogue decks (inventories) when they awaken.

    The Overworld

    This is where players will always start out in Minecraft, regardless of the mod in use. This planet will be turned into a desert after the players enter the Medium, but may potentially still be accessed through special means (possibly a portal or transportalizer). There may be some life remaining on the planet, such as plants, animals, and Exiles (carapacians brought to the planet to reintroduce life), but players will not find much except sand and rock and whatever ores happen to be beneath the surface. Some Exiles may have already started recivilizing The Overworld, so there may be villages, towns, and even cities.


    Dream Pajamas

    The dream pajamas are a set of clothing worn by the dreamself. They will either be purple (Derse) or yellow (Prospit). It is possible, but very hard, to obtain the pajamas and wear them in places besides Derse or Prospit. This process usually involves the waking self dying and being revived, upon which the player's consciousness travels to the dreamself. The pajamas have more durability than Diamond Armor, but are not infinite and have no more resistance than not wearing armor at all. They're really more for fashion than anything.

    God Tier Pajamas

    God Tier pajamas are lightweight, (mostly) bright clothing obtained upon ascending to God Tier status, and like the dream pajamas have no resistance and are more for show, but are truly infinite, so players could wear them forever if they wanted. God Tier pajama style will revolve entirely around Class and Aspect, like in the comic.


    Robes are special wearables that are exclusive to Consorts. Robes are commonly found as bedsheets, though can be alchemized to become stronger and harbor power. They have no more resistance than not wearing armor at all, but are infinite.

    These are the only three planned so far. Others will be added.


    Believe me, there will be weapons added to this mod. In fact, so many, I'm not even going to attempt listing some of them. I will instead direct you to the Homestuck Wiki to browse the weapon lists of Strife Specibi.



    Prepare to meet Woman's Best Friend.

    Underlings are the enemies players face on their planets in the Medium. Underlings range from Imps, small but strong and incredibly annoying creatures, to Giclopses and Liches, rarer but far more powerful opponents. The weaker the enemy, the more often it will spawn. However, unlike ordinary Overworld monsters, Underlings will be able to sense when a player is too powerful to be defeated easily and may run from him/her. The stupider ones will stay and fight, if they can. All Underlings drop Grist and Boondollars, a sort of in-game currency used for purchasing from Consorts and other mobs, and for alchemizing and building. The more powerful the enemy, the more Grist and Boons it drops. Underlings will spawn regardless of the day-night cycle the planet may have. It may become possible to tame Underlings.



    Yaldabaoth as seen during Lord English's session.

    A Denizen is a powerful monster that dwells within the core of players’ planets in the Medium, and is usually directly responsible for whatever problems happen to be going on on those planets. Denizens are difficult to defeat, so it is suggested that players reach God Tier before even attempting to face theirs. Denizens will not always attack players, however; all will offer Choices and helpful advice in the form of riddles, and defeating the Denizen is not always required to complete a personal quest. The Denizen does drop insane amounts of loot, though, so it’s a good idea if the team is preparing to face the Black King to perhaps defeat their Denizens first if they have the time (this Grist hoard is used for feeding the Genesis Frog, and all Denizens must be defeated for the Frog to grow to its full size). Known Denizens are Typheus (Breath), Cetus (Light, though this could be controversial), Hephaestus (Time), Echidna (Space, though this could be controversial), Hemera (Life), Abraxas (Hope), Nix (Void), and Yaldabaoth (given to any player that is a natural warrior, regardless of Aspect). There are other Denizens yet to be discovered, and some Aspects may have more than one. For now, Aspects not directly linked to any specific Denizen will have one of the random ones generated for them (likely Yaldabaoth or Echidna) until the Denizens linked to them are revealed. Or we may just come up with some of our own; we’ll see how it goes.



    Bonebone! Bonebone!

    Consorts are little creatures that roam the planets of players and act akin to villagers. Consorts will offer to sell weapons, armor, and items in exchange for Boondollars or Boonbucks, and can send players on quests. Sometimes Consorts will join individuals on their journey, and can become valuable combat allies. Consorts are able to wear Robes and carry weapons. All Consorts except angels are relatively harmless even when attacked, but will drop nothing upon dying (allied Consorts will drop their inventory upon dying). Angels are peaceful unless attacked, upon which all angels within a given radius will attack the player responsible (similar to a pack of dogs), and are very powerful and hard to kill. Known Consorts are salamanders, turtles, iguanas, nakadiles (all of which are also available as skeletons, which are exclusive to Null sessions, unless someone in the party happens to know necromancy), brains, and angels. There are more that will possibly be revealed.

    The Sprite

    Good dog. Best friend.

    The sprite is a game construct and guide to players. The sprite is born from the Cruxtruder (one of the starting machines in the game) and must be prototyped at least once before entry. These prototypings affect the Royalty of Derse and Prospit, and cause the Battlefield to grow; a lack of pre-entry prototypings for all players will result in a Null session, since the Battlefield will not be at its full size. Sprites can be prototyped by nearly anything, with the exceptions of other sprites (doing so with two unprototyped sprites will result in a black hole; two sprites that have been prototyped at least once will merge safely), the Ender Dragon, Wither, Royalty (which would cause paradoxes), and most blocks and items. The sprite, upon being prototyped, will gain more power than the ordinary mob/item itself and will become incredibly difficult to kill (the only ways sprites have died in-comic are through explosions of massive force and self-destruction). It is not recommended that you prototype a First Guardian, as the sprite and the Royalty will become almost completely immortal. The only upside is that if the Dreamself is prototyped in the First Guardian sprite and the player ascends, the player will then gain that near immortality. But this is still not recommended, as it is very difficult to do. (There may actually be a mechanism preventing the prototyping of a First Guardian instead of me just saying “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”)

    The Dreamself

    The Dreamself is not a mob, per se, but a separate body for the player’s consciousness. The Dreamself awakens after going to sleep for the first time after entering the Medium (for Space players, the Dreamself will have awoken as soon as the player spawns in a new world in Minecraft). The Dreamself cannot carry weapons or equip armor (with the exception of the dream pajamas), but can fly even in survival mode and carry items in their inventory. The Dreamself can die, either through the death of the waking self which in turn triggers the death of the Dreamself soon after, or through other means. The death of the Dreamself will not kill the waking self. Any nonfatal injuries the waking self gains will not affect the Dreamself, nor will any injuries on the Dreamself affect the waking self. Upon the death and revival of the waking self, consciousness and inventory will transfer to the Dreamself. This is also one of the only ways to obtain the dream pajamas. The Dreamself can be prototyped in a sprite, and upon ascending any other prototypings the sprite has received will become part of the newly-ascended player’s powers. This feat, however, will be difficult to accomplish.


    Carapacians are human-sized creatures that inhabit Derse and Prospit. Prospitians are white, and Dersites are black, similar to chess pieces. All carapacians have a rank, also similar to chess pieces (pawn, rook, knight, king, and queen). The Royalty of Derse, the Black King and Queen, are the final bosses, who gain all prototypings of the players’ sprites. This is why it is not suggested you prototype First Guardians, as they will make the King and Queen virtually immortal. Prospitians are peaceful unless the player is a Dersite, and Dersites may attack players regardless of alignment. Carapacians can be exiled later in the game to The Overworld, where they will repopulate the planet. Known carapacians are Warweary Villein/Wayward Vagabond, Parcel Mistress/Peregrine Mendicant, Authority Regulator/Aimless Renegade, Jack Noir/Scurrilous Straggler/Spades Slick, Draconian Dignitary/Diamonds Droog, Courtyard Droll/Clubs Deuce, Hegemonic Brute/Hearts Boxcars, White Queen/Windswept Questant, White King/Writ Keeper, and Black Queen/Snowman.

    First Guardians

    Sweet catch!

    First Guardians are strange, omniscient beings born at the start of a planet and are the planet’s protector. First Guardians are identified by a lack of facial features (excepting muzzles), pure white bodies, and teleportation abilities, among others. First Guardians are nearly completely immortal, but it is currently unknown how you could possibly kill one. Known First Guardians are Becquerel (tamable), GCat (tamable), Doc Scratch, and an unnamed axolotl. Players would tame Bec and GCat just like any other cat or dog, if they can find them. Only one First Guardian will spawn naturally per world. First Guardians can be prototyped in a sprite, but this is not advised.

    Gamzee, Lord English, and Calliope

    Believe it or not, this is the face of TRUE EVIL.

    Gamzee is a wandering troll bard that sells players potions (many of which suspiciously look like troll blood in bottles) for 420 Boonbucks. He’s pretty much immortal and can’t be killed, because he’s a silly, rascally, evil clown, and evil clowns don’t die. He’s an assistant to Lord English, but he won’t attack even if being attacked because he’s pretty chill right now. But don’t try to kill him. Because he won’t die. He is the only troll mob that will actually be added to the game, as troll skins are easily made and obtained.

    Lord English is a time-travelling, unconditionally-immortal demon (though even this is not true, as he can be killed through time paradoxes and glitches) on a rampage in the Farthest Ring. He’s what is called a cherub, another alien race with a very long and detailed biology I won’t go into. So far there will be no Lord English in the game, but he will later be implemented, possibly as a boss for those with a more comic-esque game session. He and Calliope will be the only cherub mobs added to the game, as, like troll skins, cherub skins are easily made and obtained.

    Calliope is a young cherub and the “sister” of Lord English. She was killed a long time ago, and English seeks to destroy her soul. She exists as a ghost in a special Dreambubble in the Farthest Ring, which you can access at certain times. She’s friendly and sweet, and will attempt to assist players in any way she can to make certain her “brother’s” downfall.


    Lusii are beasts that raise young trolls and stay with them their entire lives. There are several different types of Lusii, and all can be tamed (if they don’t try to eat you first); some can even be saddled and ridden. Lusii come in all possible blood colors available to trolls (Burgundy, Bronze, Ochre, Lime (extinct), Olive, Jade, Teal, Cerulean, Indigo, Purple, Violet, Fuchsia, and the mutant Candy Red, in order of rarity (excepting Jade, which presumably fits somewhere between Purple and Violet)), and some are rarer for certain blood colors than others (i.e. dragons as Teal-bloods). The only known Fuchsia-blooded Lusus is Gl’bogolyb, the Lusus of the troll Empress and her Heiress, and can be found deep in the sea. Other Lusii can be found in water, in ravines, in caves, just about anywhere. All Lusii are pure white in color, but unlike First Guardians have facial features and cannot teleport. Known Lusii are http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Lusus]found here[/url], as I can’t find a way to explain some of them properly, and more will possibly be added. Lusii can be prototyped into sprites.


    I know what you’re thinking. Why all this wicked, awesome stuff, and then frogs? These are special frogs. These frogs will exclusively populate the planets of Space players, to provide the gene sequences for breeding the Genesis Frog, which you’ll learn about later. And if anything, they’re very colorful and will make your boring land pretty and fun!


    There will be so many items added to this game.

    So many.

    For now, I’m just going to stick to discussing the important or supremely useful ones.

    Flight Items

    Items that enable flight are great to have, but difficult to obtain early-game, as they cost quite a bit of Grist. Once a player does happen to obtain one (or all of them), he/she can easily fly through gates without having to spend their Grist on building their house and explore their planet easily as well. Known flight items are the Rocket Pack, Rocket Car, Rocket Shoes, and Rocket Board, and more to possibly be added.

    Game Items

    Game items are the first mod items obtainable in-game and are necessary for getting into the Medium. These items include a Computer (already in the players’ inventory when they spawn), SBURB client and server discs (also already in the inventory), the Cruxtruder, Alchemiter, and Totem Lathe, Cruxite Dowels, a prepunched captchalogue card, and the Cruxite Artifact (currently just an apple, but more will be added). The Computer and discs, card, Cruxtruder, Totem Lathe, and Alchemiter can be placed without expending any Grist. The Cruxtruder produces the sprite and Cruxite Dowels. The Totem Lathe scans captcha codes on the backs of cards and carves Cruxite Dowels to be scanned by the Alchemiter. The Alchemiter reads carved Dowels and produces the item from the code, given Grist costs. The Computer and discs are used to connect client and server connections to other players. The Cruxite Artifact must usually be broken in some way (such as being eaten) to allow players to gain entry into the Medium.

    Grist and Boondollars

    Now, these two things you’ve been hearing about the entire time.

    Grist is a sort of in-game currency, and is spent on alchemization and house-building. Grist is dropped by Underlings (the stronger, the more and rarer types of Grist available) and the player’s Denizen. Players are not physically able to pick up Grist and view it in the inventory; there is a special menu called a Grist Cache that allows players to see their individual Grist types and amounts. Some types of Grist are rarer than others, and some require the beatdown of higher-level Underlings to obtain; this is why some weapons that require rarer types of Grist may not cost quite as much as other weapons of the same power that are costly in terms of common Grist. Grist can be transferred amongst players, just like Boondollars.

    Boondollars, Boondocks, Bookcases, Boonbonds, Boonbanks, and Boonmints are the true currency in the game, able to be spent on weapons, Fraymotifs, and items from Consort shops. Ascending Echeladder rungs, completing quests, and defeating Underlings will reward you with Boondollars. Boons are stored in a Ceramic Porkhollow. 1 million Boondollars are instantly traded in for one Boonbuck. Booncase values are unknown, but it is suspected that Booncases are worth one trillion (10^12) Boondollars. Boonbonds are worth approximately 10^18 Boondollars. The values of Boonbanks and Boonmints are unknown. Boons can be transferred amongst players.

    Types of Bad Sessions


    The Doomed session is the one of the original four Kids. A Doomed session is simply that: it can never be won. Though some Doomed sessions are planned to never be won from the beginning, many are the result of a player dying and failure to revive him/her, or due to some other circumstance, such as a drastically shortened time limit. This must usually result in the game being Scratched. Otherwise, the game can be played normally. The best option in the event of a Doomed session is deleting the world and starting over, since Scratching is not always reliable.


    A Null session is the one of the Alpha Kids, or the four Kids introduced at the beginning of Act Six. A Null session can never be won, usually due to a lack of prototypings pre-entry or a lack of a Space or Time player or Knight. Like the Doomed session, some Null sessions are planned to be null from the very beginning; others happen as consequences of circumstance. Null sessions can never be won, but they can also never be lost: the players can play forever without worry, though this may become incredibly tiresome and force the players to Scratch the session. If the session lacks a Time player, then there’s no other choice but to play for eternity or delete the world and start over. Null sessions are the only known sessions to contain skeletal Consorts and Underlings (Underlings in this form are powerful and don’t drop much Grist at all).


    A Dead session is the one of Lord English and an alternate-timeline Calliope. A Dead session is only played by one player, and is undeniably much harder than an ordinary SBURB session, even one that’s already doomed. A Dead session, such as Lord English’s, begins with two sprites being ejected from the Cruxtruder and prototyped together. This results in a black hole, which sucks not only the player but The Overworld in its entirety into the game. The Overworld is then transformed into a blank, lifeless version of the player’s true planet. The player must solve a series of puzzles in order to gain access to the planet’s core, where their Denizen will give them The Choice. One option is to choose a life of conquest. The other is to abandon all ambition and accept death. If the second option is taken, it seems as though the player can still ascend to God Tier status, though how or why this is is currently unknown. The benefit of this path is that the player’s death will benefit all who will ever live, and help destroy a great evil - mostly likely a player who chose the alternate path, as power tends to go to people’s heads.

    Choosing the first option will cause Skaia to explode and spit out fifteen planets, then the aftermath settles the planets into orbit and where Skaia once was becomes a black hole. (Some of these planets may be sucked into the black hole during the settling process, which is actually a good thing.) All planets must then be conquered in order, with number eight skipped and saved for last; otherwise this will result in an immediate loss. Each planet has a time limit in which the player must conquer it and place a bomb from the core at a designated location on the surface before escaping to the next one, and each planet’s time limit is shorter than the last. The bomb does not destroy the planet, but moves it out of orbit to where it is sucked back into the black hole. With each planet conquered, the player gains a Leprechaun follower, with powers similar to that of the player’s Aspect. (If a planet was sucked into the black hole before settling into orbit, the player gains that Leprechaun follower after destroying the planet before it.) After the eighth planet is sunk, the player’s true land will be unlocked, and the player can then prepare for a harrowing battle against his/her Denizen. The Denizen’s defeat will grant the player with a boon of unconditional immortality, or at least unconditional in terms of Heroic and Just deaths, and infinite power to do whatever he/she desires.

    NOTE: The active mode in a Dead session will automatically set the difficulty to Hardcore Mode, and this will be unable to be changed. Think about that before you go trying to achieve multiversal domination on Creative Mode.

    New Forms of Power

    God Tier and Ascending

    John's ascension after death.

    The God Tier is a level of power obtainable through certain conditions that players can achieve. One of the requirements for ascending is to be at the top of your Echeladder (achievement rungs). One other requirement is to die on, near, or be carried to the player’s Quest Bed (located on your planet, and your Dreamself must still be alive) or Sacrificial Slab (located in the core of Derse or Prospit’s moon, depending on the player’s alignment) soon after death; that corpse must be fresh! Upon ascending, the player gains the Dreamself’s ability to fly in survival mode, and can reach higher achievements, some of which constitute rewards such as surpassing the need of a Strife Specibus. Upon ascending the player also gains new powers (it is currently unknown how those will be implemented) and a sweet set of armor exclusively for that player. God Tier will be randomly generated, except with single-player sessions, in which Class will already be determined. God Tier Classes (how the player’s powers will be used) include Heir, Seer, Knight, Witch, Maid, Page, Rogue, Prince, Mage, Sylph, Thief, Bard, Lord, and Muse. God Tier Aspects (what powers the player will gain) include Breath, Light, Time, Space, Life, Hope, Void, Heart, Doom, Rage, Blood, and Mind. Some Classes are male-exclusive, some emale-exclusive, and all others gender-neutral. (To keep things simple, as models can’t currently be changed, gender of models will not matter in terms of Class.) There may be popular fanon Classes and Aspects added to the game, as there are potentially thousands of Classes and Aspects available.

    There are only two ways a God Tier-level player can die permanently: by a Heroic or Just death. A Heroic death is decided by dying while protecting other party members from opposing forces at the cost of one's life, or dying while trying or intending to do so. A Just death is decided by death due to being the opposing force or posing a threat to the team, regardless of the intent. Players who choose the active path of a Dead session and win are exempt from the Heroic and Just deaths, but can still be killed by glitches and paradoxes.

    Trickster Mode


    Trickster Mode is a special kind of power level that can only be achieved by consuming or using certain Jujus (a powerful but rare magic item owned by cherubs) or by being smacked around a bit by someone in Trickster Mode. This is sort of like crack on steroids, and several times crazier, with side effects including the euphoric feeling of being incredibly Caucasian peachy. Any chunk of land the player touches will automatically return to life (if dead) just by walking on it or become excruciatingly blinding and bright. Players in Trickster Mode can generate wacky food items as well, and can cause Underlings to drop Zillium, so far the rarest form of Grist in the game, and used to alchemize the legendary cherubic weapons. Trickster Mode is only temporary, however, and will leave the player disoriented and unable to see straight for a while (an effect similar to walking into or out of a portal, with a much longer-lasting effect).



    Grimdarkness is a rare form of power obtained from consorting with the Dark Ones (the Horrorterrors, which will probably not be implemented as physical mobs as most are monstrously huge), or through the negative inversion of one's Aspect (i.e. a Space player, one who creates, inverting to one who destroys). Grimdarkness is evident by gray skin, a black, inky aura surrounding the player, and the ability to only speak in a strange tongue not yet 100% identified (likely Latin). As of yet, there is no known cure for Grimdarkness except death.


    Not a form of power, per se, Fraymotifs are special abilities and attacks that can be bought from your Land's consorts using Boons. Fraymotifs are optional and horribly expensive, but powerful. All players have three individual Fraymotifs and a combo Fraymotif for each player in the session. The first Fraymotif costs 10 Boonbucks, the second 100 Boonbucks, the third 1,000, and so on for each Fraymotif available. It's a good way to waste Boons if you want to reign supreme and don't have anything else to use your riches for (if you can even get that many Boons).

    Other Terms You Need to Know

    The Reckoning

    The Reckoning is the meteoric impact that transforms The Overworld into a desert planet. The Reckoning will start three in-game days after the first player of the session spawns, in small and rare impacts at first, which steadily become larger and harder to avoid. The Reckoning is actually caused by the Black King summoning meteors from the Farthest Ring to destroy Skaia. Skaia’s defense portals redirect the meteors to paradoxically wipe The Overworld clean. If all players fail to enter the Medium before the Reckoning is complete or are killed by meteors the session will either have to be restarted if too many players fail or, if only one or two players fail to make it, the session will become doomed.


    All potentially-successful SBURB sessions must have a Time player, for this player’s planet houses the mechanism that allows the session to restart. Scratching the session essentially erases that version of the session from existence, and resets the players as well to give them a better chance of winning the game. The drawback is that the players will not remember the previous session, and may even be raised under different, less-than-favorable conditions. In the mod, once the Scratch is complete all players will instantly respawn in The Overworld.

    Frog Breeding

    All potentially-successful sessions must have a Space player and a Knight as well as a Time player. The Knight and Space player are for breeding the Genesis Frog, who will harbor the new universe the players create. The Space player’s planet is populated by colorful frogs with different genetic sequences (which will be viewed in place of names). The Space player’s duty is to ectobiologically breed the frogs with the right sequences to create the Genesis Frog before the end of the game. As this can be a perilous task, it is the Knight’s duty to protect the Space player. (Sadly, a Knight of Space will have to do this on their own.)


    Ectobiology is a method of paradoxical cloning without getting messy with genetic material. Gene sequences are read, then forged into paradox slime, which then creates the cloned individual. All SBURB players are paradox clones made from ectobiology, and this is also how the Genesis Frog is bred. The paradox clones are then sent back through time to their correct placement in the timeline so the game can effectively start over, in terms of paradox. In simpler terms, you create yourself and send yourself back in time so your existence is made certain. The leader (the person who first entered the game) is always the ectobiologist of the session.

    The Royalty’s Rings

    The Rings of the Dersite and Prospitian Royalty are what contain the prototypings of all players’ sprites. These Rings, when worn, will affect only carapacians, but can under certain circumstances affect humans as well. One such circumstance is when a session is dubbed a Null session. The unprototyped Rings will become the Rings of Life and Void, and wearing one can make the player invisible or resurrect a dead player. The effects only last as long as the Ring is worn.

    The Echeladder

    [img]http://cdn.mspaintadventures.com/storyfiles/hs2/00881.gif' />
    Your new feather is hard-earned and well-deserved.

    The Echeladder is nothing more than an achievement system that actually gives rewards in-game (Boons). The Echeladder’s rungs consist of vanilla Minecraft achievements and multiple achievements that will be added in the mod. Players must reach the top of the Echeladder before ascending to God Tier in any way. Some rungs may be exclusive, depending on a player’s individual role (i.e. Ectobiology for party leaders, frog breeding for Space players, etc.).

    Features that May Not Be Added Due to Having No Idea How to Implement Them

    Time Travel

    This pretty much speaks for itself. I currently have absolutely no idea how to implement time travel whatsoever, or even how to code something like that. (I don't think anyone does.) We'll find a way to make a compromise.


    These are mobs. Yes, you may think that something like that wouldn't be too hard, but the largest mob I'm hoping for right now is Gl'bogylob, who in comic is about two city blocks in length (we may have to cut her a bit short to fit in the ocean). Horrorterrors, even the smallest ones, are enormous beyond comprehension. No. Not dealing with that from the model makers.

    Dead Sessions

    Dead sessions were expositioned above in the Bad Sessions section. This one is also pretty self-explanatory: as of now we have no idea how a Dead session fully works out in Homestuck canon, let alone how to implement it in a Minecraft mod. (Besides, you basically do rule the universe in Minecraft, so why would we implement something that can already be done through Creative Mode?)

    Code-Based and Punch-Based Alchemy

    This one, if you've been following the Minestuck mod on the MSPA Forums, is also self-explanatory. They have no idea how to implement code-based alchemy, and neither do I. And since punch-based alchemy ties into code-based alchemy, I don't have anything for punch-based alchemy either. For now, I'm thinking of sticking to something similar to a crafting table, in which there are a number of spaces for inputting items (with preset item results from certain inputs and alchemy methods). For example, say you take Caledscratch and a Ruby Contraband and combine them with the method &&. That gives you the Scarlet Ribbitar, but combining the same two items under the method || won't get you anything, nor will combining any other items in an attempt to get the Scarlet Ribbitar. (The methods || and && decide how items will be alchemized together. These two methods decide which item of those being alchemized is the primary one. (For instance, using the same two items - the Pogo Ride and Sledgehammer - one method produces the Pogo Hammer and another creates the Hammerhead Pogo Ride. I don't know which method does what yet, though.) So far the only punch-based alchemy that will be done is with the pre-punched Artifact card received at the beginning of the game, because that is inevitable.

    I don't know if there will be more added to this section.

    And now, taking a few questions before they’re even asked, to avoid confusion.

    Q: Why can’t you make the mod yourself?

    A: Because my computer’s a Macbook Pro, for one, and a dingus besides and refuses to cooperate with any of the traditional programs needed to make mods. That, and I can’t figure out free mod creators for my life. Hopefully I will one day be able to fix the problem, but so far I’m not having any luck.

    Q: This seems like an awful lot of coding to do.

    A: Yes, yes it is, but the great thing about mods is that you can take as long as is needed to work on them and release the mod in small batches. The first version of the mod may only incorporate Underlings, some random land gens, some Consorts, First Guardians, some Lusii, access to the Medium, some weapons and items, and God Tier ascension, and evolve from there. Because I can’t work on it myself besides texturing, this may be a series of especially slow releases until I can fix whatever problem is up with my computer about why it won’t let me do stuff. Stupid Mac…

    Q: This game seems too hard!

    A: That was the entire point! SBURB itself in-comic is extremely difficult regardless of age or experience, and thirteen-year-old kids are being forced to play it, some of which have never had to face anything dangerous in their lives. This mod was meant for veteran Minecraft players who are looking for a real challenge, though anyone is free to try it out. If you think it’s too difficult for you, either play in Creative Mode or on Easy Survival Mode or simply don’t download it at all! No one is stopping you from not downloading it, or forcing you to.

    Q: Do I have to read the comic to play this? (I’m not very dedicated, I don’t like it, I could never read something so long, etc.)

    A: No, you don’t have to read it. The game itself is pretty straightforward and doesn’t really require any prior knowledge of SBURB or Homestuck to play, though players who have read Homestuck may have an advantage over players who haven’t since they know how it works. (Granted, if you don't like Homestuck, chances are you probably won't like the mod.)

    Q: Can I use this mod in a mod pack?

    A: Yes, as long as you’re given permission to do so and don't intend to use it to make money. We won’t tolerate stealing around here.

    Q: Will there ever be a server of this mod?

    A: It’s quite likely, if it winds up popular enough. If there is a server made, we will not tolerate griefers of any sort. You are warned now. We would like to avoid as many bannings as possible, but of course you know someone will do it thinking they won’t get caught.

    Q: Can I help work on this mod?

    A: Of course you can! Just let me or someone else working on the mod know that you want to work on it! There is currently no one working on the mod besides me and my ideas, so help is very much appreciated, especially if you happen to code or can create mob models!


    None yet! Keep checking back for updates!
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    posted a message on What was the Stupidest Death that You Ever Had?

    I was playing on Peaceful Mode (because I'm a weenie) on Pocket Edition after they added the Nether into the game. I had found a Nether Fortress and was digging my way up the leg into it. I wound up digging a sort of staircase into the Nether brick that inched along the very edge of the leg on two sides. While I was going up it after having cleared my inventory of all the Netherrack and Nether brick I'd collected I accidentally launched myself off the leg of the fortress at a rather high point. Died instantly and lost all my diamond tool junk, too.

    Another time, also on Pocket Edition, I had turned up the difficulty after night fell so I could hide in my house in a desert village and collect the loot after the zombies and skeletons burned; this was on a much older version from a few years ago. I guess somehow a block from the wall had been removed and a spider got in somehow. I died not once, not twice, but three times from that one spider because I kept respawning in the house.

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    posted a message on Gold Ore should be gone.

    I don't agree with this. Minecraft was never meant to follow the laws of physics, at least not entirely. It was never meant to be realistic. Although it would be nice to be able to find gold nuggets as a possible drop while digging in riverbeds, similar to how gravel sometimes drops flint, I don't see the idea catching on. No support.

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    posted a message on Funny Death Messages

    serpentineSidhe tried breathing water.

    serpentineSidhe didn't think the Zombie would want a snack.

    The Wolves mistook serpentineSidhe's petting as a violent gesture.

    serpentineSidhe's Cat failed its guardian duty.

    serpentineSidhe saw a Spider and tried to get rid of it.

    serpentineSidhe thought that Slime just wanted a hug.

    serpentineSidhe tried to feed a Skeleton...but it didn't go exactly as planned.

    serpentineSidhe insulted a Witch.

    serpentineSidhe's Iron Golem became a rebel.

    serpentineSidhe handled that bow wrong.

    serpentineSidhe ran with a sword.

    serpentineSidhe tried to catch fire...and succeeded.

    serpentineSidhe didn't mean to carry all that iron during the storm.

    serpentineSidhe should not have climbed that high during the storm.

    serpentineSidhe tried traveling by Chorus Fruit.

    serpentineSidhe tried traveling by Ender Pearl.

    serpentineSidhe learned she could fly...then the Levitation wore off.

    serpentineSidhe decided to go see what was in the Void.

    serpentineSidhe learned that the Nether doesn't like sleeping people.

    serpentineSidhe didn't shoot the fireball back at the Ghast.

    serpentineSidhe insulted a Zombie Pigman.

    serpentineSidhe thought it would be funny to stand in a doorway and yell "You cannot pass!" to Endermen.

    serpentineSidhe took an Enderman's eye...and his buddies took her life.

    serpentineSidhe was pushed off a cliff by a ghost.

    serpentineSidhe did a dumb and jumped off a cliff.

    serpentineSidhe broke her butt jumping from a tree. And her legs. And her back. And her head.

    serpentineSidhe farted and the house blew up.

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]

    Everyone here is arguing and I'm just sitting here with a bucket of popcorn laughing at all these people who are complaining about features that I personally think are awesome, whilst waiting for 1.9 screenshots.

    What I'm most excited about are the changes to The End; bros, sign me up. I can never get enough of things to explore.

    But seriously, if you're going to complain, there are dozens of threads for that already. I understand that we all have our own opinions, but all this complaining is starting to become spam (like the college stuff I get in the mail on a near-daily basis, most of it from the same colleges over and over again, just like multitudes of complaint threads all about the same feature). Those of us casual, oh, mojang's adding new stuff? let's see what we can do with this feature here gamers are really getting sick of the complaining. It doesn't matter what it is, someone out there appreciates the work the Mojang staff is putting into this game to appeal to everyone and not just those who are loudest about what they do and don't want.

    You guys have to understand, they are not obligated to make these kinds of changes. They are not obligated to make this game appeal to everyone. They are not obligated to make older versions available to people who don't like the new features they add. They are not obligated to slave over computer monitors and keyboards for possibly hours a day trying to please everyone. They're not even obligated to update the game. (Not saying they're not getting paid to do all of this, but they still have free will and don't have to if they decide they don't want to.) Every time I see someone complaining it makes me think that they don't fully appreciate all the work Mojang is doing. You want to know what you can do instead of complain? Find a way to make these new features appeal to you. Think of a fun way you can use them. Make your base out of the new structures in The End, or use the new blocks to build the strangest or most eye-candy fortress you can. Tame an entire army of dogs or cats in minutes with dual-wielding. See how many enchantments you can put on arrows and go snipe some monsters with them. The possibilities, just like Minecraft itself, are endless. Find a way to accept it, or if you don't like it, just play an older version.

    And guys, are you all really arguing about what the next update should be called? That's immaturity at its finest. Mojang will call it what they want to call it.

    (But I will say that 2.0, 3.0, etc., implies that they started from scratch and rewrote everything, not just made changes.)

    But that's just my two cents.

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    posted a message on Biomes O' Plenty - Over 50 new biomes, with new trees, plants, mobs, and more!
    Quote from 007kingifrit»

    is this worth getting for 1.8 yet? last time i tried it had no new biomes in it yet it was just "testing" or something and i duno whats been updated

    There have been some biomes added in the past week or so (i.e. Crag Mountain, Origin Valley, etc.), but they haven't added everything yet, and these few-and-far-between biomes are a bit difficult to find.

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