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    posted a message on 1.15.2 texture for 1.8.9

    I really like the new vanilla textures from 1.15.2, and would like to use it for 1.8.9. Is there a resourcepack out there that does just this?

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    posted a message on Using Amidst type programs to map and research Seeds

    does it work with servers? for example, i have access to server files can I use the level.dat file to get the mapping of the seed

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    posted a message on 2 desert temples, a desert village, a plain, and a close to surface dungeon

    You spawn around a hundred blocks away from one desert temple and around fifty blocks away from a desert village. If you follow the desert village you will find another desert temple. Then, if you go to the flower forest biome, which is close to spawn as well, you will find a cave that has a dungeon right at the cave entrance.

    Seed: tram2684

    Its my username, I know, I was trying to see what my username's seed would look like

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    posted a message on TeaCraft Servers [Anarchy]

    Join our server for a good anarchy experience. We don't have /tp to make it a true anarchy experience for you guys.


    version: 1.12.2 (will be updating to newer versions when it becomes more stable for server hosting)

    Additionally, our team has been working on starting a new network server, that doesn't mean we will be abandoning the anarchy server. The new network server will include the typical skywars bedwars and stuff.

    We won't monetize your experience on the server, meaning that its not p2w (pay to win), however, we do sell cosmetics and stuff that won't affect your gameplay. Any donations would be appreciated, and you will receive a free rank with some additional perks (again, it won't affect your gameplay). Also, consider visiting our official website, teacraft.orgfree.com.

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