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    Simple SMP
    The name is irrelevant.

    Brand New *Unexplored to Create your new home. Join now to get a headstart!

    Post ingame name below to be added to whitelist! Before it is turned on!

    This server will be a survival server focused on Player vs Environment. PvP will be allowed only in our small premade PvP world. While this server is survival it has a bit of everything else to help keep you busy. It offers great additions to your gameplay like MyPets, Extra Enchantments, Jobs, Small Economy, Shops, and a progressive automatic ranking system. Economy will be a little part of your game play as you have access to shops and need money to use teleportation around the server and the commands rewarded to ranks.

    Currently Looking for a professional staff team.

    - Server Philosophy -
    Family Friendly | No Map Resets Until Big Updates | Small Community | 100% Funded 24/7 Uptime | Clean & Polished Finish

    - Ranks -
    Grass | Stone | Iron | Gold | Diamond | Emerald

    Grass - 1 Home, Hats, Pets, Jobs

    Stone - 2 Homes, Workbench, Weather

    Iron - 3 Homes, Time, Nickname, Speed

    Gold - 4 Homes, Feed, Colored Tools

    Diamond - Heal, Repair, Jump

    Emerald - 5 Homes, Enderchest, No AFK kick, Fly Toggle

    - Plugins -
    MyPet | ExtraEnchants | JoobsReborn | EssentialsX | MysticMobs | ShopGUI | Colored Anvils

    - AntiGrief -
    Daily Saves | CoreProtect | LWC | AAC | WorldGuard
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    Adventure mode is a game mode intended for player-created maps, limiting some of the gameplay in Minecraft.
    In this mode, the player cannot directly destroy any blocks with any
    tools or place any blocks, in order to avoid spoiling adventure maps or griefing servers. Players are only allowed to craft items, and interact with mobs, item frames, and paintings. The player can still interact with blocks with an interface, such as chests, dispensers, crafting tables, furnaces and brewing stands


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    posted a message on PVP server: how to make player interact with restricted ammount of objects

    You could simply set everyone's gamemode to adventure.

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    Established 11/02/2013
    Great community is what drives us!!

    Server has anti grief protection. All players have access to chest protection plugins. The server runs 24/7 with no lag! The world is endless in size!

    We center our server theme around "nations and towns". Players are encouraged to stick together a see what the unfolds.

    Best part of the server is the "free" ranks. No donations are asked for.
    There are 12 different ranks that can be obtained by game play time.
    All of the ranks will give you more and more permissions as you promote up.

    Perks consist of 1-10 homes, the ability to fly, no teleport timers, heal, repair, weather.
    Everything to make your survival experience better!

    IP Address:
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    posted a message on [1.7.5] 24/7 Survival Semi-Vanilla
    Are you looking for server that is well established and has a mid sized community base? If yes, then you have got to try our server out.
    We are a group of players who are commited in keeping all of our builds on one large map. There are already a countless number of player unique builds to explore and check out. The land is well preserved and you will always have a chance to explore fresh undiscovered land!

    The server provides greif protection and maintains a user friendly atmoshphere.
    We have an active forums where players keep in touch and post server related topics.

    Check us out for a enjoyable time!

    10 unique ranks with each custom perks including fly, mob arena, economy, warps, mulitple homes, essentials, giants, friendly staff, all included!

    IP Address:
    Forums: www.nationcraftgaming.com
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    posted a message on Great community based 1.7.2 server.

    Only things like this crazy upside down horse can happen in this server!! Fun community times.

    Are you looking for a server that is going to be up for a long time? Do you want a place to build and the world won't get erased? Community community community. We listen to the community!

    Minecraft 1.7.2

    The Server Offers

    Chest Protection
    Core protect to offer grief rollbacks
    A helpful staff with great activity
    24/7 Uptime
    Lag free experience
    Great community - respectful, no games
    Mutual PvP only
    Small economy* does not influence gameplay
    Well developed server

    Website www.NationCraftGaming.com
    Ip Address: NationCraft.gameserv.co:26115

    Need assistance ask one of the moderators for help!
    Server created 11/02/2013
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    posted a message on Nationcraft 1.7.2 Semi-Vanilla No Grief NON WHITELISTED
    Woah; lol dudes server above is all griefed;; this thread server is actually legit.. they make sure there is no griefers.
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    Ic IC; very cool. What are some more details.. etc how many settlers;;; how many settlers per class? Will there be a settlement captain; there needs to be some order and will he be voted by settlers.
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    posted a message on Island Town Survival | Mindcrack Style | Recruiting Mature Players
    interesting idea; I too share the concept. How will you control the trading from player to player? You should setup the permissions where a use can not interact with anything out of his class
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    posted a message on ***BeastCraft - Coming Soon***
    wait wait wait - you honesty think someone will pay $50 to fly or even consider paying 75$! to be come staff? Haha and its 25% off.. You crazy boy. The server isn't even completed nor popular. I suggest you lower the prices if anything by 98%
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