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    posted a message on Is a Jungle spawning right next to a Mangrove Swamp rare?

    Nope, not rare. It's just as rare as a Forest and a Plains biome spawning next to each other. Both biomes have similar temperatures so that's why they spawned next to each other.[1]

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    posted a message on What do you do when you lose all your stuff?
    Quote from Palin»

    I don't understand the need to start a new world. If you have to start anew, why don't you do it in the world you died, so you don't really start all over again? (unless you didn't like the seed).

    I totally agree with that. Starting a new world is something I do on average every three years, but I don't like doing it even that often. It seems so strange to me just how mindlessly people are willing to throw it all away and start over, everything you accomplish in a world seems temporary because you know your Diamond armour is an achievement that means nothing because in three days you'll get bored of the world and start over – and so the cycle repeats. I just don't get it lol.

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    posted a message on Technoblade MC Audio Sound Settings Volumes Screenshot? (or Dream?)

    Uh…kinda weird to be a fan of someone to the point of copying their exact audio settings, lol. I won't get into that debate.

    From my experience, you'll find most content creators have all of the sub-categories at 100%, and they move their Master Volume slider from time to time just based on how loud they want their game at that specific time.

    If you want to optimise how well you can hear players, whilst not cutting out too much else, prioritise the Players and Blocks (for when other people place blocks) sliders, and keep the other ones well below 50%. That's my guess.

    But in the end, audio settings make just about no difference to PvP performance. You'd be better off optimising fps and aim, reaction time, etc.

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    posted a message on The Theft of Faithful 32x32

    What's the deal with the failful.team website? Obviously it's run by xMrVizzy, but there's no official thread or download archive other than that.

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    posted a message on On what should I turn on maximum fps

    For energy consumption reasons, yes; I would recommend keeping an fps limit of 60 if you have a 60 Hz monitor.

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    posted a message on Mojang is slacking Notch used to update way faster and he’s 1 person
    1. Notch worked on one version of the game for one OS on one platform. Now the game is written in two versions at once, on tons of OSs, and on nearly every platform. It's a lot harder work to make one thing work for everything. It takes time.
    2. It takes time to find what would be a "good feature." Otherwise, the game ends up being ruined.
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    posted a message on Minecraft making fans run really loud?
    Quote from SmallAngryNerd»

    I have a cooling pad (just a thing with fans in it) that I keep my laptop in, so if you're also using a laptop that would be helpful.

    Adding on to that idea, you can also just add some empty space under your computer. My laptop takes in air from the bottom and pushes it out the back. Putting it on a table with the feet it's got only gives it ~2 mm of space for air to enter underneath. I bought a set of 4 rubber feet which are about 6 mm tall and put it on the corners, which gives me space.

    That gives me a lot better cooling. If you're using a laptop, you can use anything - coins, dice, etc.

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    posted a message on Server went done mid playthrough and we cant seem to rejoin the server
    Quote from FatNinja12345»

    The computer is connected to a router extender which is connected to his main router

    Both appear to have port forwarding enables for both udp and tcp on both routers

    My guess is a misconfiguration has occurred somewhere around here. It's happened for me and I eventually tackled this problem by removing the extender and digging a trench through my garden to get wired Ethernet in to my server room. Obviously, this isn't the best solution for you.

    Check that this is configured correctly, just in case. Some routers can be a real pain with configurations being lost over time.

    For example, let's say the server's internal IP [on the extender] is, and the extender's internal IP [on the router] is Make sure that in the extender's settings, that TCP port 25565 is forwarded for; and on the router's settings, TCP port 25565 is unblocked for

    For troubleshooting's sake, try connecting to the server on:

    • localhost or (on the server PC) (I think this already works, as the server's up (which means that there is no problem with the server software))
    • (on a PC on the extender network, but not the server PC itself) (Remember, this is an example internal IP) ;)
    • Your external IP, without your ISP's static thingy. If this does work, it could be the ISP's service. You could try to work with them - but that may not be the quickest and most effective way of doing it. I use a DynDNS service called No-IP, which has my external IP set to one of their domains (They have a few, such as example.servehttp.com or example.serveminecraft.net); plus, my router auto-updates it. I prefer it more to my ISP's (Telstra) thing, similar to what you have. (It may be that your external IP has changed, so that xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.static.isp.com.au or xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is wrong now. Check your IP using a service like WhatIsMyIP.com to find out if it's changed)

    Also, please do check your Firewall settings - on the client, server, extender, and router. Really make sure it's all good. Looking at this StackExchange Arqade question, this exception (error) is most commonly caused by firewall issues.

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    posted a message on What is the easiest and fastest way to prevent mob spawning around a nether fortress?
    Quote from PrimalPower»

    I know not many people can do this but because I use a server to play with friends, i coded a spigot plugin to automatically slab every single block where mobs can spawn within a 128 block radius of the fortress. It saved my tons of time and cobblestone.

    Not very helpful when no-one here plays on your server. Spawning in blocks is also really cheaty.

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    posted a message on How do I get small letters?

    Ah, I don't know too much about post-1.12 tab menus, and I'm only properly familiar with developing for and using pre-1.8 ones. Sorry.

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