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    posted a message on When will we need to use microsoft accounts for our accounts?

    I'm silently praying that this will be like the migration from Minecraft Premium accounts to Mojang accounts. I want to keep my Mojang account for Minecraft, as my two Microsoft accounts are already associated with Minecraft Bedrock Edition accounts - so is messes everything up. Plus, I'm in the slow process of migrating from my Microsoft account to a Google one, and eventually one day I'll be able to delete the Microsoft accounts altogether.

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    posted a message on question

    There are a few. Mineplex still exists, Skycade, InvadedLands, etc, etc. I'd recommend going to Minecraft Server List, and looking through there for something you may like.

    There are tons of Minecraft servers. I'm sure you'll find one you'll like.

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    posted a message on [Big project] I want export my city from google maps to minecraft. [Suggestions write here, how i can make it]

    This sounds like something from BTE. If you are interested in building your city 1:1 scale in Minecraft, I highly recommend going to buildtheearth.net and/or joining their Discord server, and expressing your interest. There are already thousands of people doing this, and this is the best-coordinated attempt at doing so in years. I highly recommend joining in with them and learning how to do this. ;)

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    posted a message on Should I start a war server

    I find War/PvP servers boring. A lot of people do.

    You'd be better off starting an SMP or something and creating a small community in a nice Survival world. Don't ban PvP. But, if you want players (especially in the long-term!), I'd recommend something more interesting. (SMP, Creative world, puzzle map, minigames, competitions, etc)

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    posted a message on Well this happend in my minecraft 1.7.4 world

    That'd be the back of a Mesa Plateau F (F being for forests, as I see some trees at the top) or something. Mesa biomes are made out of certain blocks at certain Y heights, which explains the stripes.

    I guess you've had this world open in more than one version, where in one version the grass area was generated, and then in a different version, you ventured to the edge of that grass, it generated something new, and so you got a harsh transition from Plains/Mountains to Mesa Plateau F, instead of the smooth ones you'd normally get, like this:

    1.8 (or 1.7.x) Desert Temple in Mesa/Desert/Plains - Seeds - Minecraft:  Java Edition - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum

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    posted a message on Minecaft - Simple Bridge tutorial

    Great use of how Fence Gates are lower only when connected to wall blocks!

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    posted a message on i blew up a street in creative mode

    But why?

    Also, try making a big underground cave by carving it out with TNT. I remember I had a cave like this many years back and I still think it's cool, to this day.

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    posted a message on Just some old fun

    Hidden rooms behind paintings is a classic. I have one in the bedroom of my base!

    Another classic trick that I'm surprised that not many people know: is when you have a 10-block-deep 1x1 hole with a ton of pigs at the bottom, place a water at the top and they all swim up and go everywhere!



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    posted a message on How many MB is your world?

    2.91 GiB

    It's on a server, so I ran a tool to generate the world to be 10,000 by 10,000 blocks in total, to save processing power when new chunks are generated. You could probably guess storing over 25,500,000,000 blocks in a folder would take up a lot of space.

    Thank goodness I didn't go with my idea of generating it to be 1,000,000 by 1,000,000 blocks.

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    posted a message on What was your worst death?

    This one was in my long-term world #2 (2017-2019) (On #3 now)

    I was caving. At a low Y level.

    Guess what's at a low Y level? Lava.

    Guess what's in a cave? Gravel.

    I placed a torch on some gravel. Then I fell.

    There was no keepInventory.

    Most humiliating death ever, considering my past experience with Gravel.

    This was on Bedrock Edition. My items flew everywhere!

    After searching, all that I found surviving was two and a half stacks of Gravel. (Bonus!: I also had all of my max-enchanted Diamond armour and tools on me)

    I still have a Discord conversation from that day...

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    posted a message on A few Builds in my Base as of Now

    I just wanted to know what everyone thought of my "new" (6-month-old) base area. My server is on 1.6.4, but it aims to be a bit more retro than that, especially in build style and type)

    I'm also not a good builder. I'm a technical Minecrafter. Let me know how much it sucks, please!

    Overall view: (Cobble-roofed house to the left of shot is not mine, it's a friend's house)

    Bedroom area and a peek at some unused farms:

    Rear view of my base: (I'm planning a project to expand it into the water on the left, as there's not much space in it currently - even being two floors (One seen here above ground, and then one in the hill [that the base is built on] under it))

    Monument to my dog, Fluffy I, of whom I lost in my previous long-term world (I say "long-term", but I mean 2017-2019) on Bedrock Edition:

    Industrial district with: Traditional mob farm (The tall one), basic Iron farm (The not-so-tall one next to it), traditional crop farm (bottom-center), reed farm (to the left of crop farm). Unseen: Milk "farm," manual snowball farm, tree farm of my own design (visible to the right-hand side of area)

    16-bit "ALU:"

    Cathedral and monument to my 8 years of playing Minecraft (8 years as of March 21st, 2021):

    Arena: (Entrance is the stone brick square seen bottom-center in the above screenshot)

    1:1 Recreation of the Minecraft Construction Handbook house: (I did this in memory of my first long-term world (2013-2016) on Pocket Edition, which had a highly-botched version of this house) (Everything but the interior and bone-mealing in the back garden is 1:1)

    Storage area, with about 500 Large Chests, which apparently isn't enough!:

    My bedroom, up to the back wall of it, is a 1:1 of Stampys. It took me 3 hours for details, such as the signs above the bed.

    The boat docked next to it is also a 1:1 (Excluding below-deck) of the S.S Stumpy.

    You might notice the Oak Planks and Sandstone palette in my base. I think you can also guess where that's from!

    Not to self-promote, but if anyone is really interested, I have a crappily-edited video of the whole 1-year-old world. (Including the spawn area, 2,000 blocks away from what I've shown):

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    posted a message on 16-bit Partial ALU

    (Inspired by theinternetftw's famous ALU video: )
    Still WIP, but I've set down the gates and all for expansion.

    Currently at + and - functions.

    Planning *, /, ^, AND, NOT, and = functions, along with a binary decoder to go from a 17-bit input bus to a decimal display.

    Input buses: (Terrible, I know)

    Subtraction XOR:

    Main binary adders, with carry bit between: (Final carry bit sent directly to output display, which makes the display 17-bit instead of 16-bit)


    Outputs from the adders go up:


    ...and down: (This is the best 1-wide, tilable way of transporting a signal downwards, in 1.6.4)

    The display:


    In total:

    (I think you can see this needs a lot of work, but it took 3 days and I'm taking a break from it!)

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    posted a message on Render Distance is Set to 32 Chunks, but Only 16 Chunks are Visible [FIXED]

    If you walk into the distance (in between the 16 and 32 chunk range), and then back to where you started, can you see those chunks you just walked through past this 16 chunk line? (Obviously with render distance at 32 chunks)

    Is this on a server or a singleplayer world?
    Can we have a few screenshots, maybe?

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    posted a message on Java or Bedrock?

    I prefer Java. Although I initially started on Bedrock Edition (At the time, Pocket Edition); I prefer Java's mechanics, technical features, and graphics over Bedrock.

    I'll start with graphics. Java Edition is written in Java (Who would've guessed!?), and Bedrock is in C#, for cross-platform compatibility for the most phones and game consoles, etc. Being a rewrite of a game, I'd say a different approach was taken to game rendering.

    This is a screenshot of Java edition, and this is a screenshot of Bedrock Edition (Although slightly different from today. That screenshot is old).

    Bedrock has this different way of rendering light. It makes water look weird, and terrain and tile entities always look a bit off.

    Bedrock does have one advantage being in C# and rendering things differently: It can render far many more chunks whilst using slightly less computing resources. I don't really care for render distance though, as my computer is nearly 12 years old; I have render distance set to the minimum.

    Technical features? Simply put, Redstone is really messed up in Bedrock Edition. I'm a technical Minecrafter, and having my things broken is not fun. I find Bedrock's Redstone very unintuitive, even compared to the mess that is Redstone in the first place - in Java Edition.

    Some numbers are different too, tick speeds, spawn rates, etc, etc.

    Mechanics is something I can start on, with the HUD and inventory. I play 1.6.4 (Yes, a 2013 version of the game), and one [of the many] reasons I play it is the lack of the Recipe Book - which is something Bedrock forces upon you aggressively, more than Java does in recent versions.

    I guess I could also say how little access to what you want with the game there is in Bedrock? It's just one, vanilla version. No Forge, no OptiFine, no Fabric, and so on.

    With Bedrock, you can only play the latest version; whereas on Java, you can choose.

    I can't choose to play Pocket Edition 0.7.0 (My first version of Minecraft I ever played), but I can choose to play Java 1.5.1, from the same time.

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    posted a message on My First Build!

    Not bad!

    I'm not good at small details like this, even after over 8 years of playing Minecraft. :P

    Maybe, one day, I'll be able to learn from nice things like this.

    Looks really good. :)

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