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    posted a message on The song game: Listen to each others music.

    6/10, although I did move my head back and forth in a robotic way.

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    posted a message on You are a doctor. The above poster is your patient....

    Hmm... you look like your "Stuck at Home". Some acme should do the trick. If it works on Sylvester it should for you :).

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    posted a message on What are the most horrible things you can do to a player on your server (as an admin)? DISCUSSION FOR BUKKIT PLUGIN.

    If I owned a Bukkit server, I wouldn't ban/troll players if they were messing around for fun yet following rules. But, if you break a rule...

    1. Random Lightning Strikes

    2. Offer rewards to seize the player's position

    3. Command Block their life

    4. Destroy everybody they know and love Lol no. That is just plain evil.

    5. More troll attacks

    6. Finally, give them a warning, cause banning them will not be cool ;).

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    posted a message on Red Nether Brick slabs, stairs, and maybe fences.

    They just added the Red Nether Brick. Give them some time to add things little by little. But for decorative purposes, I Support.

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    posted a message on Getting fat

    I just had to...

    No Support

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    posted a message on What's Your Least Favorite Thing About Minecraft?

    The immature part of the community.

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    posted a message on Different Crosshairs.


    The Crosshair is a very important aspect in First Person games. Different shaped crosshairs help different kind of players. In Minecraft, we only have 1 Crosshair shape: The Cross (Or Plus; however you like to call it). A lot of players, including myself, would wish to change the shape to better enhance our aiming and dueling experience. There are many resource packs that change the look of the crosshair, along with tutorials on how to change the crosshair by editing Minecraft.jar. But wouldn't it be much easier and convenient to be able to change the shape of the crosshair in game instead? I will go in full detail about this suggestion and why it will be a great addition to add a Crosshair Shape option.

    (I have a pretty slow mind and frequently make grammar/spelling mistakes, so please bear with me).

    The Option:

    How the option will be assessed:

    Changing the shape will be very simple: Options > Video Settings > Crosshair Shapes.

    Why here? Well the Attack Indicator option is there (1.9 feature), which gives the player the option to show the Attack meter right next to the hotbar. This menu would be an appropriate place for the Crosshair option.

    How it will work:

    The option will be titled "Crosshair: []" and the selections will be:
    [Default] [Dot] [Square] [Circle] [Octagon] [Slash]. Clicking the menu bar will change your crosshair.

    Reasons for this Suggestion:

    1. PVP Advantage

    Like I said in the introduction, different shaped crosshairs help different kind of players. A lot of competitive PVP players
    find it super effective to dual with players with a crosshair that will make them feel more secure and confident. I will
    sometimes battle a player in a dual match, and can't help but feel like the default crosshair is throwing me off. Being able to change the crosshair that suits you will be nice addition to have. The above crosshairs are commonly used in many First/Third Person games, and can help benefit one's PVP skills.

    2. Improve Aiming

    A lot of players, maybe you, prefer to have a different shape crosshair than the cross for aiming. Changing the crosshair to one's own preferences for aiming can also be a great addition. And just like PVP Advantage, you can feel much more secure and confident about your aiming.

    3. No Editing Required

    I don't think anybody wants to change their crosshair by going deep down into Minecraft.jar, and editing the crosshair with MS Paint. Not only that, if you mess up the texture, you got to fix it again!

    4. No Resource Pack Limitation

    You will have to stick to a resource pack that you may not find appealing just for the crosshair. It would be nice to be able to use any resource pack with the preferred crosshair you want. (NOTE: I am not saying that resource packs dedicated to PVP are bad. If you like the crosshair the pack has, then changing it is not necessary. Whatever floats your boat, man)

    5. No Mods Required

    You may be thinking "Aren't there already easy to install mods that have this sort of function?". True, in fact, some mods may have better looking crosshairs than the plain ones I suggested. But once Minecraft updates to a newer version, you're going to have to wait for the modder to update their mod to that version. And if you do have a crosshair mod, you will need Forge to run it every time. "Pfft! Who says I need to update m8?". Sooner or later the version you prefer to stay in will be come obsolete to many servers, making them unplayable on the version you want to stay on.

    It may look like I am putting so much detail in something you see small on your screen, but having this option will greatly benefit a lot of players who seek to improve in PVP/Target matches (like myself). If the crosshair wasn't very important, I wouldn't have made this long detailed suggestion, and everyone will be okay with it. But there are reasons why mods and resource packs with custom crosshairs exist; so instead of going through a process of downloading mods/resource packs, why not have a simple option to change the crosshair to your own preference, whilst up to date on Minecraft versions? Thank you for taking your time to read my suggestion. If you have VALID reasons why this shouldn't be added, feel free to lay the criticism on me.

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    posted a message on /tpa in vanilla

    I never really thought about this. This is actually good. Support.

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    posted a message on Post your best game screenshots

    Old picture, btw.

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    posted a message on New Here!

    Welcome m8! Hope your Youtube channel does well.

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