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    posted a message on Can you add new tools?
    Quote from QuadChip»

    1. Pliers

    Pliers is crafted with 1 shears and 1 redstone dust

    Used to break redstone

    2. Screw Driver

    Screw Driver is craft with 1 iron ingot and 1 fishing rod

    Used to fix minecarts

    3. Hammer

    Hammer is crafted with 2 gold ingots and 3 iron ingots

    Used to create your own block or item

    1. Pickaxe or bare hands already fill that role; pliers are a needless tool
    2. Minecarts don't break and as such they don't need repairs (and it would be purely annoying if they did); screwdriver is needless tool

    3. Crafting tables are already used for advanced item manufacture; hammer is a needless tool.

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    posted a message on Turn more things into projectiles
    Quote from Momu5»

    I think it would be cool to have more things throwable just like tridents. For example, axes and swords could be throwable but it is balanced by you having to collect them with out a loyalty enchantment, and by the ranged attack doing less damage. This idea has already been added in hypixel's murder mystery where the murderer can throw their sword.

    The proposal sounds interesting to me, but the issue is that thrown stone axes could balance-breaking being dirt-cheap while providing a decent ranged attack.
    I think Mojang intends arrows and ranged weapons to be problematic (kill spiders + farm chickens + good luck with gravel from underground) to get early-game without villages in order to make it a melee-dominated stage of development.

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    posted a message on More ways to use cobblestone

    There already is a cobble stone chest, it's just able to smelt things and called a furnace. And stone armor doesn't really have a point - chain mail armor works for that.

    If you don't have a use for your cobblestone, you could build something with it! I think it looks really good with gravel.

    There is something better: mass smelt with lava to natural stone and sell to Apprentice level masons in the village for emeralds.

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    posted a message on New enchantment ideas: Crushing Edge and Detonation
    Quote from XenonN»

    I've had two particular ideas for enchantments for a while: Crushing Edge for axes, and Detonation for crossbows.

    Crushing edge is exclusive to axes, and grants additional damage on critical strikes (I'll call them jump crits from here). At level 1 the enchantment adds 2 damage, and at level 2 it adds 4 damage.

    There are two reasons this enchantment would be exclusive to axes: First, axes don't have any unique combat advantages like swords do, and can't actually get knockback or looting to give it the utility that a sword has. Second, swords would not be able to make full use of crushing edge due to sweeping edge encouraging sweep attacks instead of jump crits.

    Crushing edge would allow a sharpness 5 netherite axe to kill a normal mob in one hit. Without crushing edge, this axe would deal 18 damage on a crit, which is only enough to kill a spider. Crushing edge 1 could kill skeletons and creepers, and crushing edge 2 could kill zombies. A diamond axe would need crushing edge 2 to one-shot a normal mob, including zombies.

    While the damage bonus from crushing edge is not necessarily huge, meeting these breakpoints would make axes a lot more practical as a combat option in PvE, while not being too strong in PvP.

    Another thing to mention is that pairing smite 5 with crushing edge 2 would be an extremely effective way to kill the wither. The best way to kill the wither currently is a smite 5 sword, because the smite enchantment is a flat addition to existing damage, meaning that a smite axe will still only deal 2 more damage (9.75%) than a smite sword, while retaining the same recovery time.

    Now for detonation! This enchantment would be maxed at level 1, and be mutually exclusive with piercing. With detonation, when a rocket fired from a crossbow comes within a 1.5 block radius of any mob, it detonates itself. My reasoning for this one is a little more in the weeds:

    I see three viable ranged weapons in minecraft: a bow, a piercing crossbow with arrows, and a multishot crossbow with fireworks. A trident is technically a ranged weapon and is the only actual option in ocean monuments, but on land I see it as more of a utility tool disguised as a weapon, with riptide and channeling being the main uses. I want to cover the pros and cons of the main three weapons:

    A power 5 bow is capable of one-shotting mobs, which in itself makes it incredible for high priority targets and satisfying to use. The drawbacks of a bow are its long charge time and inconsistency of getting one-shots while firing uphill.

    A piercing crossbow has a much faster charge time with quick charge 3, has the ability to remain loaded after charging, can pierce targets, and has consistent 3 shot kills no matter the angle you fire at. The most important feature of a piercing crossbow to me is that you can pick up your spent arrows after they've been fired. Another fun use of crossbows that the community taught me is the ability to dual wield them, unloading both at once for two consecutive hits. That's a lot of pros, but crossbows do sport a lot less raw damage than bows do.

    A multishot rocket crossbow has the best crowd clearing abilities, and has the same fast fire rate and loading ability of a piercing crossbow. A multishot rocket crossbow suffers from the least consistency in damage, as fireworks vary in damage when they explode. It also has inconsistent crowd clearing abilities, due to terrain not being perfectly flat. The damage of a seven-star firework is actually kind of underwhelming, at an average of 14.5 per rocket (a power 5 bow deals 25 damage on a crit, which happens at a full charge). The rockets used cannot be picked back up, and already are a lot more expensive than arrows. Fired rockets are the only ranged weapons that suffer from a limited range, unless more gunpowder is used in the rockets (at the cost of the seventh star). And finally, while arrows can be loaded into a crossbow in your offhand, rockets cannot, making it much more difficult to use the weapon with a looting sword in your main hand.

    Detonation solves or at least eases two of the biggest problems I have with a rocket crossbow with one enchantment: Ammo use, and reliability. By allowing the rocket to hit enemies that it would have otherwise missed, it saves ammo (especially with the side rockets) and more consistently deals damage.

    I'd love to hear any more ideas or tweaks about these!

    1. Crushing edge - it sounds like interesting concept, but I'm somewhat afraid of imbalances in PvP - it's already useful at very least as support shield-breaking weapon and can be used for trading hit-for-hit against swords.
    On the second thought, even with improved critical damage sword still has an edge of sheer DPM, especially on Netherite tier, plus swords can make up for decreased alpha damage with fire aspect.
    In the end, I'd say I support the concept, though personally I'd also like to see looting being introduced to axes as well - it doesn't make a difference in PvP but heavily favors swords in grinding mobs.

    2. Detonation - What I'd like to point out is that rocket crossbow also has a different edge over bow - it can detonate around shields and ignores wither armor, so it doesn't scale 1v1 in terms of damage - just like piercing crossbow can penetrate shields and inflict status effects with tipped arrows even if damage compared to bow is poor. With proximity-based detonation, it would become even more capable of negating this kind of defense, so while I'd normally support it due to how prohibitively high cost of rocket ammunition makes it hardly viable in most situations I'd rather see this kind of upgrade implemented with carefulness.

    Side note: Unlike in more consistent melee combat, whether or not bow scores a critical hit is matter of RNG - only about 25% of all maximum-pull arrows are critical.

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    posted a message on Emerald tools
    Quote from _Ray_»

    Hello Mojang!

    Can you add emerald tools? It would be very cool because there was emerald had no use except for beacons, villager trading, and decoration.

    The emerald tools can be a strong tool ( Between diamond and netherite ).

    Could you please add them?

    1. Emeralds are literally cheaper than iron to get in large quantities; emerald tools would be absurdly unbalanced.

    2. Unlike diamonds, emeralds are not particularly tough gemstones IRL, no lore reason to make them so strong either.

    3. Currency and beacons are VERY important uses - beacons are very powerful all their own, while villagers offer mind-bogglingly wide and useful array of things to buy, most notably every diamond tool/armor type and books with the best enchantments that exist.

    4. Emerald tools have been thought of long ago. And thrown into the trash can. Here is yet another - and probably more modern - rejected feedback list: https://www.reddit.com/r/minecraftsuggestions/wiki/rejected/
    And precisely about emerald equipment, timestamp at 5 minutes 11 seconds:

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    posted a message on Spears and Throwable arrows (without bow)
    Quote from Krispytaco59»

    Imagine if your bow just broke whilst fighting a ghast and you desperately need to kill it or run; Your pride gets the best of you and you have to kill it. you quickly craft a spear with 4 cobblestone and two sticks and craft a spear and throw it at the ghast.. devastating damage.. you quickly grab the spear and direct hit the ghast once more.. you defeat the beast. anyways same thing, but also have arrows that you can throw because that would be cool.

    Bow does only modest damage and requires some specific materials to construct and operate.
    Cobblestone spear that does "devastating damage" would completely overshadow it and every other weapon in early-mid game.
    Also, throwable items are either unstackable or stackable up to 16, I'd not want arrows to get into that category because it would make them take much more space, or be inconsistent; besides, arrows are built not to be thrown but shot, this is why they are so aerodynamic and lightweight, to allow bows and crossbows propel them at much higher velocity than human arm ever could.

    Also, if I somehow ended up in the Nether without a ranged weapon and got shot at by ghast I'd just run or punch the fireballs back to sender, deflecting fireballs is the intended method of fighting ghasts without having ranged weapons on your own.
    But the best way is just to keep track of your gear durability and if something is about to break, replace it or combine with another.

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    posted a message on Minecraft - Armor/Weapons Rework
    Quote from Sakura1234»

    I gonna go and say it Iron Armor is really op. why is it op you say cause how simple and effect it is. how many armor sets we have in the game. leather, watch seems harder to get then iron. chain only drops of monsters not very effective. gold armor low durablity makes it almost unusable. then have iron and diamond.

    Let explain something to guys this is bad game design. why is it so progression is a thing. and very important factor to any survival game. why it keeps people interested in the long run. here is how i would fix this issue. with minecraft survival becoming too boring too quickly.

    But wait you say you can just download mods. but let ask you this. should the game-devs relay on mod community to make there game playable. even so alot of the mods players use don't get updated there for downgrade your minecraft to support these classic mods. as much i love modders. somethings game devs have to do. one things things is how slow these updates come out.. its time for game-devs step up not relay on mod community so much.

    that being said this what id do to fix weapons/armor situation - first adding new armor sets would be nice at all but first we must deal with game baliance first. gonna draw a scale 1-10 scale for you each armor set power level be number placed on this scale.

    0 (no armor)


    1.5 (Leather Armor

    2.5 (Studded Leather)

    3.5 (Bronze Armor)

    4.0 (Iron Armor

    5.0 (Steel Armor

    6.0 (Diamond Armor)

    7.5 (Netherate Armor)

    Armor Drops -

    Gold 4.5

    Chain 3.0

    you notice some of the armor has been nerf though it may appear so promise you has. sense two new items slots are coming "Rings/Amulets and Necklaces

    Jewelry (cant be enchanted cause gems put in are what enchants)

    -- Made with --

    Copper, SIlver and Gold

    gives you different effects, gold and silver is strongiest bought pretty much the same some rings require silver others gold

    Weapon/tool smithing - is also being adjusted - am using real-life here cause leather also used to make weapons halt. sometimes wood. very rarely will blacksmiths make weaponry made of 100% metal nothing else added to it. cause it can damage users hands. . so my idea is that we make leather very important part of making weapons in the game.

    redoing recipes +bronze or higher require at least 1 peice leather to create these tools and weapons. why is this good idea. cause right now. how side of leather armor. and books dont really have much more uses for leather cause thats darn shame. there much more uses for leather then that they could add to the game

    Leather is now gonna be requirement for boot armor

    Swords and Axes

    New Power Scale for weapons 1-10

    0 no weapon

    1 wooden sword

    1.5 wooden axe

    2.0 bronze sword

    2.5 bronze axe

    3.0 Iron Sword

    3.5 Iron Axe

    4.0 Steel Sword

    4.5 Steel Axe

    5.5 Diamond Sword

    6.0 Diamond Axe

    7.0 Netherate Sword

    7.5 Netherate Axe

    Before anyone says this is a nerf it isn't everything just scaled down differently wont notice much difference other then new stuff. (what is new stuff you say)

    Golden Ignots can be traded like emeralds are however you no longer craft tools or armor to villagers with or without emeralds. making gold and emeralds money to buy things from villagers. you can make golden stairs and stabs with gold

    New Ore Types

    Tin (Primary used to alloy with copper to make bronze)

    Silver (used for jewelry very rare)

    Gold (also used for jewelry

    New Ignots-

    Steel - is mixing coal with iron - upgraded version of iron more durability pretty nice does everything iron can makes it shine its unequal durability has even more the diamond armor can steel tools are better then diamond cause of there durability can break anything diamond can when comes

    New Crafting item - Smelter - this is very much like this takes two types of raw metals make them into one item that best placed near a forge. that shares forges flames. think of it like forge attachment

    why all these changes are important progression in minecraft world extremely fast most people can have there base built run out things to do after they get enchantment table. so this something feel make game over all better in adventure mode.

    Studded Leather is made from mix of copper and leather. *studs inside the leather doesn't have be made heaviest known metal do give protection from animal bites from wolds bears and spiders much harder to rip

    New Anvil - Steel Anvil - Steel Anvil are superior to Iron Anvil's 1 they dont require as much level drainage when merging weapons and much much more durable


    1. Motivation
    You claim progression stops after enchantment table - I very strongly have to disagree. There is a ton of things to do after getting enchantment table:
    a ) Expanding and securing villages, improving the conditions of life and advancing in various branches of business
    b ) Getting full diamond armor; as well as upgrading equipment further with use of netherite
    c ) Brewing and serious Nether combat associated with it
    d ) Redstone, farming and associated automation - allows for large quantities of gold to enhance apples and carrots, more efficient brewing as well as access to large quantity of construction materials
    e ) Conquest of the End, both main island and the remainder of the asteroid belt
    f ) Waging a war of annihilation on Illagers - both curbing the raids as well as hacking up mansions

    You also claim that Minecraft should put up more emphasis on players having it easy and needing to struggle against nature - I agree it puts little emphasis on survival by itself but I disagree that it should put more on it - it is a game heavily oriented around construction, expansion and conquest - the player is not intended to defend against the environment - on contrary, the player is supposed to be the aggressor. To return to base to resupply, but spend majority of the time out in the field, being the pathfinder, the lumberjack, the sapper, the colonizer, the shock trooper, the trader, the reclamator, the demolisher, the genocidal blood knight.

    2. Unclear additions;
    a ) Power level - what does it change even?
    b ) Jewelry - what do what gems do and how it does not overlap benefits that potions or directly applied enchantments provide?

    3. Changes against the balance

    a ) Leather - it's a bit tedious to farm cows, and if someone bothers to do it to get the leather it's extremely rewarding all its own - books are a huge deal, not just for enchantment setup but also enchanted books, be it through aforementioned table or the villagers - it allows to create extremely potent if hard to get equipment, including some normally impossible combinations like sharpness axe, thorny leggings or the extremely important mending.
    In addition to that leather can be used to make item frames to improve storage systems and leather boots are very handy in traveling through mountains and groves.
    Having leather being necessary for every tool of actual use would make the gameplay much slower and more tedious, take away the adventure element and force a brutal grind more. Especially if you're in middle of badlands or desert with no cows in sight.

    b ) Gold armor - when it is removed, how am I supposed not to be harassed by Piglins every time I enter a crimson forest? Besides of that, it may not be very durable but it's still not the same level as it tool counterparts or the leather.

    c ) Tin and copper armor - how does it bring up anything interesting compared to just getting iron straight? Iron, diamond and netherite, the actual combat armor tiers, differ by that the first one is available even shallow underground and from any armorsmith, the second needs deepslate digging or heavy looting or maxed out armorsmith, while the last one necessitates digging in hazardous lava-ridden area where water is unavailable

    d ) Trading currencies - if gold can replace emeralds for villager trading, the latter lose all their uniqueness or real use. Gold is already used as currency for piglin barter, piglin protection, for food enhancers, for railway construction, for netherite alloying, and the only other use than trading emeralds have is - guess what - shared with gold. And if you have excess gold and too little emeralds and somehow failed to figure out how broken stick trade with fletchers is then a villager priest can help you out.

    e ) Steel. It doesn't bring anything to the game. Except for throwing all the hard-worked iron and diamond gear and current anvils to trash by being flatout better than both. What did you expect? Coal is cheaper than the iron it upgrades!

    4. Miscellaneous

    a ) I agree leather armor except boots, large gold armor pieces deserve more use, while chainmail could be more widespread - but in different, much more moderate ways. I'd like to see gold and leather more as specialist armor that could spare player trouble in very specific environments, and chainmail could instead be an inexpensive specialty of low-level armorers while iron plate either forces player to mine large quantities of ore himself or kickstart the armorsmithing business further. At the moment it's still much cheaper than plate, but the order of advancement (plate-chain-diamond) feels wrong and doesn't even match the costs.

    b ) Development is going so slow because Mojang takes a different approach to Minecraft development than the most and wants to maximally polish out the updates before releasing them, as well as avoid making decisions that would cause problems with the balance and anger majority of players -who, by the way, are extremely used to the current order of things; note how the game rather than changing the norms instead builds up new additions as superstructures for an old, reliable base that has been here for years, or fill in the holes that had very bare-bone contents that longed for updates for years. Combat system has already been restructured once - and there is still a humongous chunk of reactionary playerbase that prefers 1.8 system enough to actually play that version.

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    posted a message on Armor For Pets ( Enchantable )

    We could have armor for dogs, I don't protest much, although I personally tend to use dogs sparsely because they tend to be inconvenient to use and when I do I consider them rather expendable because they can be bred with modest effort.
    Also, iron golems on leash are an option as heavy-duty help since they autoacquire enemies, attack from distance and can take a beating.

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    posted a message on Illager Fortress

    Um, what purpose it would serve, what feature it would implement?
    I'm more than happy to plunder everything of value and slaughter more illagers out of combination of sheer greed and bloodlust, but why not just add additional/update current mansions and outposts?

    Almost always when Mojang adds a new structure it introduces a new feature - mansions gave us totems of undying, underwater ruins and shipwrecks gave us underwater treasure maps, and indirectly hearts of the sea and conduits, pillager outposts gave us reliable raid provocation sites, bastions gave us methods of obtaining large quantities of gold and some netherite without grindy mining, as well as pieces of Piglin art and culture which are pigstep records and snout banner patterns.

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    posted a message on which weapon do you use to kill mobs?
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    In combat update of Java the axe is too slow to deal with Wither skeletons unless you enchant it with Smite though, with Smite V if I'm not mistaken weapons take out skeletons in a single hit, including Wither skeletons. That's why I'm not even going to bother with the axe in the Nether unless it has that enchantment. Too many hits from a Wither skeleton or any mob means certain doom, but it's worse with a Wither skeleton because without milk you can't turn off the wither effect. Also wither effect bypasses armour invulnerability, you can be wearing netherite armour and still die if you bite off more than you can chew.

    I'd say Wither skeletons are more difficult than Piglin even back when the Zombified Piglin were Pigman Zombies, Wither skeletons attack regardless of what armour you are wearing and it doesn't matter if you attacked first or not, and they leave you with negative status effects on top of dealing a lot of damage. And without armour you're screwed in Nether fortresses, so it's not a good idea to go there armourless.

    To me Nether Fortresses are less about speed or force and more about trench warfare.
    Blazes can bombard you from distance but are much less obnoxious when you can take cover behind a pillar and bait shots, while wither skeletons can be sliced with impunity no matter what you fight with alike when you place a 2-block high bar across the narrow passage. Though, if I were fighting them on open ground I'd rather use sword to keep my distance (or just shoot the bastards) since wither effect can make even one strike that connects cause painful status effect.
    Also, Protection enchantment diminishes Wither effects if I am not mistaken.

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