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    posted a message on Remove Deepslate and Increase the Density of Both Ores and Caves
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Plus deepslate bricks and blackstone bricks have nearly the same colour, not quite, but almost and unless you have 20/20 vision or even above average vision it can be hard to tell the difference between the two, even with good vision it still takes a well lit room to spot the difference.

    But one thing that bothered me and still does about deepslate is it has the same blast resistance as stone does, and yet it takes much longer to clear this material away to uncover ores you need. If it were made immune to a non charged Creeper explosion, it would have been useful.

    I would agree with encouraging players to do caving and seeking out dungeons and abandoned mineshafts for interesting loot so strip mining is no longer necessary to get what you need but the Caves and Cliffs update doesn't do this, we got the worst of both worlds and now both are discouraged, forcing more dependency on things like mob farms and Villager trades.

    It sticks out when you build in an Ancient City, plus deepslate has a tile variant that blackstone completely lacks, as well as a wildly different chiseled variant. I'm very avid deepslate builder, I'm not going to let that material go.

    I mine a lot, and didn't find myself really in need to strip-mine for minerals too much; Lapis and redstone alike have the supply well exceed the demand, gold can be and is acquired from zombified piglin grinders if someone wants to run a mass bartering setup and isn't needed in large quantities elsewhere, coal and emeralds are unaffected by deepslate.
    With diamonds, fair enough, they are hard to get, but villager blacksmiths more than compensate for that.
    And lastly, iron, which I found the easiest to acquire en-masse not by strip mining but clearing out iron-tuff veins, and whose strip-mining is done above deepslate layer anyway, at Y=15.

    The one thing I would like to see with deepslate is increasing its blast resistance to resist uncharged creepers; it may not matter much in Ancient Cities but gives big incentive to build elsewhere in Ancient City style.

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    posted a message on More ways to use cobblestone and new uses for stuff
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Cobblestone has enough good uses, although during late game the tool durability is rubbish

    cobblestone can be used to craft brewing stands and levers, and levers are very important for redstone contraptions.

    cobblestone is also used to make furnaces as tow4 said. Furnaces are already a very useful item in the game which is used to make charcoal, cook food and make decoration blocks as well as turning cobblestone back into stone and smooth stone for making other useful things like armour stands.

    By the time you've advanced in the game to the point where you have enchantments on your tools why would you even want to bother with stone pickaxes? if anything the desire and implication to use these items late game doesn't help.

    Wooden tools can still be used as fuel to smelt things in the furnace but in late game this is all they should be good for, nothing else,

    there is a progression system in place and plus if you need to repair your stone tools you can combine two low durability ones of the same type plus the 5% bonus, do this enough times, in this case, x20, and you practically are given a free tool for your repairs.

    I think the OP more likely had problems with having stacks of stored cobblestone gathering dust uselessly while better minerals are used for tools and more exotic rocks for construction.

    For that my solution are lava-powered smelting setups and masons, the former can be used to produce vast quantities of natural stone while the latter buy natural stone 20 for 1 emerald at 2nd trade level.

    Later on when Silk Touch tools are available, natural stone can be mined directly in vast quantities.

    Of course, natural stone from either source can be also crafted into stone bricks, which is much more pleasant construction material to look at.

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    posted a message on More ways to use cobblestone and new uses for stuff

    1. Cobblestone chests would be useful

    2. Cobble stone shards broken from stone pickaxes and used to repair low durability ones

    3. fletcher table uses perfect for making more arrows and upgrading bows

    villages in swamps and jungle would be very useful

    5. More types of villagers

    6. new plants and ancient materials perfect for t he new Sniffer mob

    7. Combat update for bedrock I am really jealous of Java players with the combat stuff it’s cool

    8. more food items like ancient one or modern one either way I just want my Minecraft restaurant to serve more food to my village I built

    1. Furnace is cobblestone equivalent of chests
    2. Just leave pickaxe at 1 or so durability left and you get the same result - repairing always restores bonus 5% of tool durability besides of summing up durability of combined tools
    3.-8. What connection does it have with cobblestone?

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    posted a message on What do you do when you lose all your stuff?

    I never lose all my stuff because I have too much to carry in my inventory at once and almost always have reserve supplies, farms, villagers in my base.

    If I die to something while carrying quality armour and tools I usually grab some backup armour, weapons, shields, food and go recover what I lost.

    If I die to lava and lose all my quality equipment in irretrievably I get angry for a while, like anyone, but quickly get calm with the following arguments:
    1. There is no point thinking about gear lost irretrievably, the loss is an unchangeable fact.
    2. I still have reserves and if I look at them without the lenses of lost gear said reserves are pretty decent.

    So I carry on almost as if nothing happened, almost - I'm on my guard to the threat that got me killed and double check for countermeasures (ex. water buckets, even better enchants, fire resistance potions, keeping track of my location to make equipment recovery faster)

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    posted a message on Spragnienie
    Quote from Ol3k»

    W minecrafcie jest głód, ale gdyby dodać też spragnienie ? Nalewało by sobie wody do butelki a wersja minecrafta to 1.19.10.

    1. Switch to English / Przejdź na angielski

    2. https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360005029872-Previously-Considered-Suggestions
    " Game Mechanics
    Thirst was discussed. The team indicated they would prefer to focus on hunger/hunger mechanics rather than add thirst/another mechanism with a similar focus. (13 December 2018)"

    Just think, it doesn't do anything but force players to carry a bottle and water bucket, place water down and drink water from it every once a while, and is just a delayed death sentence for anybody trying nether survival, it's a nuisance with zero benefit to players.

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    posted a message on Oil Slick...
    Quote from ian_mcianface»

    Yes, I guess when you get into the practicality of an idea its easy to appreciate the complications and applications, However, I do see some merit in my suggestion... Perhaps maybe for just Decorations, Doors, Fences etc it could be applicable?

    All the best.

    Doors and fences are already fairly varied due to how many wood types there are, so is broad category of decorations that would include signs, buttons or trapdoors, and even more so for ones like banners or candles.

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    Quote from ian_mcianface»

    Paint is not a "Dye", I think the correct terminology is important, however a Dye would be added to the Oil, :)

    Oil(Black Water) will be an infinite source exactly the same as Lava via Dripstone...

    Oil would be used with the Caldron with Glass Bottles to create Paint Bottles,

    Paint would be used to change the colour of all blocks eg: Ores, Stone, Iron and Wood etc.

    If you want a Blue Iron Door, Blue Paint has got you covered, if you want White Spruce Trap Doors, No problem because Paint will do the Job...

    If you want a Rainbow coloured Beacon Pyramid just go mining for that Black Oil.

    Changing the Colour does not mean changing the texture, the Devs would need to create a spectrum of all available blocks.

    All the best... Ian.

    1. Paint is combination of a dye and a solvent substance, when you apply it the solvent dries out and the dye remains. The issue is, Minecraft simplifies a lot of things for convenience and as such dye is applied without solvents.
    2. Changing color of ALL blocks would mean the following:
    A ) mechanically - a completely new mechanically element of every single block having their paint tag to remember and new paint creation mechanics that is going to programmers quite a lot of work to do
    B ) artistically - would significantly reduce value of actually looking for appropriately looking construction materials and cause redundancy and confusion by allowing to make materials currently having similar texture but varying shading like stone-, deepslate- and blackstone-bricks, various plank, wool, terracotta and concrete types, or polished-andesite, -granite and -blackstone look confusingly alike. One quite underappreciated element of Minecraft is getting very diverse results with limited tools, and ability to paint any block to any color would basically overwhelm players with choice.
    Why you think Mojang added 9th wood-like material, this time red-colored, in 1.19?

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    posted a message on Your New Phantom-Fighting Friend: The Dragon!

    I'm ambivalent to that proposal because high-powered bow does well enough damage to me, and wolves cover everything else.
    With Power III+ (well booked enchanted table will do) I got 25% chance to annihilate it with 1 shot, and 75% chance for 2-shot and if actually maxed out to Power V and Flame, almost-guaranteed 1-shot on a dry night.

    I'll admit they would be pretty balanced (especially for a dragon proposal around here) and somewhat useful, even if phantom would beat them 1 on 1 due to having double the hitpoints.

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    posted a message on Oil Slick...
    Quote from ian_mcianface»

    Hey Bud...

    Not gonna disagree with anything you say and yes nothing is "necessary" but there is an artistic license in a creative industry.

    Multiple option and multiple purposes already exist (Coal, Charcoal, Wool, Concreate)

    My primary reason for adding Oli Slick was for a recipe for Paint... Changing the colour of items such as: Iron Fencing, all wood items, IE painting Acacia Doors blue, Pink etc.,,, no Ore can change the colour of certain items so Paint would definitely not be "redundant"

    I think this would make a good QOL item in my humble opinion.

    All the best.

    1. Paintable wood has been discussed before and rejected before, wood diversity exists for a reason.
    Read this for more details: https://www.reddit.com/r/minecraftsuggestions/wiki/rejected/ https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360005029872-Previously-Considered-Suggestions

    2. Dyeable iron bars sound neat, were it not for the fact that if Mojang wanted to implement this it would most likely be done through applying the dyes directly, like with wool, glass, (glazed) terracotta, concrete, banners or beds. Especially considering that having oil as separate liquid, especially with slick-forming mechanics and much more complex interactions than just cooling down in direct contact like it is with lava, which in turn is a lot of work with programming and designing.

    As a side note, almost all dyes in Minecraft are organic, with exception of blue dye produced from lapis lazuli - white is from bones, black from squid ink, and all other than last two can be made from plants.

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    posted a message on Can you add new tools?
    Quote from QuadChip»

    1. Pliers

    Pliers is crafted with 1 shears and 1 redstone dust

    Used to break redstone

    2. Screw Driver

    Screw Driver is craft with 1 iron ingot and 1 fishing rod

    Used to fix minecarts

    3. Hammer

    Hammer is crafted with 2 gold ingots and 3 iron ingots

    Used to create your own block or item

    1. Pickaxe or bare hands already fill that role; pliers are a needless tool
    2. Minecarts don't break and as such they don't need repairs (and it would be purely annoying if they did); screwdriver is needless tool

    3. Crafting tables are already used for advanced item manufacture; hammer is a needless tool.

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    posted a message on Oil Slick...
    Quote from ian_mcianface»

    You cant have Fossils without having Fossil Fuel...

    Minecraft need Oil Slick, Oil Blocks and Oil Pools.

    You could create a recipe for Paint also.

    First of all, fossils may or may not decompose into fossil fuels, and it's not necessary to have the latter in order for the former to be in the game.
    Second of all, coal is a fossil fuel already and coal ore can replace parts of the fossils at the moment.
    Third of all, what would all of this be used for when coal already fills the role of mineable fuel for combustion and natural dyes make oil paint redundant?

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    posted a message on Turn more things into projectiles
    Quote from Momu5»

    I think it would be cool to have more things throwable just like tridents. For example, axes and swords could be throwable but it is balanced by you having to collect them with out a loyalty enchantment, and by the ranged attack doing less damage. This idea has already been added in hypixel's murder mystery where the murderer can throw their sword.

    The proposal sounds interesting to me, but the issue is that thrown stone axes could balance-breaking being dirt-cheap while providing a decent ranged attack.
    I think Mojang intends arrows and ranged weapons to be problematic (kill spiders + farm chickens + good luck with gravel from underground) to get early-game without villages in order to make it a melee-dominated stage of development.

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    posted a message on More ways to use cobblestone

    There already is a cobble stone chest, it's just able to smelt things and called a furnace. And stone armor doesn't really have a point - chain mail armor works for that.

    If you don't have a use for your cobblestone, you could build something with it! I think it looks really good with gravel.

    There is something better: mass smelt with lava to natural stone and sell to Apprentice level masons in the village for emeralds.

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    posted a message on New enchantment ideas: Crushing Edge and Detonation
    Quote from XenonN»

    I've had two particular ideas for enchantments for a while: Crushing Edge for axes, and Detonation for crossbows.

    Crushing edge is exclusive to axes, and grants additional damage on critical strikes (I'll call them jump crits from here). At level 1 the enchantment adds 2 damage, and at level 2 it adds 4 damage.

    There are two reasons this enchantment would be exclusive to axes: First, axes don't have any unique combat advantages like swords do, and can't actually get knockback or looting to give it the utility that a sword has. Second, swords would not be able to make full use of crushing edge due to sweeping edge encouraging sweep attacks instead of jump crits.

    Crushing edge would allow a sharpness 5 netherite axe to kill a normal mob in one hit. Without crushing edge, this axe would deal 18 damage on a crit, which is only enough to kill a spider. Crushing edge 1 could kill skeletons and creepers, and crushing edge 2 could kill zombies. A diamond axe would need crushing edge 2 to one-shot a normal mob, including zombies.

    While the damage bonus from crushing edge is not necessarily huge, meeting these breakpoints would make axes a lot more practical as a combat option in PvE, while not being too strong in PvP.

    Another thing to mention is that pairing smite 5 with crushing edge 2 would be an extremely effective way to kill the wither. The best way to kill the wither currently is a smite 5 sword, because the smite enchantment is a flat addition to existing damage, meaning that a smite axe will still only deal 2 more damage (9.75%) than a smite sword, while retaining the same recovery time.

    Now for detonation! This enchantment would be maxed at level 1, and be mutually exclusive with piercing. With detonation, when a rocket fired from a crossbow comes within a 1.5 block radius of any mob, it detonates itself. My reasoning for this one is a little more in the weeds:

    I see three viable ranged weapons in minecraft: a bow, a piercing crossbow with arrows, and a multishot crossbow with fireworks. A trident is technically a ranged weapon and is the only actual option in ocean monuments, but on land I see it as more of a utility tool disguised as a weapon, with riptide and channeling being the main uses. I want to cover the pros and cons of the main three weapons:

    A power 5 bow is capable of one-shotting mobs, which in itself makes it incredible for high priority targets and satisfying to use. The drawbacks of a bow are its long charge time and inconsistency of getting one-shots while firing uphill.

    A piercing crossbow has a much faster charge time with quick charge 3, has the ability to remain loaded after charging, can pierce targets, and has consistent 3 shot kills no matter the angle you fire at. The most important feature of a piercing crossbow to me is that you can pick up your spent arrows after they've been fired. Another fun use of crossbows that the community taught me is the ability to dual wield them, unloading both at once for two consecutive hits. That's a lot of pros, but crossbows do sport a lot less raw damage than bows do.

    A multishot rocket crossbow has the best crowd clearing abilities, and has the same fast fire rate and loading ability of a piercing crossbow. A multishot rocket crossbow suffers from the least consistency in damage, as fireworks vary in damage when they explode. It also has inconsistent crowd clearing abilities, due to terrain not being perfectly flat. The damage of a seven-star firework is actually kind of underwhelming, at an average of 14.5 per rocket (a power 5 bow deals 25 damage on a crit, which happens at a full charge). The rockets used cannot be picked back up, and already are a lot more expensive than arrows. Fired rockets are the only ranged weapons that suffer from a limited range, unless more gunpowder is used in the rockets (at the cost of the seventh star). And finally, while arrows can be loaded into a crossbow in your offhand, rockets cannot, making it much more difficult to use the weapon with a looting sword in your main hand.

    Detonation solves or at least eases two of the biggest problems I have with a rocket crossbow with one enchantment: Ammo use, and reliability. By allowing the rocket to hit enemies that it would have otherwise missed, it saves ammo (especially with the side rockets) and more consistently deals damage.

    I'd love to hear any more ideas or tweaks about these!

    1. Crushing edge - it sounds like interesting concept, but I'm somewhat afraid of imbalances in PvP - it's already useful at very least as support shield-breaking weapon and can be used for trading hit-for-hit against swords.
    On the second thought, even with improved critical damage sword still has an edge of sheer DPM, especially on Netherite tier, plus swords can make up for decreased alpha damage with fire aspect.
    In the end, I'd say I support the concept, though personally I'd also like to see looting being introduced to axes as well - it doesn't make a difference in PvP but heavily favors swords in grinding mobs.

    2. Detonation - What I'd like to point out is that rocket crossbow also has a different edge over bow - it can detonate around shields and ignores wither armor, so it doesn't scale 1v1 in terms of damage - just like piercing crossbow can penetrate shields and inflict status effects with tipped arrows even if damage compared to bow is poor. With proximity-based detonation, it would become even more capable of negating this kind of defense, so while I'd normally support it due to how prohibitively high cost of rocket ammunition makes it hardly viable in most situations I'd rather see this kind of upgrade implemented with carefulness.

    Side note: Unlike in more consistent melee combat, whether or not bow scores a critical hit is matter of RNG - only about 25% of all maximum-pull arrows are critical.

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    posted a message on Wardens new attacks
    Quote from Endersen»

    I don't know it was only meant to be uncheesable and hopefully has the area attack to avoid a bunch of enemies just cornering it and giving it a torture, despite it using it's sonic boom (we all know that won't stop enough enemies attacking it all at once

    Warden is completely immune to knockback so it's impossible to corner.
    And the only thing that allows warden to be currently cheesed by multiple mobs is animation lock.
    It WILL kill all the mobs you bring for cheap tactics.
    Unless you bring such a massive army that it stops being cheese tactic and it would actually be much, much more cost-effective to bring a bow and a horse then go mongol and kite it.

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