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    posted a message on сould somebody please give me at least 13 reputation points
    It's been said, but that's not the way to get them. At least put some effort into it! Make a funny post or start a forum game or something! If you're ambitious, make a mod, or a map, or a texture pack! I've earned all my rep points from mods, texture packs, and maps (I've made them all). Just saying it for your own good, no one wants to just "give out" rep points for free. You need to earn them :)

    Good luck.
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    posted a message on Jackfirecracker's Mods: Zombie Hunt, Extra Big villages and more
    Can't wait for Zombie Hunt 1.3.2, I've been waiting to do a YouTube Miniseries on it. I just recently hit 1,500 subs and 500k total views, so I want to do something cool.
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    posted a message on Do you donate to servers or purchase in-game items?
    I'm totally not against servers asking for donations, because I've hosted my own, and I know that it's expensive, and a lot of work.

    I've donated probably around $80 to servers that I really like, and play on a lot. I like the idea of helping out a server with their bills and improving it. You generally get ranks or items as well anyways, so it always pays back.

    The one thing I'm not ok with is gamebreaking donator ranks. Any survival server that gives out creative, any PVP server that gives out sharpness X swords, and any server that gives out insane abilities in return for money is not good.

    One server that I recently donated on was Wildcraft. It's a basic survival server with friendly PVP (Not without agreeing to fight) and survival aspects. They have towns, and a ton of cool plugins, but that's not the point.

    I donated, and I got access to worldedit. Some may consider this gamebreaking, but I don't because I had a limit of 2500 blocks that I can edit at once, and all materials came out of and into my inventory, so if I did it myself the end was the same. I also got some mob disguise abilities (peacefuls only). Mobdisguise was set up so that if someone hits me I get undisguised, however, so it wasn't invincibility.

    Basically what I'm saying, is that I donated $20, and there were non donators that could still kill me, and were still richer than me. Being a donator didn't instantly make me the best.

    That's what it should never do.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Dan's Extra Mobs Mod! Over 15 new mobs; Wizards, Steambots, Bandits, & More!

    (Above) A wild steambot!
    (Below) A surface dwelling diamond miner!
    (Above) A battlemonk!
    (Below) A lost lord!
    (Above) An iron miner! Probably carrying some iron ingots?
    (Below) A roaming knight, looking for trouble!
    (Above) A wizard! Beware his magical blaze rod!
    (Below) A Strong Bandit! Ready to take your loot if you dare fight him!
    Another Strong Bandit
    (Below) An alchemist, roaming the jungle for potion reagents!

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Install modloader
    2. drag everything in the downloaded .zip into your minecraft.jar
    3. Done!

    I hope you guys enjoy my mod, and have fun with it. I'm still relatively new to Minecraft Modding, so if there are any bugs (shouldn't be any) let me know and I can fix them. Thanks!
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    posted a message on If you could remove one thing from minecraft what would it be?
    Everything from 1.8 and on, legit. It's not that I hate it, it's just that I prefer the stuff from 1.7.3 and before, therefore if all that was gone we would have a PERFECT 1.7.3.
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    posted a message on A wizard approaches you and offers you one of 10 items.. what would you pick?
    The necklace for knowledge. Knowledge is power, so might as well have knowledge and power instead of just power.
    Quote from Gail102

    Get 10 friends...
    Each take an item...
    Pool all items together...

    Get 10 friends...
    Each take an item...
    Pool all items together KILL THEM ALL
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    posted a message on [16X] [1.2.4] Toughenough6's Light Textures
    Hey guys! I have recently released my texture pack, and it is around half done. Some people like it, maybe you will.

    Here is pictures:

    Loading Screen (it's actually much better quality)

    For more pictures and MUCH more information you can check out the PlanetMinecraft post here (Like, a LOT more info.)

    If you guys enjoy it, blah blah blah, click the Up Arrow and all that. Supporting me on my PMC thread is allowed as well, don't be afraid.

    here's the download, but I would prefer if you go through the PMC Post
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    posted a message on Dan's FlatMaps (Creative and survival!) 28 different maps!
    Quote from Bonnis

    this is better than the super-flat mode,cause in super flat, you can go to the void in no time(creative)or hit bedrock(survival)

    Indeed, superflat is one material, one height, full of slimes, too low, etc. Here you get a ton of different materials, heights, and even the Special maps.
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    posted a message on Steam Hacked Update
    You joined in 2010. Information was stolen from 2004 to 2008. Do you think it affects you?
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    posted a message on I'M NEW TO YOUTUBE CAN I HAVE SOME ADVICE!
    do you want some advice or a view? the title and content of the post contradict! I have just over 1k subs, I was gonna give some advice. But I don't wanna watch a video, so I'll be going now.
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