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I have been playing Minecraft since around version 1.2. I started making videos in October, 2011, on my youtube channel, mrhow2minecraft. I make all kinds of minecraft-related videos, from showcases to let's plays. EDIT: I no longer make videos due to school. Also I only play Minecraft occasionally, but I get back into it every once in a while.

I have developed a custom survival map, called Chunk Survival.

I own a server called Mythia, it is a whitelisted server, but you can apply and quickly get whitelisted at Link Removed

I've made two texture packs, one being semi-successful (temporarily front page of PMC)

I have tampered with modding, made a few mods, some making front page of PMC, but nothing huge.

I like to think that I am good at using redstone, one of my youtube videos shows my invention, the hidden pison door which is activated by right clicking a redstone ore block in the wall.

I would like it if you checked out my youtube channel, I upload frequently.

If you wanna contact me, youtube would be your best bet, I check that way more often than the Minecraft Forums. I do check my minecraft forums though, so you can still contact me through this.

Thanks for reading my long 'About Me' page, I hope you enjoyed.

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