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    Pixelmon Paradise is running Reforged 7.0.5 and is looking for experienced players to help moderate and build the server from the ground up. We are currently in the middle of beta testing so if you have any interest in becoming a staff member, don't hesitate to apply.

    Join our discord: Amused#8569 or join the servers discord and apply: https://discord.gg/zY6DcHZ

    I'm looking for dedicated people that want to grow with our community. If you are already staff on another server you will not be accepted as staff.

    If you are accepted all staff starts off as a helper and must show through maturity and respectfulness that you can handle the responsibilities.

    Helper Commands:

    • /warn
    • /kick
    • /mute


    ▶ 14+

    ▶ 100% Working Microphone

    ▶ Common Sense

    If you haven't ever been a moderator/staff member in the past I have no problem training the right people that want to learn.

    Reply to this thread with the following info:

    ▶ IGN:

    ▶ Country:

    ▶ How often can you play:

    ▶ Have you ever played Pixelmon and do you have any experience:

    ▶ How would you contribute to the staff team:

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    Hi, I am having trouble trying to spawn a random legendary. I was curious if anybody here knows the command on how to do it.

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