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    OK, so I've been working on my desert city on and off for over a month now. It's intended for an RPG map, so it needs to be a functional Minecraft "city," not just for appearances. Right now though, I have plenty of space for functional interiors and directional signs, so I just want to make it prettier now -- I am open to any suggestion that doesn't detract from the desert theme.

    Desert city at noon. The temple/shrine towers are too big, I think; and/or I really need to put fountains/gardens in them. I guess I got really focused on hitting the sky limit for some reason, even though the city is dug in pretty deep. I was thinking of shrinking the towers and putting in big trees, with their branches spilling out the sides?

    Streetview during the day. I should have taken pictures with a different texture pack; this city was made with Aza's Arid in mind, but it still looks good with stuff like Doku's.

    There's multiple layers -- I wanted it to be Morocco/Anasazi . . . the fence ornamentation on the doors is more Asian, but it looks OK to me (and check out that awesome interior :Notch: ).

    Also, while the lamps are cool looking IMO, they're bulky -- they're 3x3 around. I'm looking for attractive alternatives.

    Nightview. The whole city is pretty well lit, although right now it's too reliant on random torches sticking out of the ground. I'm trying to get away from that . . .

    Another nightview. This one is more for the height perspective -- it's very vertical. The lowest point you see here is not the lowest level of the city.

    I'd love to hear anything constructive! I'm running out of ideas -- there's not much I can think of to do without breaking the desert sand/sandstone theme.
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    I've not had much luck in my search for a Terra skin, so I made my own.

    :RFlower: :RFlower: Terra :RFlower: :RFlower:

    I'm pretty proud of it, to tell you the truth. :Pig: I referred to the game sprite, not the official artwork (in the official stuff, she's blond? WTF).
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    Post your female skins here!

    I've been looking everywhere for female skin inspiration. My computer is host to dozens of female skins, since I download any skin that makes the blocky Minecraft body look reasonably feminine. There just aren't that many GOOD ones though!

    Hence, this thread. Post your female skins here! Let me see your frilly, your pink, your anime, your bikini babes!

    I've lurked in these forums for months, digging through the endless waves of Neon Black Death Knight Zombie skins. Yesterday I finally made a forums account, so I can start posting the girly skins I've made. Here are a few of them; these have been been on the Skindex for a while, as well as a few others I've done. I'm not posting the ones that I derived from other people's stuff, though.

    Here are the actual skin files:




    Magical Pretty Princess

    Magical Pretty Princess (Cutesy)

    Android Lola


    Magical Pretty Princess (Turquoise)

    The bottom two are requests I've filled on these boards; you can look at my post history.

    Updated 2/22/2011:

    Terra of FFVI

    Updated 2/23/2011

    Putting all the requests thus far I've filled into the main post. I guess this is turning into a request thread! Oh well. . . At least I'll get better with practice!

    Xena: Warrior Princess

    Clefairy Girl

    Sailor Moon

    Wonder Woman


    Chick from Rosario+Vampire

    PS: I will take requests, but I'm only interested in/good at girly skins. No requests for Evil Mutant Y from Zombie Video Game X will be filled.
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