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    posted a message on PvP areas
    At least, not to the extent that it is the default setting for the environment.

    If you don't want the risk of your life being threatened, then don't play with strangers that might harm you.
    Play with friends; If you do play with strangers, you can do so on a private or regulated server.

    It is not necessary to change the game any further to accommodate your comfort and safety when the ability to due so already exists. This is why Notch is implementing server-side scripting; if you want to make a server where nobody can attack each other that's fine, but it will only be on your server.

    And this is survival mode.
    Not creative mode, and not cooperation-mode.
    Whether not players will cooperate is entirely up to themselves, and forced neutrality should have no place in the game's code.
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    posted a message on Hard is a bit hardcore now and Notch is evil.
    I for one would welcome complete item-loss for a harder difficulty setting
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    posted a message on Pack horses!
    And if rope gets implemented into the game, you could make a caravan; Ride on your own horse, and have a string of pack/chest-horses in-tow behind. Sounds pretty handy!
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    posted a message on Real life survival mode
    You are not alone in this wish friend!

    In fact, check out this thread.
    It might pique your interest. :Notch:
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    posted a message on "some biomes could get special mobs"
    Come ooooooon giant flying mounts !
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    posted a message on Building Portals in Hell
    I think that if you build a portal either way, and there is no recipient portal nearby, and if it would place you into solid material...

    It should bring you in with the style of teleportation from the film Terminator.
    A spherical area around the sphere would flash with color and light, and any terrain currently there would be vaporized.
    A shell of material will...materialize...where the sphere flashed, surrounding the newly created portal.
    If you ported from "Earth" to "Tartarus", the shell will be made from blocks of cobblestone.
    If you ported from Tartarus to Earth, the shell will be made from the a basic tile of Tartarus.

    So yes, there's also the obvious liability of unwanted intrusion with portals.
    I honestly think that the threat of unwanted intrusion, and in light of the fact that they must first build a portal into and out of Tartarus before this is possible, should be present. Or what if somebody is earnestly trying to escape from Tartarus, and need to just build a portal wherever they can? Or what if some demonic forces try to invade the normal world? :VV: :SSSS: :Skeleton: :Zombie: :VV:
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    posted a message on Disappointment (so far) with biomes and possible solutions.
    Quote from Umbristopheles »

    Notch's implementation basically says that, ok, this random area here has generated a temperature of 90% and a humidity of 10%, make this a hot desert biome. Then a few chunks away you generate another set of random numbers: 10% temperature and 70% humidity. This one's going to be taiga.

    This I think is the most stark issue.

    Perhaps there is some way the mesh for temperature/downfall could be made to plot/generate within standard deviations of the previous chunk, that way it would have to be a gradual progression for any gradient change of climate.

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    posted a message on Player "Needs"
    Regardless of all the arguing, this issue has already made it to the Wish List, with support/approval of several core forum-goers, and even some mods. Even Ninja-Pope took a neutral stance to it, rather than standing against it. :tongue.gif:

    ==>Click Here to See It<==

    The bigger point being: if it is implemented, it will be optional.
    So the players who are content with survival as it is now can stay content.
    And the players who want more of a challenge can get just that.

    :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV:
    :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV:

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    posted a message on Brohemoth's 24/7 50cap Clan Wars Server(NOW WITH POSTERGIRL)
    Howdy there.
    I'm tons0phun, also go by t0p.

    Your server is for bros, and also sounds well-regulated, so it caught my interest.
    I also like that you encourage PvP with a sportsman like manner.

    I'd like to join the server, though I do not have an idea yet as to which clan I'd join. I'd prefer to see each of their "zones" before settling on a decision.

    Aside from that, I'm very creative (musician), intelligent (engineer), and I enjoy friendly combat (hunter), and I feel my presence could mix things up a little at the right (and perhaps, wrong) times.
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    posted a message on Dear Notch - Name it 'Heck'
    Name it Tartarus
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    posted a message on Floating Island Biomes: Big Problem that needs a solution
    Quote from SgtHydra »

    However, there is one major problem to it all:
    How will the player be able to safely enter or exit a floating island?

    Build a tower up to it.

    "Oh, but it might be dangerous if you fall."

    Yup...it sure will be.
    Your safety in Minecraft is nobody's problem but your own, as far as Survival mode is concerned.
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    posted a message on Player "Needs"
    Remember: the search function is your friend.

    The biggest thing with the concept of a hunger and thirst system is that it needs to be optional.

    The people that come from Creative mode feel too stifled when their building takes second-seat next to Survival.
    And Survival is too easy for the people that treat building as a benefit to survival, rather than the primary feature.

    If it is made optional, then all parties can enjoy themselves! :Notch:
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    posted a message on Motorized vehicles?
    I am sorry to say, but Notch will not even put firearms in (even though there is steel and gunpowder).

    If we can't even build guns, I doubt we'll get to build engines.
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    posted a message on The Official Gun Thread
    Quote from Zarma »
    All I was referring to was the original post, I don't believe I critiqued any other ideas. As for your massive rant... Wow, you sure do have a lot to say... And based entirely on speculation as well.

    Yeah...I guess it just rubbed me the wrong way is all, when it shouldn't have.
    Because even without guns, I can still have a lot of fun with Minecraft.

    Still, I wish we could get a reasonable explanation for them being barred.
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    posted a message on The Official Gun Thread
    Notch isn't against guns because he feels they're out of place.
    TnT is out of place among everything else in Minecraft, and yet it remains.

    Notch isn't against guns because they're too broken.
    TnT is more powerful than any force in Minecraft. It can kill any mob instantly (even players), it can level entire mountains in a matter of seconds, and it's easy to obtain.

    Notch is against guns because of you, the players.
    Because people make dumb complaints such as "But I don't want Minecraft to be a FPS"
    -You already play Minecraft from first-person.
    -You have projectile weapons to shoot.
    Minecraft is an FPS. Albeit a creative FPS, but it is inarguably a first-person shooter.

    "Oh, but it's not an FPS if I don't use bows and arrows"
    Again, a dumb conclusion.
    Go play any FPS game, and press 1.
    This is typically the melee weapon. Now, hold down the mouse button.
    Hmm, a hand-held item repeatedly being swung to kill enemies in the world.
    No, I'm sure Minecraft shows no similarity to this.

    Notch will not put in guns because of the hundreds of children/man-children that will BAWWWW and send him complaint letters saying he's broken the game, when the game is in fact broken in so many ways already.

    Player-made TnT cannons that can shoot 300+ tiles, thus destroying anything or anybody withing range instantly and with great ease? Sure!

    A single item (bucket) that can facilitate the creation of an infinitely-flowing spring of lava which severely burns anything organic in it's path, and is extremely easy to grief with? Yeah!

    Carry 3 sets of diamond armor, 8 sets of diamond swords, and the remainder of the inventory full of mushroom soup: you're an unstoppable killing machine! But that's okay, because you've earned it.

    A single gun where you can't move while firing, doesn't instantly kill anything, and requires you to craft for every shot as counterpart to an already-existing projectile weapon? WHOOOOA now buddy, that doesn't fit in the game at ALL, and in fact is extremely overpowered. If we put this in, the game will become counter-strike in a matter of hours!

    I wouldn't mind it so much if Notch would at least justify/defend his reasoning with a logical argument, and not just "because I said so"
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