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    Quote from lo0katmyname

    Well this all seems completely unnecessary for a difficulty so game changing it would need it's own mode.Its not like you could switch into this difficulty from hard or anything.

    It wouldn't be a different game, that's a bit of an over exaggeration. :tongue.gif:
    Perhaps then this could all be included in the hardcore mode?

    I don't know, I guess I just feel like the "Hard" mode on this wasn't really hard at all.
    You can shelter yourself in a stone house on the first night...
    They added a hunger bar, but I can grow enough wheat in a few days to make a stack of 64 bread, never to go hungry again. Food never spoils for that matter either.
    Building one stone pickaxe can acquire me 64 cobblestone.

    You know?
    There's no pressure to act, there's no scarcity of space, or scarcity of resources. Mobs are only ever threatening if you put yourself in a poor position, otherwise it's day in day out of working from an impenetrable and self-sustaining shelter.

    At the very least though, I'd push for the reduced inventory.
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    Quote from Mr_Stevenson

    On the stone-iron problem: Perhaps cobblestone could be more common naturally (i.e. possibly near water or a layer in front of smoothstone) and could mine smoothstone?

    That's actually a pretty good idea. Like around the mouths and entrances to cave formations eh?
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    Quote from Altoid2

    If you can't answer "yes" to that, you need to be hit over the head with a creeper bust made of solid diamond.]

    Man, caught you at the end of a bad day huh? :SSSS:

    Maybe, instead of saying that the idea is ass-backwards...

    You could recommend an improvement which would stay in-chorus with the idea of a very hard difficulty setting? :smile.gif:
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    Quote from Altoid2

    The problem is that until a player acquires iron, stone tools are HARDER to come by than iron tools under your system.

    One might even say it would be...very hard. :iapprove:
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    Looking for something between Hard mode, and Hardcore mode.

    Also, dungeons are not the only source of cobblestone.
    The other source being the interface between flows of lava and water.

    Some of these interfaces can be found on surface level.
    Most of them, not.

    Which as I said: most of your early time in the game will be spent on the surface in dirt and wood hovels, searching cave systems for cobblestone and iron ore.
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    I'll keep it short and simple.

    The hard difficulty setting is...hardly hard...which is why I propose the...

    "Very Hard" Difficulty:
    -Inventory space consists only of the ten hand-ready inventory slots. [Most important feature]
    -Health regeneration much slower, 2 hearts per day, if well-fed ( >5 food).
    -Damage from Spiders has 30% chance of causing illness.
    -Damage from Zombies has 50% chance of causing illness.
    -Zombies can now attack/destroy dirt, wood, and glass.
    -Hunger meter ticks continuously, if maybe just slightly slower.
    -Cooked food spoils after some time, even when stored in a chest or held in your inventory. Meats spoil in 2 days, fruits/veggies in 3, soup/mushrooms in 5, bread in 7. You can still eat spoiled food, but run a 50% chance of illness. Gilded foods never spoil.
    -Wearing any armor besides leather slows your movement, and causes you to sink in water.
    -Squid are now hostile at night, and pull you into deeper water while biting you.

    -Wood pickaxe only works (e.g. returns blocks) on sandstone, cobblestone, and coal ore.
    -Stone pickaxe works on sandstone, cobblestone, coal ore, iron ore, and gold ore. [Does NOT work on solid stone]
    -Iron pickaxe works on sandstone, cobblestone, solid stone, nether stone, coal+lapiz+iron+gold+diamond ore. [But not red-stone ore, or obsidian!]
    -Diamond pickaxe works on everything.

    So in order to start hewing stone from cavern walls you must first find loosely formed rock (cobblestone) that is easy to break with a wooden pickaxe. This must be accomplished either by finding a dungeon, or by finding a place where lava and water meet. When you have assembled a stone pickaxe, you must find an exposed vein of iron ore, sufficient to build an iron pickaxe. And don't forget you'd need a furnace to smelt it first! :Furnace:

    This means you will primarily be living out of dirt and wood shelters for the early portion of the game, using crude and simple wood and stone tools, until you can afford the luxury of iron items. It will also mean you may have to do lots of exploring before you are just handed the ability to move stone! You may have to go on several dangerous cave explorations, with feeble tools, just to find that vein of iron. It may even mean relocating, if no local caves yield accessible iron ore.

    Travel and exploration also become a dangerous venture, considering the limited inventory space. Let's say you want to go cave-exploring for some loot of all sorts, and you've got only 10 things you can hold. A sword, bow, arrows, torches, food, and pickaxe. That's already 6 of 10 eh? And maybe you've seen a path you can't quite reach, so now you bring along some dirt for makeshift structures. Now it's 7 out of 10. Maybe you'll get hurt? Better bring a potion. 8 of 10 items. Now, you find yourself a dungeon with some loot: some iron ingots, gold ingots, red dust, diamond plate, a saddle, and an apple. Which two are truly worth taking? And maybe if you're greedy, you'll leave behind a necessity for loot? :iapprove:

    And remember the best thing about this difficulty setting: you don't have to play on this difficulty if you don't want to! :tongue.gif:

    EDIT: If you've taken the time to read the post, but don't want to belt out a whole comment, then leave a vote with the poll!
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    posted a message on Ideas for underwater content.
    "Expect more underwater content in Minecraft."

    Well, I've already fleshed-out my thoughts for underwater conundrums, but let's hear yours!
    Anything and everything you hope to encounter underwater!

    Come to think of it, it does give me an idea or two myself...
    And, some ideas which have had much mention before which I am in support of.

    It'd be useful, and novel, to have a trident as a weapon.
    Sharks! Getting hurt in water could "attract" them in some way as well.
    Deeper waters; I'm talking down to the bedrock.
    Underwater volcanoes spewing out magma, which could act as lava that water can't cool? Then you could have intensely hazardous areas to explore. [Or maybe I just miss my underwater lava-mining days from the early survival-mode :tongue.gif:]
    A spear gun would also be pretty awesome, but you'll be shark bait since they only shoot 1 spear a shot.
    Papyrus-shoots as underwater-ninja-breathers?

    And consider adding this creature from the old movie "Fire and Ice [3] . :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Hardcore mode
    My thoughts on the matter.

    You're certainly not alone in this desire for survival elements! :Notch:
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    posted a message on Books: we can't write, so BURN IT WITH FIRE
    If survival mechanics were implemented, this could make for some interesting scenarios.

    Imagine it: you're playing Dungeons & Levers mode, and you've gotten yourself lost in ancient ruins you were exploring. Your food is running out and your fuels are being used up purifying water to drink from the ruins, but they are running out as well.

    Do you burn your diaries, logs, and maps in the hope that it may buy some time in which somebody may rescue you?
    Or do you write out your last moments, and leave the book behind as a warning to other adventurers? :iapprove:
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    posted a message on AndrewJohn1995's and GreyAcuman's Rangecraft (OFFICIAL THREAD)
    I like it all!
    The ammunition and shield slot are also a great idea, most notably because the amount of ammo one player can carry ought to be limited for sake of balancing combat.

    And on the topic of balance...
    I think you should also propose a change to how the bows fire.
    Shooting at rates like "960 arrows at a rate of 1 arrow per 0.4 seconds" is somewhat ridiculous, and also runs into lag-related issues when shooting a barrage of arrows in SMP. Just imagine if two parties of five people, each armed with bows and arrows, were duking it out. It'd be a such a sound of arrows such that a skeleton would run in fear. :Skeleton:

    The bows ought to be a weapon requiring a charge to fire, not just to balance the rate of firing, but to also make it feel more like shooting a bow than a gun. Like one of those cannon shooting games with the charge-meter that goes up, and then back down, requiring you to time your release at the peak of your draw.
    This way arrows (exploding, flaming, or otherwise) could not be spammed by one individual, it would add to the immersion of the game, and add some interesting flavor to combat.
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    posted a message on Radio waves and Redstone banking
    Quote from Magnus9998 »
    Remember, people wants "minecraft" to stay in mid-medieval age.

    Which is why we have TnT, Record Players, Books, and the ability to cut Diamonds. :iapprove:
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    Quote from DualDier12 »
    This game is called Minecraft, not Fightcraft. Honestly, I don't use PvP, so I really see no problem with the ability to hold shift to sneak. And can't you just change the bindkey of sneaking? Dang.

    It is called "Minecraft", and yet there are bows and arrows, swords and axes.
    Why would you need leather, gold, or diamond armor if there's no fighting?
    Now before you reflexively reply, "Because, mobs!"
    Realize that some servers disable mobs because of the lag issues they cause. This leaves many severs having conflict existing only between players, and even then there are servers which permit open conflict between players with mobs present.
    Furthermore, there is nothing to say we should all be relegated, or expected, to fight only mobs. It is a very poor assumption to make about players' preferences in gameplay.

    Of course it is easy to slight this issue, as you have, when you do not play PvP.
    Your gameplay experience would largely be unaffected by any changes made to stealth.
    But for the rest of us, being able to stay hidden from enemies is necessary for survival.
    And again, before you reflexively reply "You can stay hidden."
    Go back and read the first post.

    Changing the settings for stealth would be no large feat, and it would allow all players to play the game as they prefer. That is what truly matters.
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    The forums move somewhat fast, so here's one last call on the issue.

    Follow the link if you'd like to express your opinion on the matter.

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    Quote from nefariousity »
    Agreed. Is there a post for this on the bug/suggestion tracker?


    There is now!
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    Quote from Sky Captain »
    Post by Swook » Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:46 pm
    I agree with this, except I would like it better if admins/mods would be able to toggle their xray vision on and off

    I totally agree with this, in SMP if you arent PVP'ing, it is nice to see where people are so you can connect your tunnels, but in PVP it would be nice to be able to turn off

    Ya, making it outright disabled would detract from anybody's experience in a PvE server.

    So it's fairly agreed then eh?
    The stealth feature should have settings/controls.
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