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    They teach you all this stuff because they don't know exactly what career you want and therefore, give you an all rounded education. Although some people will never use calculus once in their life, some will use calculus everyday for their entire working lives. If they just taught you easy, day-to-day maths, no one would be knowledgeable enough to pursue a career in the sciences, computing engineering, accounting, economics etc. My point is that if you are equipped with an advanced level of mathematical knowledge, you can point yourself in any directional and have the freedom to let it either sit in the back of your brain and never use it again or apply it into a mathematically orientated career.
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    In Game Name:tomthemage

    Where are you from?: G'day mate, Im from Australia. Can I grab you a coldie out of the fridge mate?

    Why do you want to join SPQV?: I would love to join the SPQV because I have a vast amount of knowledge of the Roman Empire and I want to meet people who share the same interests. I used to play on a historical RP server called Romecraft and I can show you some ideas we implemented into the server. It was heavy RP and you could be banned for meta and powergaming.

    If accepted what sort of Role Play do you want to pursue?: I would most likely join the Legion and work my way up the ranks. I would also like to become a politician and lead Veii to success. I would be the son of a wealthy merchant who bought me a commision in the Legion because the Punic Wars (wars between Rome and Carthage) were beginning and troops were desparately needed.

    How knowledgeable are you of Ancient Rome? (If you don't think you know enough, please explain how you will learn enough to role play) I have passion for Roman history and am a walking encyclopedia on Roman history. I more specifically delve into Rome's long and arduous military history and look at tactics,ranks,banners and weaponry. I would like to study History at university after I finish high school and hopefully do a Doctorate in History so I can become a Professor Of History. History excites me because once you delve in deep enough you develop a thirst for knowledge and you become more inquisitive.

    Have you Role Played before? If so list a few servers/games in which you have done so: I have played on the RomeCraft Server and a few Fallout RP servers such as FallCraft:New Vegas and MafiaCraft. I thoroughly enjoy roleplay servers because you can let your imagination go wild and enjoy yourself.

    Please put in your own words what power and meta gaming are:

    Powergaming=An unfair advantage in roleplay e.g. stealing something from a house when you lack the materials required.

    Metagaming=Using OOC information to reveal a charcter's identity e.g. knowing a guy is called Mr Smith without actually meeting him.

    What you expect from your fellow clan members: I expect my fellow clan members to treat me with dignity and respect.

    Additional Comments/Questions: N/A
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    Quote from montauker

    Edited this App!!!

    Minecraft Username:Montauker


    Time in which you can dedicate being online:If accepted I will have so much 3-6hrs a day

    Current Rank:(well since the server isn't 100% up yea i would be Vagrant and i have not joined the server)

    Any other equivalent positions you have been (Prison Guard or Police):A Prison Guard(server went down, Officer(Dint like the server after some time & not a lot of people where on)

    Why the NDPD should pick you:I can Find just about any base(i found 1 in the x=30k and y=20k)(also I love to help the NDPD fine certain items they can not get or find such as a Nether star and so on)

    Will you obey the NDPD guidelines? Yes I will not give away items and Do my best in stopping crime

    Do you use any lag reduction mods such as opti-fine?No i hate downloading stuff like opti-fine cause it lags my comp sometimes(I will if you want me to)(also why would i need to use Opti-fine if im not lagging?)

    Do you have Skype? A mic?Yes i have Skype and a mic. My user name is chrismuller75.

    Anything else we should know?I can get about 2-5 other people to join the server and more(i have a lot of connections to people)
    (also Do i have to raid them if they join like On 1 server i just hanged out with them but i did not give them anything or they did not give me any drugs or anything)
    (the reason i hang out with them is cause they are my friends and I help/Build with them)
    (lastly I cant see them/build with them ill just stay away from them)

    Sorry for not clarifying what i met

    ALSO i may wanna add this
    Minecraft Username:Montauker


    Have you ever Beta tested any other server?Yes im beta testing Drunecraft but the beta has ended.

    Why you should be a Beta tester?I love to test things And fine if something isn't working on the server.

    About Yourself:(Minecraft)Um well i like to build kill raid etc. (real life) I like to swim, play soccer, go and hang out with friends.

    Do you have Skype?Yes i do with a mic

    Hey just giving you some advice, try to use good grammar,spelling and puncuation your app is more likely to be accepted.
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    Welcome fellow Minecrafters to the Recruiting Page of The United Air Forces of Minecraftia (UAFM)! UAFM was founded by Air Commodore tomthemage in January 2013 following many attempts to create a succesful military clan. UAFM had been created once before and was actually a fairly large clan until its downfall in 2012.We hope to deliver the same experience as we did back in 2012 and we hope to see you climbing our ranks!

    General tomthemage, Chief of Air Staff


    1.Obey your superiors and listen to their orders.
    2.Do not break your Deployment Server's rules.
    3.Any bullying,discrimination or harassment is not tolerated.
    4.Stay active on the server and the forum.
    5.Obey your Colonel and Major.


    First of all you may be thinking "What is a Wing?" Well a Wing is a sort of "Group" if you can put it that way. Each Wing is led by a Colonel and the Major with all of the other people in the Wing reporting to them. Having Wings allow you to be part of an independent group and work as a team, provided below is a list of each Wing and all of the imformation you need to know.

    1 WING

    Officers:PilotGH (Captain)

    General Duties:Ground Defence,Server Management,Intelligence.

    Server: (Looking for a server.)


    NCO Ranks,

    Airman Basic-Newly recruited
    Airman-An experienced Airman
    Airman First Class-Assists the Sergeant(s)
    Senior Airman-Commands a Squad (1 Sergeant, 1 Corporal, 1-2 Leading Airmen, 3 Airmen
    Master Sergeant Sergeant-Assists the Warrant Officer(s) and supervises the Sergeant(s)
    Chief Master Sergeantr-NCOs training to become an Officer and supervises all NCOs
    Chief Master Sergeant of the Airforce-Chief NCO

    Officer Ranks,

    Lieutenant-A brand new Officer fresh out of Officer training
    Captain-A Captain is an experienced officer that has proved themselves
    Major-Assistant to the Colonel
    Colonel-Commands his/her own Wing
    Major General-A Major General generally works with the other Generals and assists them with running the clan.
    Lieutenant General-Serves as the General's 2IC
    General of The Air Force-Chief of Air Staff and Commander of Air Forces

    ~SKINS/BANNERS~ (thankyou to US_Air_Force from Planet Minecraft!)

    NCO Combat Dress (You can change face but not uniform)


    Officer Combat Dress (You can change face but not uniform)


    Intelligence Officer and NCO (you can change face but not uniform)


    Engineer Officer and NCO skin (you can change face but not uniform)



    Experience In Minecraft clans:
    Which Wing would you like to join?
    Do you promise to follow the rules?
    Skills eg Mining,Redstone,PVP etc:

    The page will be updated with Skins and Banners plus a website later on down the track.
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    How many members becuase we have 49 to be bigger than us they must have at least 50 members!Just ally with Darkspear then get permission to go into their base and steal all of the goods!
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    Hey jckjcksn I will make you a bandit for now and maybe a shadowlurker once you have been in the clan for a bit.
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    ADVICE:Maybe add some ranks and a members list ranks could be Citizen then Knight then Lord then Duke then King!
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    ok leave then you have been stripped of your rank and kicked!
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    Im also willing to help sounds epic. Maybe you should have two teams each made up of four clans there are team Rec and Blue.


    Forgot to mention im Chief Marshal of The Royal Minecraftia Air Force
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