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    Quote from Kaelakov

    Hello: I am a tourist not a Captain of Naval Infantry, and these men are members of a local biathlon society not Fleet Marines. That is not a Naval Infantry IFV it is a bus. OK- a bus with armour plate. Shut up with saying things like that or some people I don't know anything about and have no control over will throw a grenade at you.

    Those vessels ar not blockading the fascist provocateurs of the Ukrainian Coast Guard: they are conducting harbour sight-seeing tours.

    What? No, those are not attack helicopters. They just aren't, that's all. Remember what I said about the grenade?

    Yes, our outfits do match quite amazingly well, don't they? No, we are not in the military. We are not even Russian. Turn off that cell phone camera.

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    The page will be up shortly! Stick around!
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    Sorry about my inactivity, Air Force Cadet Recruit Training Camp. Please tell your friends about us!
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    Quote from DobbyDot


    Ign: Nalle_Silver
    Age: -.-
    Military clan experience: uumm... I guess i have some experience, i have been in one clan before, but i quit. But yes... I have some
    Why do you wish to joint the flying corps: i would like to be in a clan and keep minecraft safe from griefers... And to protect other stuff like that... Lol :D
    What i'm specialiced: well i guess it's building... And crafting. I'm not THAT good on fighting but i'm ok. I'm not the best in redstone but i can build piston doors. In fighting i guess i'm best at shooting arrows.

    I would LOVE to join your clan, and i think i might be able to get our clan on other servers too!

    Message me soon!

    Application pending, I hope you are usually more mature than this otherwise youll be kicked straight away. Good luck with drill :D
    Quote from AldoDaAlex

    Third clan you've created this week. I am impress.

    Indeed it is my third, except I want this one to stick around for a while.
    Quote from Stemmy8

    How can you fly in minecraft survival....

    Alright, firstly we don't actually just fly planes all day, we get stuff done. Secondly, we won't download any mods because that will just cause further complications.
    Quote from BumWaffe


    Age (optional):14

    Military Clan Experience:Little

    Knowledge Of The Military:Every single Dad in my family has served
    Why You Wish To Join The Flying Corps? Im looking to join a strong military type military clan

    What Area(s) Do You Specialise In e.g. redstone, fighting, building? Fighting and building.

    Also please don't judge my ingamename I made it when I was way younger.

    Application pending, I just like to do a small background check and see if you are still commited to the clan after a few hours.
    Quote from DeltaCain

    I don't get it. An Airforce in minecraft? What mods are you using? You don't explain how this is going to be done. That's great and all that you have ranks and a chain of command, but what else is there? Do you have planes? Also how do you plan on them being an effective fighting force? Maybe you could bomb elements from the air, but anyone could undermine your effectiveness simply by going underground.

    Needs improvement.

    As I said earlier, we dont just fly planes, we have ground troops. Im hoping to build some F-25s and a Globemaster, we will then organize some sort of flying system.
    Quote from RutyShacklford

    beating a dead horse. just let him have his fun

    Ruty, I understand it was foolish to begin those clans originally but I hope this one can stay for a while.
    Quote from niko0113

    This message is going to be split into 2 separate Parts.

    Part 1: The problems with this thread
    This is going to be the shorter message of the two (Probably). First I would like to say that you need to stick to one clan. Whether it be this one or a different one it has to be one clan. Next is the problem of how your ranking system works. No body waits 3 months (No matter how big or how small) to become a very low rank. That is a HUGE problem. Even in clans as big as mine, you are only a recruit for 24 hours. After that its fair game to rank up. After that theres the problem of so many ranks with about 1 person in command. Bigger clans usually have smaller ranks (with some exceptions.) Finally I want to point out the obvious with the whole "Airforce" Thing, but to me thats not even a Problem.

    Part 2: My Resolve of War
    The title does sound barbaric yes I know that, but it is my point. Your clan (Like RMMT) is not a direct impostor of RMMC, but it does have MANY similar aspects. I shouldn't use the work "similar" more like exactly the same. Anyone can point out clans like RMM (Older than us), but no body can deny our strength to keep it our name. You on the other hand do not have that strength. I already promised EF Admins I would try to stay out of other wars, but this is a direct violation of what we stand for. That is why you have 12 Hours to contact Niko0113x on Skype until full war is declared. Tom as I said on my own post Tread Lightly.

    Calm down mate, my Skype isn't letting me login for some reason. How am I "violating" what you stand for? I will fix up the ranks by the way.
    Quote from Gouled

    I thought they weren't serious at first, but now I do think Tomthemage is actually a troll. He just starts clan after clan and they never go anywhere. He latches onto whatever's popular and slightly alters it. In this case, the Royal Minecraftian Marine Corp.

    Tomthemage, if you want the denizens of this fair forum to think other wise, stop creating clans similar to already existing clans once a week per and never sticking by them for any longer than 24 hours. The problem isn't that they're similar by the way, that isn't an issue. The issue is that you have people apply, and get them all excited and such, and it never, ever happens. I'm certain you're just here to rustle some jimmies.

    Gouled, Im gonna begin a wager, if this clan lasts till next friday, I get some sort of prize. Is it a deal?
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    Dear General Niko,

    As Commanding Officer of the Royal Minecraft Flying Corps I wish to establish an alliance between our two clans. We hope to establish a HQ on Emerging Frontiers and assist you in your military conquest.
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    The Royal Minecraft Flying Corps

    "Defending Minecraft's Skies"


    The Royal Minecraft Flying Corps (RMFC), are a military clan based upon military aviation. We provide air power for Minecraft's aerospace security and overall military capability. We are the leading military aviation clan for tactical, strategic, operational and management for Minecraft's aerospace defence. Through efficient management and organisation, the RMFC will stand ever strong. We are seeking recruits from a vast array of backgrounds to strengthen our ranks and increase our overall size. No matter if you are an engineer, soldier, farmer, builder or even a brewer, we have a role for you.

    Air Command:

    The RMFC is managed by Air Command, consisting of the highest ranked personnel in the Flying Corps. All Squadrons of the RMFC directly report to Air Command and receive orders from them. All promotions, medals and unit citations are presented by a representative from Air Command. The Commanding Officer of the Flying Corps, Group Captain tomthemage, is the overall commander of Air Command and has the final say in any clan issues. Below is the current list of officers and NCO's serving in Air Command.

    Commanding Officer: Group Captain tomthemage
    Executive Officer: [Yet to be decided]
    Operations Officer: [Yet to be decided]
    Warrant Officer Of The Flying Corps: [Yet to be decided]

    Rank Structure:

    Airmen Ranks:

    Recruit: You hold this rank for your first week in the Flying Corps
    Aircraftman: After completion of the Recruit Course, you are promoted to this rank
    Leading Aircraftman: A seasoned airman who has been in the Flying Corps for two weeks

    Non-Commissioned-Officer Ranks:

    Corporal: After being a Leading Aircraftman for a month, you are promoted to Corporal
    Sergeant: After being a Corporal for a month you are promoted to Sergeant
    Flight Sergeant: Only Sergeants who serve with utmost distinction are promoted to Flight Sergeant

    Warrant Officer Ranks:

    Warrant Officer: A Sergeant or Flight Sergeant who seems like a potential officer is made a Warrant Officer, earned through hard work and leadership
    Warrant Officer Of The Flying Corps: The Warrant Officer Of The Flying Corps is the representative of all airmen, NCO's and Warrant Officers in Air Command.

    Officer Ranks:

    Pilot Officer: A Warrant Officer who has earned a commission in the Flying Corps and has began the Officer phase
    Flying Officer: A seasoned officer who has shown excellent leadership capabilities and has worked extremely hard
    Flight Lieutenant: Recognized for sound leadership skills and being a role model to newer members of the Flying Corps
    Squadron Leader: Leader of a Squadron and advisor to the Wing Commander and Group Captain
    Wing Commander: Executive Officer of the Flying Corps
    Group Captain: Commander of the Flying Corps at its entirety and director of Air Command


    164 Squadron:

    164 Squadron are responsible for the management of logistics, training, engineering and administration.

    Squadron Members List:

    93 Squadron:

    93 Squadron are responsible for intelligence, military policing, ground support and tactics.

    Squadron Members List:


    1. Respect your superiors
    2. Racism, sexism or any form of discrimination isn't tolerated
    3. Harassment/bullying isn't tolerated
    4. Swearing is allowed but no "full-on" swearing
    5. Griefing results in a perma-ban unless in certain circumstances, you appeal
    6. Multiclanning results in a perma-ban unless in certain circumstances, you appeal


    Age (optional):
    Military Clan Experience:
    Knowledge Of The Military:
    Why You Wish To Join The Flying Corps?
    What Area(s) Do You Specialise In e.g. redstone, fighting, building?
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    In Game Name:tomthemage

    Where are you from?: G'day mate, Im from Australia. Can I grab you a coldie out of the fridge mate?

    Why do you want to join SPQV?: I would love to join the SPQV because I have a vast amount of knowledge of the Roman Empire and I want to meet people who share the same interests. I used to play on a historical RP server called Romecraft and I can show you some ideas we implemented into the server. It was heavy RP and you could be banned for meta and powergaming.

    If accepted what sort of Role Play do you want to pursue?: I would most likely join the Legion and work my way up the ranks. I would also like to become a politician and lead Veii to success. I would be the son of a wealthy merchant who bought me a commision in the Legion because the Punic Wars (wars between Rome and Carthage) were beginning and troops were desparately needed.

    How knowledgeable are you of Ancient Rome? (If you don't think you know enough, please explain how you will learn enough to role play) I have passion for Roman history and am a walking encyclopedia on Roman history. I more specifically delve into Rome's long and arduous military history and look at tactics,ranks,banners and weaponry. I would like to study History at university after I finish high school and hopefully do a Doctorate in History so I can become a Professor Of History. History excites me because once you delve in deep enough you develop a thirst for knowledge and you become more inquisitive.

    Have you Role Played before? If so list a few servers/games in which you have done so: I have played on the RomeCraft Server and a few Fallout RP servers such as FallCraft:New Vegas and MafiaCraft. I thoroughly enjoy roleplay servers because you can let your imagination go wild and enjoy yourself.

    Please put in your own words what power and meta gaming are:

    Powergaming=An unfair advantage in roleplay e.g. stealing something from a house when you lack the materials required.

    Metagaming=Using OOC information to reveal a charcter's identity e.g. knowing a guy is called Mr Smith without actually meeting him.

    What you expect from your fellow clan members: I expect my fellow clan members to treat me with dignity and respect.

    Additional Comments/Questions: N/A
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    Dear Royal Minecraft Marine Corps,

    I am Tomthemage, Emir Of The Emirate Of Ishtar. It is good to see a warlike faction dominating the Goody-Two-Shoes factions such as the Tribunal States and the Ardeanic League. I admire this, you are showing your dominance/superiority to the other factions. This is why I wish to establish an alliance between our two factions. We can offer a vast array of supplies if you are willing to support us in our military campaigns. We can't just have one "evil" faction on the server so that is why I wish to rally to your support. In order for this alliance to be upheld, your allies will become our allies and your enemies will become our enemies.
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    Quote from Gouled

    ... Greetings from the Osmaniya Sultanate. Best of luck. It'll be good to have another near eastern clan on the server.

    Indeed it will, your enemies are our enemies.
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    I am just alerting you that I have been appointed as a Cardinal of the Catholic Church. I am still unsure of wether I oversee the churches involvement in Middle, West or East Francia.
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    Quote from Gouled

    I've already told Scipio that members of his clan don't to apply, but I would have accepted you regardless.


    Well, we need players more so than moderators, so we won't really take moderators for another few weeks.

    Thankyou very much, I look forward to the release!
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    Quote from Gouled

    Moderators are required! If you're knowledgeable of geography and history then you're just the person we're looking for. Reply to this post with why you would make a good moderator and you'll be white-listed to the server. We're looking for around about 3~6 moderators. Remember, moderators aren't players. You don't influence or interact with the world. Your duty is to inform, maintain and protect.

    Mod-ship entails being one of those arbiters of law in the sky, looking down on everyone else, and maintaining order. Of course, you can't interact with the physical world without good reason either. After all, you wouldn't want to fall from the grace of god....

    Dear Gouled,

    I am tomthemage, an avid enthusiast in classical history! I am interested in becoming a Moderator on your fantastic server, The Old World. I have an in-depth understanding of the historical events that took place during the time period of the server. I tend to delve into classical Roman history although I have a good understanding of a broad spectrum of historical areas. I have held moderator and admin status on a variety of servers and understand the main principles of being a staff member and the responsibilities involved. Despite my age (13) , I am a mature person who is definantely capable of understanding the rather complex themes of the server. I wish you luck at finding any potential moderators and I hope you consider my application!


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    Use the form below for your application, and fill in all of the information.

    In-Game Name: (Your Minecraft name.) tomthemage

    Age: (How old are you in real life?) I am 13. I understand you may wish to deny me because of my age. I assure you I generally act maturely and aren't just some immature little brat.

    Understanding of History: (What is your understanding of history, and do you understand world history well enough to comply to the server roleplay theme?) I am an absolute fanatic in terms of history especially classical and the classical antiquity. I play on RomeCraft, which is an extremely serious hisorical RP based in the early Roman Empire. In my spare time, I commonly read books about Alexander The Great, The Tokugawa Shogunate, The Knights Templar and Rome's mighty legions. In fact, I am watching a BBC series of documentaries called Ancient Worlds. It talks about the birth of the largest civillizations that existed such as Mesopotamia, Greece, Macedonia, Rome and Carthage. I have an in-depth understanding of the historical topics that this server revolves around. Im not just any old kid who says, "I am so good at history, I know who Julius Caesar is!" I delve into the topics that aren't put into the limelight such as the classical antiquity and the Roman Kingdom.
    I am willing to do some more research on certain aspects of history if it is required.

    CharacterName: (What will your character's name be? This can be changed any time later on.) Marcus Decius Severus (Same as my RomeCraft name)

    Skin: (Do you have skin that complies to the role-play theme?) Yes, I have a young Roman man in a white tunic.

    Nation(s): (Which Nation, or Nations, are you considering joining and or creating?) I am already apart of Scipio's Roman group.

    Comments: (Explain anything that needs explaining, and why you want to join this server.) I have been on countless historical RP servers but none seem to be as factual, authentic and organised as The Old World. The time period that the server is based in was full of action and lots of key moments in history occured during this time. It seems like most of you have the same mindset as me in terms of hisorical interests and views on the server. I hope to meet many like-minded people who share the same interests as I do. This is ultimately why I chose to apply for The Old World!
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