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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]
    Hi everyone. Here's the long overdue new War release: War v1.7.1.

    - New: Compatibility with Craftbukkit 1.1-R6, 1.2.3, 1.2.4 and 1.2.5
    - New: Warzone config setting resetonconfigchanged is now available and false by default. This means /zonecfg and /teamcfg DON'T reset the warzone blocks anymore by default.
    - New: Bomb carrier doesn't cause explosion if warzone has setting unbreakable:true
    - Bugfix: Potion effects are properly cleared.
    - Bugfix: Blockhead restoration shouldn't cause errors anymore.
    - Bugfix: Attempt at stopping duplicate end-of-game and inventory reset problem. Please report back if your inventories don't reset at match end.

    Also, note the new logo. Many thanks to @mphawey for the design.

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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]
    Quote from DDog

    hey is this up for 1.1.0???

    Yep, just download War v1.7. Use it with Craftbukkit #1846/1.1-R3.

    Quote from iVVaffle

    Hi, I have a quick question, when I make the lobby zone's how do I change the glass and keep it to another block that I choose? Whenever I save it or do anything with it, it changes back to glass.

    Sorry, you can't change the lobby materials yet. I'm planning on making them changeable rather soon though, so stay tuned. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]
    Sorry I've neglected this forum post for so long. Here's the latest update:

    Check out War v1.7 (Doolittle)

    Can't figure out how to change the thread topic anymore, hmm.
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]

    War v1.5.1 - MacArthur - updated!

    "It was close; but that's the way it is in war. You win or lose, live or die — and the difference is just an eyelash."

    Good news everyone, War v1.5 is finally here.

    At last, I admitted defeat and pushed off solving most performance issues until next version. Here's a rundown of all the v1.5 changes:
    • Cuboid warzones: /setzone now has three modes that can be mixed-and-matched
      • Wand-Cuboid modeType "/setzone ziggy" (or "/setzone ziggy wand").
        • You'll receive a wooden sword. Left-click to place the first corner. Right-click to place the second cuboid corner.
        • Drop the sword to deactivate warzone setting and resizing.
      • Wandless-Cuboid mode
        • At one extremity, type "/setzone ziggy corner1" (or c1 or pos1 instead of "corner1").
        • At the other end, type "/setzone ziggy corner2" (or c2/pos2).
        • Make sure to remember what corner is where!
      • Classic Northwest/Southeast mode
        • The old "/setzone ziggy <nw/se>" mode is still supported.
        • By default, the Northwest corner becomes corner1 (with corner1 at the top block, y=127).
          • i.e, to bring down the roof of a classic warzone, go to the Northwest corner at the desired height and type "/setzone ziggy c1".
        • By default, the Southeast corner becomes corner2 (with corner2 at the bottom block, y=0).
          • i.e, to bring up the floor of a classic warzone, go to the Southeast corner at the desired height and type "/setzone ziggy c2".
        • Using nw/se to resize a cuboid warzone will not change the height of its corners.
    • Detachable lobbies
      • With the new cuboid mode, lobbies now automatically appear at mid-height of the cuboid (i.e. not necessarily at the surface anymore). This makes their positioning more predictable. From within a warzone, you can still use "/setzonelobby <north/south/west/east>" to change which wall the lobby is attached to.
      • When outside a warzone, type "/setzonelobby <warzone-name>" to detach the lobby form the warzone's wall and place it where you are standing.
      • In general, lobbies should cause a lot less headaches and reset properly (I can't make any promises for the warhub, though).
    • Workaround for the kicked-for-moving-too-quickly bug that occurred when people in warzones died in lava. I bluntly prevent them from getting kicked now.
    • No more glass warzone outlines on the ground. As zonemaker, use "/zonemaker" to bring up the magic walls to help you.
    • Various smaller additions and fixes
      • Can't capture the flag of team with no members (thanks SuperYoshi!)
      • Configurable health bonus for monuments (thanks SuperYoshi!)
      • Can't score if only players in one team
      • No more FF message when arrows bounce back onto you
      • Zonemakers, when on a team in a warzone, will see magic walls (they used to be able to just step out).
      • Zonemakers can now edit the blocks on the edges of warzones
      • Added "/zm" alias for "/zonemaker"
      • Made War /reload friendly
      • Added "/unloadwar" and "/loadwar" commands. Unfortunately, in its current state, "/unloadwar" doesn't free up all the memory used by warzones, only part of it. The only true performance fix you have for now is to remove warzones from the "plugins/War/war.txt" file so that they don't get loaded when you reboot your server.
      • When people log-out mid-game and the server shuts down, their inventory now gets properly reset (thanks to a Craftbukkit update).
      • The warzone friendlyfire setting should now be written to disk properly.
    I'll be updating the instructions page today to better explain the new commands. I'll also cobble together a new youtube video.

    UPDATE: Sorry everyone. I didn't test lobbies properly after adding the detached option. Everything should be better now.

    Download War v1.5.1 (MacArthur)

    Let me thank you gratefully for your patience with this update and for the 5200+ direct downloads of War v1.4.2 - Slim (and the 5000 additional downloads through CraftbukkitUpToDate). Your support means a lot. War on!
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]

    War v1.4.2 - Slim


    I rushed yesterday's update and, to my dismay, missed more than a few item-related issues:

    - Fixed custom loadouts and rewards crashing /savezone and /zonecfg

    Download War 1.4.2 (Slim)

    Sorry for your troubles. Thanks.
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]
    Good day,

    War v1.4.1 - Slim

    Dear War enthusiasts,

    Please note that my last exam before graduation is on April 27. Until then, updates will be slow. Sorry.

    Please grab this quick bugfix update for Craftbukkit #670.

    - Fixed inventory reset NPE when leaving a zone
    - Trying to restore a warhub in a missing world doesn't break everything anymore

    Download War 1.4.1 (Slim)

    Thank you!
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]
    Hi, War v1.4 is out.

    War v1.4 - Slim

    When you can't choose between two evenly balanced course of action to take, choose the bolder.

    Even with my looming graduation (and associated deadlines), I couldn't resist making a quick update to War for Minecraft beta 1.4. No new features this time around, sorry.

    - Compatibility with Craftbukkit #617
    - Fixed "/war <command-name>" not working as a workaround for command conflicts. "/war" prefixed commands should now also pass the blanket ban on non-War commands in warzones.

    Enjoy, and thanks!

    Download War 1.4 (Slim)

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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]

    War v1.3.2 - Rokossovsky - twice updated!

    - Update 2: v1.3.2 - MUST-HAVE update. Fixed dispensers causing warzone corruption on /savezone. Please update if you're running 1.3 or 1.3.1, as both of these are broken. So sorry. :sad.gif:

    Download War v1.3.2 (Rokossovsky)
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]
    Quote from MangoStarr »
    Hey sorry if this is a dumb question, but just out of curiosity, how do mobs work with this??

    Is there no mobs/animals that spawn inside the zone? Is there maybe a way of turning the spawning on/off?

    Hi Mango. :smile.gif:

    To turn off creature (mobs and animals) spawning, you can use this command: "/zonecfg nocreatures:true". To turn off mobs for all future warzones (i.e. to change the default value), use "/warcfg nocreatures:true".
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]

    War v1.3.1 - Rokossovsky - updated!

    - Update: v1.3.1 - Finally fixed Multiverse and HeroicDeath compatibility, which should solve all current multi-world and respawn inventory problem. Sorry for wasting your time with this.

    Download War v1.3.1 (Rokossovsky)
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]

    War v1.3 - Rokossovsky

    "The German army is a machine, and machines can be broken!"

    Here's a big stability update targeted for Craftbukkit RB #556.
    - Performance enhancements: should feel much snappier and be less buggy for players that die, thanks to a better use of the scheduler. Note that zone resets are slightly delayed now.

    - Proper multi-world support
    > Warzones don't conflict accross worlds anymore
    > Zones are loaded with a delay at plugin enable-time. This should leave enough time to MultiVerse to load the secondary worlds before their warzones start resetting.
    > Nether lobbies appear at a reasonable height. Outlines are still buggy though: use "/zonecfg outline:off".

    - New aliases: you can now use "/warcfg" instead of "/setwarconfig" and "/zonecfg" instead of "/setzoneconfig"

    - Warzone rally points: use "/warcfg rallypoint:<warzone-name>" to change the location where players get teleported at the end of a match for that zone. This effectively lets you link warzones together in a sequence, or simply prevent players from re-joining a warzone right away.

    - New minimum zone size: 10x10. New max: 750x750 (you want to try this at your own risk, though).

    - Ladders, lever and other blocks that can be set on walls should now reset properly in all cases.

    - Wool blocks can now be saved in chests and will be reset with their color (now persisting chest item durability and data, instead of just type and item count).

    - Fixed many instances of sign spam.

    Download War v1.3 (Rokossovsky)

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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]

    War v1.2 - Bradley

    It is time that we steered by the stars, not by the lights of each passing ship.

    Hello friends. Here's the latest War drop.

    - Updated to Craftbukkit RB #531

    - Big change: support for more than three teams
    -- No more precious (diamond, etc) blocks - all teams use wool colors
    -- Lobby stretches for support up to 16 teams
    -- Available team names/colors: diamond, iron, gold, white, orange, magenta, blue, green, pink, gray, purple, navy, brown, darkgreen, red and black

    - No more mob spawn exceptions

    - "/zone <zone-name>" now has string matching (e.g. "/zone spl" will get you to zone Spleef). Same for team names.

    - MultiVerse/multi-world support should be slightly less broken, but you might still need to /reload after your server started to load warzones on your other worlds.

    Thanks for your support and your patience with the slow updates.

    Download War v1.2 (Bradley)
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]
    War v1.1 is out!

    Klotzen, nicht Kleckern! (Boot'em, don't spatter'em! / Don't do things by half!)

    The unstable build for War v1.1 has been available on the Bukkit forums for more than a week now, but I've had many issues trying to nail down bugs that appeared after the MC 1.3 update. Work and university have also been keeping me busy - apologies! I've been running this release (or builds close to it) on my two servers for a week now with a variety of plugins and many different Craftbukkit versions: still, use a Recommended Build for best results.

    - Support for Minecraft 1.3 with Craftbukkit Recommended Builds #440 and #493
    - Warzones are reset automatically when the last player leaves
    - Players can't use any command but War commands (/leave, /warhub, etc.) when on a team playing in a zone
    - Can't place flag or spawn blocks anymore, can't pickup more than one precious spawn block.
    - Players that sneak out of the zone don't get killed anymore
    - Fixed auto-assign join message
    - Known issue: when creating/changing a warzone, /resetzone and /savezone might stop working. Wait a few minute or reboot your server and everything will go back to normal by itself. Let me know if you can reproduce this reliably, please - it's been driving me insane.
    - Fixed signs that spammed/would not reset/threw exceptions. Warn me if you still see broken signs!

    Download War v1.1 (Guderian)

    Thank you for your great support.
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]
    @isack55 and @Netu
    Thanks for coming to wake me out of my slumber in the bukkit forums. As I said over there, do your players have the 'war.player' permission?

    Quote from iamj3acon »
    IP of test server please? I won't go downloading things I have no proof of.

    My OP on here is a bit lacking compared to the bukkit forums post. On the official website as well I give the IP of many servers, including two of my own.

    First: the War Hub, a build-rights server where we have a few cool warzones set up @

    Second: the Boot Camp, a free-build server where everyone is zone maker. Go there just to try out the plugin or to gain build rights to War Hub by building cool stuff. @
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] War v1.7.1 (Doolittle) - Minecraft PVP Arena (TDM,CTF & more!) [1.2.5]
    Quote from sambhur96 »
    Hey guys I really need some help:D I got my own bukkit server and I startet use this plugin yesterday. The plugin works fine but now I can't destroy or build anymore no players can on the server. I destroyed my server and made it again and it worked fine. then I downloaded this plugin again and now I can't build or destroy I removed the plugin but still can't

    Please give me some version numbers so that I may be able to help you.

    Hi everyone, I released War v1.0 last night. Here are the release notes:

    War v1.0 - Eisenhower
    In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.

    - Apologies for the delays and the bad timing for this release (with the Minecraft 1.3 update due any day now).
    - Added "/setwarconfig buildInZonesOnly:true" to help War-dedicated server setups. If that setting is on, people can only build inside zones, and you have to use the permission node '' to give build rights outside zones.
    - Set respawn loadouts and rewards without having to restart your server: e.g. fill your inventory with the desired items and then call "/setzoneconfig loadout:default" or "/setwarconfig reward:default".
    - Players can't drop precious blocks of their team color anymore.
    - Fixed outline setting not getting persisted
    - Disable a zone while you're working on it with "/setzoneconfig disabled:true". It will be removed from the warhub and its gates will be blocked.
    - Fixed broken wall signs.
    - Added "/setzoneconfig unbreakable:true" to prevent players from breaking or placing blocks in a zone.
    - Fixed client crash when using /team when not on a team
    - Fixed client crash on inventory reset when reconnecting
    - Fixed broken doors (tricky!)
    - The cherry for last: new "/setzoneconfig nocreatures:true" setting. Prevents mobs and animals from spawning in a zone.

    Download War v1.0 (Eisenhower)

    Tested with craftbukkit #53 (Recommended Build 1) and #406. Be careful with 406 though, Permissions 2.0 seems broken. Also, 409+ will NOT work (i.e. don't get the latest craftbukkit build).
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