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    Quote from ExpHP

    Question: If a horse only requires 5 leather and 3 iron to ride, can jump high enough to cross terrain like fences, and can move that fast, then who will ever build minecart systems?

    People who want to automate transport, let other people use their transport, not have to take their horse everywhere with them, people on servers who use a warp/teleport system meaning it's hard to take a horse with them...I'm sure there are more

    I do agree they might be a bit too good though, I think they need a hunger system that goes down when moving (but not when idling or just existing)
    Quote from Yazu13

    I've been looking at that Mo Creatures mod and when I went down the list to the manta rays and whatnot, it really made me think how lacking ocean biomes are. Except for the rare squid here and there, they really are empty and uninteresting. I'd really love to see a bunch of new sea creatures added to them to actually make finding an ocean biome an exciting event instead of a huge pain in the butt just to get to the other side.

    For that matter, I hope there's a focused update one day that sort of fleshes out the Overworld and Nether a bit more with more creatures, more random buildings/biomes/etc, and maybe even some cool events like a zombie horde appearing randomly or asteroids crashing and yielding some sort of space substance. Just some food for thought.

    Agreed, a hostile ocean mob would be cool too, a shark maybe? or an evil killer squid :)
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    I love watching or playing the vechs maps but I think my favourite so far is Lethamyr but I've only played part of 1 of the others, now I've got a super docile and another super hostile downloaded and ready to play, thanks Vechs!
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    Please look at my video for my minecraft disco room, I know the video is pretty bad (I had no mic for a start so had to use captions), but I'm looking for suggestions for new patterns, ideas to improve it and any questions are very welcome. It is my first video so please bare that in mind lol.

    Thankyou for watching and any feedback appreciated
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