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    0. What Is Your Minecraft UserName? tobytabby
    1. How long have you played minecraft? I have played minecraft for about a year and a half
    2. What are your strong points in minecraft? Building and interior design of buildings
    3. What are your weakness's? Redstone
    4. Do you have a skype? Yes but if it is possible i would rather give that info on the server.
    5. Do you record minecraft videos? When i get my desktop then yes i will record.
    6. What is your age? 13 years old
    7. What is your favorite biome? Mountain
    8. What is your favorite mob? Creeper
    9. What is your favorite block? Stone Brick
    10. On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you think others would rate you in...
    Building? 7
    Mob farms?4
    Large builds that require tedious work?8
    11. Do you have any previous minecraft bans? ( having bans does not mean you will not be accepted. We do check mc bans) Yes these were bans from servers that shut down and i was framed by a hacker
    12. Oh no your house has been pranked what is your next course of action? If it was a really good prank or a big prank then prank back if it was small then say gg and remove the prank maybe even do a small prank back.
    13. You see a room full of complicated redstone what do you do? I have a brain spasm and get the hell out of that room if its not mine of coarse
    14. Shoot the sand generator breaks while you are using it what do you do? Ask someone to fix it and if no one knows how then learn on youtube
    15. What is a bud Switch and what is it useful for? A bud switch is used to detect blocks after an update
    16. What is a smart piston useful for? I do not know what a smart piston is.
    17. How far can a redstone wire travel with out a repeater? Either 14 or 15 blocks not sure
    18. What makes you stand out from the average minecrafter? I am a fun person to be with and to play minecraft with.
    19. Melons or Pumpkins? Pumpkins
    20. Do you have proof that you are exceptional at minecraft ? (i.e. world download, video etc) No most of my worlds are deleted in an accident.
    21. Favorite color of wool Cyan
    22. Country of residence U.S.
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