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    posted a message on [Miniconomy] New 100% Vanilla SMP Server looking to build up a SMALL community.
    Age: 15
    IGN: tobytabby
    PBL:I am a fun guy who is looking for a server that i can spend time on for a good time. I would like to join the server because i hate singleplayer and would rather be able to play with other people.
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    posted a message on >Pigz< [Whitelisted] [Application Here!] [Apply Now!] [Mindcrack Inspired]
    0. What Is Your Minecraft UserName? tobytabby
    1. How long have you played minecraft? I have played minecraft for about a year and a half
    2. What are your strong points in minecraft? Building and interior design of buildings
    3. What are your weakness's? Redstone
    4. Do you have a skype? Yes but if it is possible i would rather give that info on the server.
    5. Do you record minecraft videos? When i get my desktop then yes i will record.
    6. What is your age? 13 years old
    7. What is your favorite biome? Mountain
    8. What is your favorite mob? Creeper
    9. What is your favorite block? Stone Brick
    10. On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you think others would rate you in...
    Building? 7
    Mob farms?4
    Large builds that require tedious work?8
    11. Do you have any previous minecraft bans? ( having bans does not mean you will not be accepted. We do check mc bans) Yes these were bans from servers that shut down and i was framed by a hacker
    12. Oh no your house has been pranked what is your next course of action? If it was a really good prank or a big prank then prank back if it was small then say gg and remove the prank maybe even do a small prank back.
    13. You see a room full of complicated redstone what do you do? I have a brain spasm and get the hell out of that room if its not mine of coarse
    14. Shoot the sand generator breaks while you are using it what do you do? Ask someone to fix it and if no one knows how then learn on youtube
    15. What is a bud Switch and what is it useful for? A bud switch is used to detect blocks after an update
    16. What is a smart piston useful for? I do not know what a smart piston is.
    17. How far can a redstone wire travel with out a repeater? Either 14 or 15 blocks not sure
    18. What makes you stand out from the average minecrafter? I am a fun person to be with and to play minecraft with.
    19. Melons or Pumpkins? Pumpkins
    20. Do you have proof that you are exceptional at minecraft ? (i.e. world download, video etc) No most of my worlds are deleted in an accident.
    21. Favorite color of wool Cyan
    22. Country of residence U.S.
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    posted a message on [Survival][Whitelist]Mindcrack Inspired[Mineified]
    Minecraft In-Game Name: tobytabby


    Any bans from servers? If so why: I was banned from a server because i was framed by an x rayer. We were mining and they banned both of us.

    Why would you like to join our server: I would like to join this server to be in a friendly community and i have been looking for a server like this for months.

    How you can contribute to our server: I can help people build structures and add my own pizzaz to the server. I enjoy building and spending time with others.

    Do you have a YouTube channel: Yes but right now i can not record until i get my desktop.

    How much time will you dedicate into our server?: About 1 our a day on the weekdays and a lot more on the weekend.

    Any other information you'd like us to know:No
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    posted a message on [1.4.5] New Vanilla Mindcrack-like Server [Prank wars] [Netherhub] [Whitelist] [24/7] [No lag]
    1.) Do you know what Mindcrack is? Yes Mindcrack is a server that a youtuber named started Guude started in 2010. It includes a bunch of youtubers including two of my favorite BdoubleO and Etho.
    2.) Have you ever played a server like it? No I have tried to make one myself but i can never find enough people who have the time or they just dont know what mindcrack is.
    3.) Do you have skype? Are you willing to skype with other server members? As long as i can meet the person and if he or she has a nice personality then yes. If not then maybe not.
    4.) How old are you? I am 13 years old
    5.) Do you plan on recording videos on the Server? (Yes or no is fine, no big deal)When i get my desktop then yes.
    6.) What are your plans on the server or ideas you have? Yes I plan on playing with the other players and building redstone or just regular structures.
    7.) IGN so I can whitelist you: tobytabby
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    - MC Username: tobytabby
    - Age:13
    - Why DO you want to join? I want to join because i have been playing on different servers and every time i keep getting griefed. I am also looking for a nice and mature community to enjoy minecraft with.
    - Where are you from? US Florida
    - Have you ever been banned? (If you have for x-ray/griefing, just stop writing this...) Yes i was mining with a guy i met and he was caught xraying and when they saw our tunnels they thought i was x-raying too. so it was by accident :(
    - How long have you been playing minecraft? I have been playing minecraft since 1.5 Beta
    - Give me the secret Answer? Banana.
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    posted a message on MINDCRACK Feed the Beast [Whitelist, Survival]
    Minecraft name: tobytabby
    Skype: tobytabby
    Age: 13
    Do you have any previous experience with Feed-the-Beast?: Yes i know most of the industrail craft and buildcraft stuff and i am learning about greg-tech.
    Why do you want to join?: I want to join because i feel lonely playing single player FTB and enjoy playing with other people. :)
    Is anything there something you cant use on your server?
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    posted a message on *OCG Oni Clan Gaming*[Multiple Servers][Open/Free Build][Protection Support][3.5+ Years & 4400+ Reg.][New SMP World Soon]
    In-Game Name: tobytabby
    Age and Location: 13 and US FL
    Have You Ever Been Banned Before? Yes i was framed by an xrayer i thought was my friend.
    Why do you play SMP? I play because i enjoy having fun with other people. I think it is better.
    Which of our servers do you need to be whitelisted on? FTB
    How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft? I have been playing minecraft for about 1 year and a quarter
    What's Your Favorite Color? red
    Will You Make An Account On Our Website? yes
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    posted a message on ~YodaCraft~ [1.5.1] [Anti-Grief] [PvP] [Towny] [Mcmmo] [MobArena]
    Hello My IGN is tobytabby and i would like to play on this server because it seemed like a good one. I saw a lot of posts and they said it was good. I would like to become a member because i want to be able to play on this server with more commands. Thanks. :)
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    posted a message on WasteLand [Vanilla] [24/7] [Whitelist] [No Plugins] [Pranks] [Seasonal Events] [Alot like Mindcrack]
    In Game Name: tobytabby

    Age: 13 (but im mature)

    Overall Skill lvl (In what Areas are you skilled at?): I am skilled at pvp, somewhat building, and good at overall everything besides redstone.

    Can you get along with other people?: Yes i am very friendly and social.

    Will you agree that you are NOT allowed to steal or grief?: Yes i agree that i am not allowed to grief or steal anything.

    What part of the Rules dont you understand?: I understand all of the rules.

    What part of the rules do you Understand?: I understand all of the rules including no spamming, griefing, stealing or just straight out being messed up.

    Why is it that you want to Join our Server?: I want to join your server since it is a mindcrack type server with (hopefully) a mature community.

    Why Should We Accept You? You should accept me because i would be a great addition to your server since i am very social and smart with minecraft logics.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Vanilla Server Friendly Community! (Whitelist)
    Minecraft Name: tobytabby
    What can you contribute to the community: I would create a place where everyone can have a small house so we can communicate and have fun. Also i want to make an Arena.
    What you are looking for in this server: I am looking for a mature community that i can still have fun with.
    Can i trust that you will not disobey the rules: I hope you can trust me because would like to stay on this server.
    Have you been banned in the past? Yes i was framed by a xrayer on a raiding server when he blamed me for hacking.
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    posted a message on Vanilla Minecraft Server 1.4.5
    - Your Ingame-Name: tobytabby
    - The timezone you live in: eastern USA
    - How old are you? 13
    - Why do you want to join? I want to join because i have been searching for a nice server that is like mindcrack.
    - Your experience of vanilla Minecraft: I have been playing since 1.5 Beta and it has been awesome so far.
    - Would you make Youtube-Videos? Yes but ill have to wait till i get a better computer. Unless you dont want me to.
    - Where are you good at? Anywhere but a desert / plain near a village would be nice.
    - Why should we pick you? I would be a great addition to your server since i am mature and friendly and i would be another person in your server. :)
    - Your favourite PvP-Map: I dont really have a favorite one.
    - What is the concept of this server? To have fun with other people just like mindcrack.
    - Who is your favorite Mindcracker? Bdubs and GenerikB
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    posted a message on [1.4.5] MCCraft 100% Vanilla Minecraft | Mindcrack Inspired | Whitelist | Nether Hub
    1. IGN: tobytabby
    2. Age:13
    3. Location in the world: USA
    4. Skype name: tobytabby
    5. Minecraft experience: I have been playing since beta 1.5.
    6. Do you record? I have recorded before but im waiting for a better computer.
    7. Youtube channel name, if you record: Mr tobytabby
    8. Why would you be a good addition to this server? I love playing vanilla and love to play with other people. The mindcrack server was one of my goals with my friend.
    9. Have you been banned on any other server? Yes, i was framed by another guy for xraying when i was raiding with him.
    10. Who is your favorite Mindcracker? Bdubs and GenerikB
    11. Do you have any goals if you are chosen? Yes i would love to build something big that everyone could use.
    12. Do you have any other questions or concerns? How many people are on the server?
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    posted a message on Savage Raid PvP - [1.7!] [CUSTOM PvP/Raid Server] [24/7 LagFree] [FULLPvP] [PvPStat Tracking/Leaderboard] [Base Raids] [Factions
    • tobytabby
    • 14
    • I have voted for all servers shown below.
    • Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok.
    • No, I do not have any concerns, Thank You.
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