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    posted a message on The Aether(Anti-Nether Realm) Current Topic: New Nether
    Come to think of it, all these silly mobs and blocks aren't great. IMO a Skylands dimension should not have fluffy sheep and recolored slimes, though Airwhales are fine. A Skylands dimension should also have "Sky Quartz Ore" block that does the same thing as Nether Quartz Ore but has a different texture that fits the stone texture, and the Temples should, obviously, use Quartz. Trees should be normal trees or maybe just Birch, and all the gimmicky, modlike blocks shouldn't exist. However, the Aether alternate of Stone, or some special ore, might make a good material for Pipes to transport items collected by Hoppers. Glowstone veins should also exist embedded in the islands.

    EDIT: Dinnerbone said he's not adding Pipes. I don't see why not, it seems like the same **** move he's making with the aquatic content, but...
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    posted a message on What is in store for us in 1.6?
    Underwater content would be great, but I doubt that that's gonna happen. If they were to implement the idea of there being a sky dimension after the End, though... but again, I highly doubt it.
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    posted a message on Is Jeb or Notch better at developing and bringing updates to minecraft?
    I really don't know... Notch's updates seemed better, but that may be a bit of a skewed perspective because he's the one that coded the updates laid the foundations of the game, which are obviously going to be the least superficial and most deep, new-feeling updates. However, what he was going to do (Red Dragons, Skylands, etc.) seem awesome-er than what Jeb and Dinnerbone have done. I DO like the changes to Villagers, though. Jon is awesome.
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    posted a message on Beacon balance discussion thread
    IMO, the Beacon's model and powers require an (almost) total overhaul.

    First of all, the inside of the Beacon should have a cool model like it did at first, rather than simply a blue cuboid that looks more like a large Diamond than a Nether Star. The glass should also resemble an Ender Dragon Egg rather than a plain cuboid.

    Second, the stupid beam rendering glitch should be fixed. The Beacon doesn't make for a very good waypoint if its beam only reaches six (or so) blocks into the air when you see it from further away than a chunk or two.

    ...And then the mechanics of it.

    First, the powers should almost completely change. As many people have said, a mining speed boost is pointless inside your own base and in most other places someone would put a Beacon, and besides, by the point in time that you have a Beacon you should have an Enchanted Pickaxe with Efficiency, Unbreaking, and possibly more anyway. The cases of the armor and attack power boosts are basically the same: again, you should have enchanted weapons and armor by the time you have a beacon. The two buffs that I believe should be kept are the speed and jump boost buffs, the latter of which should get a bit of a boost, as I can see those becoming useful. Along with those, new buffs should be added: Fullness, for one thing, as Hunger, though okay as an added challenge while adventuring, is really annoying at times. Iron Skin (Projectile Protection), though it is an enchantment, would be useful inside open bases or villages. And Water Breathing, though made less useful by the annoying mining/movement reduction in water, would be a great and useful thing. I considered adding Night Vision, too, but I found that to be mostly pointless.

    An alternative to this, which is actually probably better, would be to do away with the personal effects altogether (again, besides Jump Boost) and have the Beacon's area of effect be physically changed somehow. Perhaps the effects could be something like:
    • Decreased Gravity: Jump Boost! With a boost!
    • Unshattering Blocks: Silk Touch on everything! However this should decrease the Beacon's range by quite a bit.
    • Warding: no mobs spawning or entering the area... and NO, this is NOT pointless.
    • Illumination: All blocks emit a certain amount of light... and again, this should cause range decrease.
    • Suspended Soils: Sand and Gravel float! (yes, before you say it, this IS pointless, it's just a thought)
    • Explosion Neutralization:
    :SSSS: : Nicssssse housssse you've got there! It'ssss a sssshame that I can't exssssssplode it... (Also, TNT won't light or detonate.)
    • ...erm, I mean, Fertility: Animals within range will naturally breed every once in a while.
    Second, the range for all tiers of Beacons should increase, as well as the duration when you leave- eight seconds- seems more or less stupid and pointless to have a duration of power after leaving in the first place, and the current range wouldn't be worth much if the effects were environmental, either. I'm not saying that a Tier 1 Pyramid should be able to give you a powerful Jump Boost over the area of a whole large Mountain, but I AM saying that a Tier 1 Pyramid should be able to cover a decently-sized base with a level 1 power. The amount of powers selected should also decrease your range unless maybe you are using Diamond or Emerald, or maybe the two most powerful/useful powers shouldn't be available unless you sacrifice a Diamond or Emerald for them.

    It may also be a good idea, as someone else said, to have a system where you need a certain amount of "counters" for each power, and Gold counts for double the power "counters" that Iron does, and Diamond twice Gold, and Emerald twice Diamond, so you have to use more valuable/rare stuff for more useful/powerful boosts.

    ...And finally, if the powers stay the same, then the are of effect should, no, MUST, become a column all the way to the top and bottom of the map rather than a cube--- Mining Boost is most useful for MINING, right?
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    posted a message on Dessert Temple!
    Darn it, I was hoping for a temple with cake and stuff in it. :(
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    posted a message on Hopper Tubes? 0-Tick Repeaters?
    Tubes, though stealing from Buildcraft, are necessary at this point, I suppose. And really a new block should be used instead of a 0-state repeater - The way a Repeater is designed, I don't see how that would work anyway, though I do know how unrealistic Minecraft is.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w01b Update Released
    Quote from -Freshmeat

    From dinnerbones twitter. I was wishing for that very feature just today: A way of detecting if a chest was full.

    :o This will make autofilling storage rooms possible. (right?)
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    posted a message on If bedrock were breakable, what should be under it?
    Four layers of instakill lava, then a pitch-black, unbreakable barrier.
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    posted a message on Good-bye from a veteran player
    Quote from Jetra

    Well, there goes the "little abuse." Thanks for piling it all up.

    Anyway, I have nothing against the decorative blocks. My problem is that it's more about the decor than the Mining and Crafting aspects (well...I guess there is a bit of crafting.).

    I meant worthless. I misspoke. Wait...Coal IS useless. Night vision potion plus the addition of the Brightness bar.

    What the person you quoted said was hardly abuse... it was a valid opinion and not really THAT MUCH of an uncalled-for offense. And just because you can get something from multiple sources doesn't mean it's worthless, and it certainly does not make it useless. Are you SURE you want to see the creepers and skeletons all over your dark base with the power of your Night Vision potion? Or would you rather see peace and quiet by torchlight?
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    posted a message on 13w01a Night Light Switch
    Quote from Goklayeh



    Darn, that looks awesome... and it's so dang simple.
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    posted a message on 13w01a
    Item Hopper? Woo, one of the best blocks yet. Now semiautomatic harvesters (and drop farms) can automatically fill chests too. Redstone Blocks look like they would look great used alongside Black Wool or Cobblestone as decoration, and are AWESOME for their practical use too...
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    posted a message on The light sensor picture: What can you see in it?
    Quote from JonSM

    I spy:

    - A pig between the back two lanterns.
    - Something made out of mossy stone near the chests
    - A weird-colored torch (white flame and a darker stick) near the lake, though it's really too hard to tell

    I sure hope those things in the background are actually teasers instead of just random blocks.

    Yeah, that torch DOES seem odd... however it could just be the resolution of the pic and/or weird lighting.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Due to the caves (and WAY too common ravines), another good formation that seems to be mostly lost are small caves that only go a bit under the surface then cut off. Almost all natural cave entrances now go into the huge "spaghetti" system (not systems) that all Minecraft worlds now feature. If anything, it should be the other way around: most cave entrances don't go very far, and only RARELY there is a HUGE cave system. There are also too many loop caves that go in and back out of a single formation. The only place where they are okay, at least in my opinion, are in mountains, and most of the time I see them in forests and plains.
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's AMAA Post
    I seem to recall someone named "Direwolf<insert two numbers here>" on the KamikazeCraft roleplay server... a while before I ever knew that you were famous... was that you? Because at that point, I doubt that it was an impersonator.

    (I was Ithirahad Vandar-Ivrar'Kiim Tyrhannya of Regato, Builder and Lord of Il'Jastir, the Circle of the Trees, Protector of the Way of Nature, although you might not've heard that full name/title, heh. I was just Ithirahad or Ithirahad Ivrar'Kiim on the server's alias plugin, though you MAY remember me talking about my little tree-village of Il'Jastir, assuming it WAS you.)
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    posted a message on Thunderstorms preventing Sleep!
    Ugh. This would suck... Also, why are people saying that thunderstorms are rare? Or is it that I play Minecraft for waaaayyy too long? ...Anyway, hard mode only is stupid. All you do is switch through to Normal until you're done sleeping.
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