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My name is Ken :). I like candy, and I love to chit chat! One of my favorite things to do is... obviously play Minecraft!

About myself:[/header] I am a “Stay at home dad” because I’m just a lazy facktard that lives off my sandal recycling business [Probably. I think? Nah, lol. Oh yeah, I’m not a stay at home dad, if you didn’t catch the hint :D]

When I was my son’s age, I was first introduced into video games. My very first system was a Nintendo, and my first game, like most people of that era, was Super Mario Bros w/ Duckhunt. I played the crap out of it at the lovely age of 3. That, Ninja Turtles, and Bucky O’Hare. Oh! Don’t forge Darkwing Duck! Those were my thing! When I was 6, I received an SNES, and at 9 came Sega Genesis. I played a good rotation of those systems until I was about 12, when my brother received a Nintendo 64. I was dazzled and shocked to see how amazing this “3D” enviroment was... But I stayed true to my systems. When I was 15, I aquired a 32X, along with a Sega CD. When I was 16, I was brought into the deadly “PC Gaming world”. This is when I played with RPG Maker 2000 / 2003. I spent the rest of my teenage years, messing and using those programs. Of course, production of the games I was making slowed down, especially when I was introducted to Diblo 2 in 2006, As well as World of Warcraft in mid 2007. To this day, I have the games I was working on, I just... Don’t think they’re good enough now n days. I still tinker with them though :) To this day, I have an entire gameroom downstairs with my RetroPie, PS2, PS3, PS4, WII, WII-U, Steamlink, and a 65 inch 4k Television, surround sound, and a HUGE library for all systems listed above with a hardlink to my router. Picture of my PC is below.

Throughout all my gaming life, I was always told that video games rot the brain. They’re not a “Way of life” nor a future for anybody, and just a waste of time. I spent what little free time I did as a kid, and most of my free time as an adult engrossed in video games because I didn’t want to go out and party, drink, be “Social” in bars, that kind of ordeal. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I always had a gut feeling something wrong would happen. [This proved to be true when I was in AIT. Someone brought a camera, and... You can imagine how amazing it felt when I was the only one allowed to walk around in civilian clothes while my whole class was condemmed to the barracks :P]

My PC setup.

I am now 32, married with 2 kids, amazing house and job, and I feel this is the best time to show the world video games, and video game communites are a good thing. Regardless of what the media portrays video games... No matter if you’ve seen the BAD side of what an addiction to video games can do... There are responsible people on this planet that have a good wok ethic, a healthy relationship, a healthy relastionship with their kids, and able to have a stable gaming experience.

From left to right. Manx [Rat terrior], Buster [Beegle], Kizzie [Gold Pommie], Monty [White Pommie] and Bluebie [Black/blue/silver Pommie]

Sit back, relax, and enjoy memes, streams, conversations, and just... Everything


Minecraft, Minecraft Hosting, and cleaning the house! Working, shopping, looking at jewelry, talking about video games... I like Minecraft. A. LOT. Sometimes, I think too much lol. I do like blogging about daily life, and all that. I try to at least once a week. I do like people approaching me, and making friends from all over the world is one of the best feelings in the world!

I love games like Final Fantasy 14, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, and above all, Minecraft!

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