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    Quote from Danher

    Minecraft account name: Danher.

    Accepted :Bacon: I really liked the story and feel like you will be fun to RP with. Hope to see you once we get the server up.
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    Outlands: Apocalypse Australia

    Status: BETA

    There is a white-list, so don't try to join unless you're accepted. You must post an app and be accepted in order to play. Feel free to post one and we will get to it shortly. remember to read all of the lore.

    To everyone that was accepted in the first server, since we are roughly 20 years in the future you can either keep your old character, but have them aged, or create a new one. All we ask is a small 2 paragraph bio either explaining what your character went through in those 20 years or a brand new character bio (still 2 paragraphs.) Remember to take in the new time-line into account. If you old character was one of the removed factions it will be known as one of the few remaining of that faction.


    Trading Posts- Throughout the wastes are trading posts where the Stranded (villagers) try to make a living. Inside these buildings is a Stranded behind a bullet proof windshield ready to trade what he has. There is also a crafting bench, furnace, enchanting table, and an ender chest inside to help you out. (You cannot take ANYTHING out of the trading post, they are protected, but don’t try to take anything out unless you enjoy being beaten with a banhammer.)

    Instances- Ever played a game with dungeons or raids and thought, “I wish these were in Minecraft.” Well then we have just fulfilled your dreams. Throughout the map are instances that can be played through and will give you loot and xp at the end and throughout the instance? You have to fight monsters and solve puzzles to get through, but the work is worth it. Some can’t be done alone, such as the seed vault, and will take many people to complete and share the wealth with.

    Non-plugin economy- With the release of emeralds and trading with villagers we thought it would be a good idea to make emeralds the money instead of using a plugin. This adds another sense of danger to the world because now you have to carry your money on you. Another good thing about a the emerald economy is that it is entirely player driven, which means prices can inflate and deflate based on money supply and value.

    Expansions- As we get more and more people we plan to expand the already massive map. The 3 expansions are as follows; The Emerald Rush of 2249, Ghosts of Tasmania, and Lost Haven. They will add whole new elements to the game. Each expansion will be released either by getting more and more players or on a schedule we will create.

    Tutorial Zone/Faction ares- With the new update we have added a tutorial spawn point where you can get acquainted with our plugins and the server itself. Once you get the hang of it you can leave and either head to high RP areas, a random location, or your factions territory.

    Radio- http://www.pandora.c...551950745203408


    1982- Iran buys Russian suit case nukes off the black market

    2013- US invades Iran because Iran will not cease nuclear energy/weapon development. To spite the US Iran sells the nukes to a terrorist organization. They hope that the terrorists will use the nukes making the US leave Iran.

    2013-2014- Scientists believe that another seed vault is needed, but it is to be built in the southern hemisphere. A 2nd seed vault is constructed in the center of Australia with a state of the art cooling system and a self-sustaining power supply that will last for approximately 200 years before needing a replacement.

    2014- Terrorist organization sets off 4 suit case nukes. The 4 cities targeted were, New York, Moscow, France, and Hong Kong. In accordance with national security measures the US fires its nuclear war heads at pre-designated targets. Russian and Chinese early warning systems pick up the ICBMs and proceed to fire their own. Most of the world becomes a radioactive wasteland uninhabited by any organism. The only piece of land that was not hit directly by a nuclear missile was Australia seeing as how they have no real enemies.

    2015-2067- The fallout circles the globe plunging the earth into darkness and creating a nuclear winter scientists could not foresee. Australia is blanketed in fallout and a massive climate shift occurs turning it into a frozen tundra. Anyone alive has either gone into underground vaults or sanctuaries, as they are called, constructed by Forelance laboratories. Another company, named Vault-Tec, also created vaults, but they were much lower quality and many inhabitants dyed of leaks. Those who did not go underground were horribly mutated by the radiation that blanketed the continent.

    2068-2115- The world is still knee deep in a nuclear winter, but it the storms have calmed and people begin to emerge from their sanctuaries and start to rebuild. The sun rarely shows, but even when it does it cannot penetrate the permafrost and ice that perpetually blankets Australia.

    2115-2030- Most people have emerged from the sanctuaries, in particular the ones created by Vault-Tec, but some choose to continue to live in them saying, “They are much safer than the surface.” Larger settlements have risen and even some factions have developed. Most notably the Eastern Empire, which resides where Sidney used to be. They took over the old decrepit buildings and began anew. Residents of the Eastern Empire developed the new currency that is currently being used throughout the land and that is Emeralds. People who reside in the Eastern Empire are generally wealthier than other wastelands, but are not keen fighters, as they rely on their economic and diplomatic sense to get through tough situations.

    2130-2150- Aborigines were discovered on the western coast by some exploring the western regions. They are very spiritual and very good at hand to hand combat. The Aboriginal history dates back thousands of years to New Zealand. How they got here after the bombs fell is anyone’s guess.

    Raiders have popped more and more throughout the wastes creating a huge stir. They have been known to pillage, slaughter, and enslave entire settlements. They primarily use melee weapons to scare their “prey” and to savor the slaughter. As soon as Raiders showed up, the Dusters where there to help. They act as the law of the land and seek justice throughout. They are always looked to eradicate the raiders and to provide a stable legal system for the wastes.

    When people started to emerge the locals took an almost racist distaste to the tourists that were there during the war. The tourists and their descendents went on to become the stranded that live in small settlements scattered through the wastes.

    2150-2170- Forelance emerges from their top secret bunker laboratory in the northern part of the continent and sends scouts all throughout it. People become aware of them and thank them for the sanctuaries. Forelance begins new testing and experiments are a variety of different subjects created after the war. Particularly the Tear (Nether) which was created when the bombs went off, so much energy was released by all of the nuclear explosions that a tear was created in space-time which opened up another dimension. Forelance scientists found out that space in the Tear is over 2 times smaller than in the regular world which made it much easier to create railroads in the Tear. It took less time to travel because it was a smaller distance in the Tear yet technically still the same distance in real time.

    While inside the Tear Forelance scientists discovered a new group of people that called themselves the Followers of the Flash. They praised and worshiped all that the bombs had created. They mostly lived in the Tear, but before that had lived in giant cracks, or ravines, that had been created from the nuclear shockwaves. The built portals and now have entire towns inside the Tear.

    The Tear also released monstrous creatures that took the lives of many Forelance scientists. It is said that you can see the ravaged remains of the scientists still trying to carry on their work.

    2170- 2223- (Start of first server) Civilizations begins to rebuild itself in some places, but in others chaos remains. Factions begin to rise and with it conflicts as well. The Dusters and the Raiders are in a constant battle for both control and justice. The Vault Dwellers begin to come out of their Vaults and either join, for the most part, the Stranded or the Followers.

    2223-2230- (Story of first server) The wasteland during this period is oddly peaceful. The Dusters seem to have taken back control of most of the south-eastern peninsula. There is no recorded history outside the south-east presumably because no one has left it. Many small settlements pop up in the south-east, and almost all of them are friendly.

    2230-2237- As soon as the decade changed everything seemed to go wrong at once. Contact with Forelance was lost, the last message to escape on the radio waves is, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end." No one knows what to make of it, and it doesn't help that no one knows where Forelance is aside from one person that can't be found.
    As the raiders begin to muster their forces the small, peaceful settlements that once housed many friendly people begin to become desolate, abandoned holes in the ground. The raiders push north and overrun Sydney in just two days. They take what they want and continue up the Eastern coast. Sydney is now a vile, wretched hive, full of scum and villainy. The raiders now control most of the eastern seaboard of the once great continent of Australia.

    2237-2243- Many different peoples have started to disappear. The mutants have started to die off due to not being able to reproduce and the Aborigines have simply vanished. The Androids have sparked and puttered out all over the wastes. The Wasteland that once looked like it had a bright-er future is now spire-ling down into the dark depths of oblivion. Will you be there to help pull it out or shove it even farther down?

    Basic Faction Information

    The Factions on our server also serve as races, so just because you belong to a faction doesn't mean you are restricted to them. Factions are also here as guidance, you don't have to belong to one. You can create your own custom character without a faction and then later, if you like a certain faction, you can join in game.

    Stranded- Tourists who were left on Australia when the bombs fell were subject to much prejudice after the Sanctuaries were evacuated. They were blamed for the war that their countries started and were exiled away from other peoples. They generally live in their own small settlements (villages) and keep to themselves. (Villagers are considered to be stranded.) They are alright at all things, but great at nothing. They farm for most of their food and constantly are defending against raiders. They wear basic clothing such as tattered jeans and a t-shirt.

    Vault Dwellers- Many decided not to leave the Sanctuaries and deemed them safer than the outside world. They are smarter than most inhabitants of the surface, but aren’t particularly well built. They continue to expand their Sanctuaries into blossoming underground metropolises. Vaults are rarely attacked because first off they are hard to find and second because they are well defended and confusing. The eat food grown in the bio-spheres inside the vaults. They wear Vault provided jump-suits that indicate the vault they are from.

    Followers of the Flash- When the bombs dropped some went mad. Of those that went mad some worshipped what the bombs brought. The ravines created by the nuclear shockwaves became havens for the Followers and they built their homes in and over the cliffs. When the Tear was accidently discovered they hailed it as the Gift of the Flash and many moved into the Tear creating towns throughout. They are good at using melee weapons and hand to hand combat, but not great and are a little bit better at ranged weapons because of the threats in the Tear. They are also good at navigating treacherous terrain after years of living in ravines. They mostly hunt for their food, but farm a little outside the Tear. They generally wear robes or rags and a gas mask.

    Raiders- Raiders scour the wastes looking for helpless individuals or group to pillage and slaughter. In some cases they will enslave entire settlements in work camps and force them to find them precious gems and ores. The Raiders often create their own clans inside the main faction such as, the Raptors and the Psychos. They generally live in huge compounds or camps where they can either defend or enslave people. They are great at melee weapons and love to torture victims with them. They were salvaged clothing and armor like car tires and leather jackets and many have tattoos. (skeletons are NPC raiders)

    Dusters- The Dusters see the wastes as a lawless hellhole that desperately needs to be straightened out and really, they aren’t wrong. The Dusters look to provide justice and peace throughout the wastes by creating a legal system of their own and enforcing it. They are in constant conflict with raiders and lawless folks of the sort. The dusters live in small compounds in defensible places such as mountains and peninsulas. They are very good with ranged weapons and prefer to engage the melee Raiders with ranged weapons. They generally wear dusters, which gave them their name, and some sort of hat.

    These factions require in game admission. You CANNOT apply for them.

    Eastern Empire- In 2237 the shining haven of Sydney was raided and overrun by raiders, they burning and destroyed countless buildings and slaughter many of it's inhabitants. After the raiders finished their pillaging and looting they moved farther up the east coast. The ruins of Sydney are now owned by criminals and gang bosses. The once safe haven for the wastelands people is now a crime ridden, ruthless metropolis.

    Forelance- Forelance Labs, the once great and ingenious intellectual society is no more than a hyper-advanced Artificial Intelligence code named, Epsilon. It keeps the labs running and even carries out some of it's own tests. No one knows what happened to the staff of Forelance, but they are either presumed dead inside the Labs or out roaming the wastes.

    Removed Factions

    Aborigines- The Aborigines have seemed to vanish from their coastal homes, they left no traces and nothing to follow aside from their completely deserted villages.

    Mutants- The mutants, being unable to reproduce due to the severity of their radiation poisoning have died out. They either A. slowly died of radiation, or B. were killed off by the dusters and other people that saw mutants as a threat.

    Androids- After so many years the batteries powering the countless androids roaming the wastes have sputtered and died. You can find the shells of these androids scattered around the wastes like small monoliths waiting to be reactivated.


    Some factions can have clans inside them, which are a side group of people in that faction that associate with one another. The factions that can have clans are; Raiders, Dusters, and Stranded.


    Players can also create their own side factions. The factions stated above are just the 10 main factions. If you do create your own I jsut ask that you create a post with their information. Player created factions will require in game admission.

    Advanced Faction information

    Skills- Good at all things, but masters of none.
    Weapons- Same as above.
    Food- Mainly farm for food.
    Disadvantages- As stated above they aren't great at anything and are also hated by most natives.
    Housing- They live in small settlements (villages) among themselves, but some have larger housing.

    Vault Dwellers-
    Skills- Good with mechanics and technology. They have gotten good at fixing things by repairing their vaults.
    Weapons- Aren't very strong fighters, but when it comes down to it they are ok with ranged weapons.
    Food- They eat foods grown in their vaults and don't eat much meat.
    Disadvantages- Aren't very strong or resilient and have weak immune systems.
    Housing- They live in separate rooms or barracks inside the vaults.

    Followers of the Flash-
    Skills- They are very good at navigating terrain and using old world "Parkour"
    Weapons- They are good with melee weapons and hand to hand combat, but are great with neither. Although with training one could become good.
    Food- They eat whatever they can grow in the ravines and animals near them. When in the Tear they must either kill the scientists or go back to the "surface" world.
    Disadvantages- Their beliefs sometimes blind them and cause frequent violent encounters.
    Housing- They live inside ravines, usually along the cliffs on the "surface" world. In the Tear they will in small settlements near the edges.

    Skills- Vicious killers that will stop at nothing to slaughter their prey. Not easily intimidated.
    Weapons- great with melee and good at hand to hand. Only a few raiders use ranged weapons because they lack the gruesome effect raiders love.
    Food- Mainly meat products they raise or pillage.
    Disadvantages- Very violent and they don't listen to reason. Not smart either.
    Housing- They live in either huge compounds of fenced in camps for defense and slavery purposes.

    Skills- Very justice driven and helpful.
    Weapons- Great at ranged weapons and alright at melee. They prefer to engage raiders at long distances.
    Food- Eat almost everything they raise or grow.
    Disadvantages- They always see the justice side of things and not seeing another’s views can get them in trouble some times.
    Housing- They either live in big houses or compounds, or a collection of smaller houses. These settlements are usually on defensible places like mountains or valleys.

    Forelance- (previous information about them)
    Skills- Fantastic scientists that are the brightest minds of the wastes. They create and fix new things all the time.
    Weapons- They are fairly good with ranged and ok with melee, but not great hand to hand fighters. As scientists they generally stay away from conflict, but will fight back if attacked.
    Food- Eat the foods grown in their main vault, which has a massive farming room.
    Disadvantages- As very smart people sometimes do, they aren't great at understanding people of lesser knowledge.
    Housing- They mostly live in Forelance facilities or undisclosed islands.

    Eastern Empire-
    Skills- Very good at politics and economics. They can find easy ways to get what they want, even if it's through violent means.
    Weapons- Being the scum and villainy of the wastes, they fight very dirty.
    Food-They eat what ever they can scrounge out of the once great skyscrapers.
    Disadvantages- As stated above they are scum, therefor they don't work well with others and are very distrustful.
    Housing- They live in the once great skyscrapers and penthouses of The Eastern Empire.


    1. Don’t grief. It’s simple, unless it is RP destruction, don’t be an ­ and destroy other peoples creations. Why would you make such a long app to get banned anyway? There are RP breakable blocks such as;
    stone with a tool
    pads and levers
    wooden door if you are strong or have an axe,
    anything else is considered griefing unless you use the right tool in a fight or are using TnT to raid.

    2. Don’t destroy/remove/break/steal anything that is pre-built by us admins. We put a lot of time into making this world so don’t break things like trading posts. THE EXCEPTIONS ARE the Sydney Slums and the flooded sky scrapers (They are radioactive mind you). The Sydney Slums include office buildings, warehouses, factories, and a dock yard.

    3. Global is OOC (Out of Characters) and local is IC (In Character) If you want to speak in OOC in local use brackets -> [OOC].

    4. This is a roleplay server, so roleplay.

    5. Be mature and don’t spam or troll.

    6. If you die, that sucks, you’re dead. You CANNOT come back and you must make a new character, which means making a new bio, 2 paragraphs, and getting a new skin. Until you do say hello to the banhammer.

    7. Read ALL of the LORE. Not some, ALL and this includes all faction info as well.

    8. Use our custom Last Days texture pack, or nothing will make sense.

    9. Put “I slept with a cow” at the end or your bio, so we know you read the rules.

    10. You have to see a player to know they are there, not just see their name.
    Stay IC at all times and play as your character has been described. Don’t do something the character wouldn’t do.

    11. To attack it must be in RP with an RP reason. You cannot blatantly attack someone for no reason or a stupid ass reason. Before you physically hurt another player you must each exchange 10 lines of RP text fight.

    12. Don’t be racist or sexist.

    13. Structures cannot defy laws of physics. No 1x1 towers.

    14. Raids are allowed as long as a good reason is given and at least 2 people and a town leader or higher up from the target settlement are on.

    15. Don’t ask admins or moderators for items, blocks, etc.

    16. Use the names for the Mobs and items we give you.

    17. This is an English speaking server, so please speak English.

    18. and lastly have fun.







    Names for Mobs

    Chicken- Artificial Egg Layer (AEL) created during the chicken pandemic of 2013. These AELs were injected with chicken embryo and were used to lay artificial eggs.

    Cow- Just a cow, but slightly irradiated. Milk might be spoiled.

    Mooshroom- Fungow were created by the radiation that circled the globe for years. Only a few cows turned out like this.

    Ocelot- Wild cats were once domesticated, but left to fend for themselves when the owners left them.

    Pig- Just a pig, but slightly irradiated

    Sheep- Artificial Wool Growth (AWG) The chicken pandemic seemed to effect the sheep as well, so Forelance created a robotic version of sheep that also grew wool, but could also be used for electronics.

    Squid- Aquatic Sentries were placed in and around Australia by Forelance Labs to protect it from submarine missile cruisers during the war.

    Wolf- Dingoes are native dog like marsupials on Australia and can be tamed and turned into faithful pets.

    Zombie- Mutant (some of the last few)

    Skeleton- Raider

    Wither Skeleton- The first fully combat capable Artificial Intelligence (ALCv1) was sent to the Tear after scouts and sentries began to become hostile, but as with all the other AI sent to the Tear they too became hostile.

    Creeper- Suicide Bots came from a crashed transport ship on the northern coast of Australia. They were being sent from Pakistan to China. Iran had smuggled them into Pakistan because of the embargo on their country.

    Slime- Radioactive sludge that has somehow become semi-sentient.

    Spider- Sentries created by Forelance to protect the main land although for some reason they turn hostile at night. This bug might be because of the lack of solar power, which is what they run on.

    Cave Spider- Infiltrator Sentries were used to get into hard to reach places, but raiders got a hold of them and now they are always hostile and inject lethal venom which is normally used to assassinate opponents.

    Bat- Bats were largely untouched by the radiation due to living mostly underground.

    Enderman- Steins are named for their grotesque look and odd behavior. Do not look directly at them.

    Silverfish- Rock Bugs that seem to come out of stone tiles and stone when broken. Very pesky.

    Ghast- Tear Sentries sent to the Tear to protect scientists, but the atmosphere of the Tear messed with the wiring causing them to be incredibly hostile.

    Magma Cube- Contained Sludge was introduced when Forelance brought the original sludge into the Tear for testing.

    Blaze- Tear Scouts were created to look throughout the Tear and explore, but again the atmosphere made them incredibly hostile and their incendiary rounds don’t help.

    Zombie Pig Man- Ravaged Forelance Scientists can be seen wandering the Tear still trying to complete their work. Their vital signs show they should be dead, but somehow continue to live.

    Villagers- Stranded

    Witch- Some of the Stranded stumbled upon Tear gates that tore their way into this reality throughout the wasteland. Those that entered came out as crazed sorcerer and sorceresses, created odd concoctions to use on themselves.

    Snow Golem- The first Artificial Intelligence (AIv1) created by Forelance. Mostly wanders around and leaves a trail of ash behind it.

    Iron Golem- The second Artificial Intelligence (AIv2) created by Forelance. It is much bigger and can fight off hostile creatures.

    Ender Dragon- ????

    Ores and Gems

    Coal- Batteries that are great for creating light and powering stoves.

    Iron- Gears that can be smelted into decent tools.

    Gold- A once highly sought after mineral that is now only good for special equipment.

    Diamond- Power Cells created by Forelance last much longer than traditional gear.

    Lapis Lazuli- Computer parts from before the war that are good for using as a base for a computer system.

    Emerald- Nades that are used as currency around here.

    Snow- Fallout, which is a radioactive, dust like, particle that falls to earth after a nuclear detonation. It has been circling the globe since the bombs first fell. Contact with the skin can cause severe, possible 3rd degree, burns and can leave any uncovered material radioactive for 48 hours after contact.

    Compass- Geiger-Receiver, or GR for short, functions as a geiger counter and a portable radio.


    Out of Character (OOC)
    Minecraft account name: (Need it for white-listing)
    Country of Residence and Time Zone: (So we know when the best time to restart/update is)
    Do you have any experience roleplaying? (It IS a roleplay server after all)
    Why are you applying? (Don't just put, the server looks neat)
    Have you ever been banned and if so why? (Be honest, we all have our bad moments)
    Do you agree with the rules?
    Will you destroy/steal/grief admin created structures? (As in Trading Posts, Sky Scrapers, and Instances)
    Will you use our custom Last Days texture pack?

    In Character (IC)
    Faction (Optional):
    How old is your character:
    How does your character act?
    Does your character have any family or close friends?
    Is your character educated (Read and write)?
    Does your character have any special skills or proficiencies?
    Does your character have any weaknesses?
    Does your character hate or fear anything?
    Your character’s story so far (At LEAST 5 paragraphs): (I'll accept 2 or 3 if it's incredible, I mean absolutely fantastic)
    Provide an example of a role-play situation with some dialog (At least 2 paragraphs):
    Describe what your character looks like and provide a picture of the skin:


    Vault 127

    The Wastes

    Followers of the Flash


    Sydney Harbor Bridge

    Bagger 288

    Special thanks to dereksmith for the texture pack.

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    So we might be getting this back up and running...
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    Add Tau and you will have yourself another member.
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    Quote from mallachie

    I almost feel like there is so much fighting and hate on this thread that you should simply link to the new one on the OP. It might bring in more new players. Just a thought

    tried to and it got deleted
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    Quote from Sukar

    tj stfu
    you can do it

    you know you dont do apps

    I cant edit his post. I want him to make the font smaller so we can see how long his app really is. And I do the apps PMed to me so please be quiet.
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    levilyn please change the font size in your app to 12.
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    Quote from Aceeri

    Sukar, I respect that you've made this great server and all, but you need to hire more mods and possibly admins. And I'm not talking specifically to you. I'm talking to TJ too.

    I can admit that I was a little ticked off that TJ reverted the map without any warning whatsoever. Even though there were players on. If you be a little more considerate to your players, they would be on the server more. That means more people will be interested since they see they have someone to talk to. Then they might tell their friends. Then they will make applications. Then join us. And then you see the server grow.

    An Idea for future reference:

    Maybe in the future some of the other parts of the world will be available to the players, such as a couple small islands that have become less radiated and is now liveable in.

    You haven't been here long so I'll give you a break, but this is the last time i do it. I was very active before this week, but this week i have been very busy with school. We have already had a few events, but you were not there for them. I warned everyone we would be reverting, but either you weren't listening or you weren't on and I can't help that. Next time you want to ***** get your facts straight and PM.
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    Quote from Aceeri

    The admins pretty much just screwed me. I was making a new part in my vault and then AJ just HAPPENS to revert the server at that time so i spawned and suffocated to death. Now none of the admins are on, I can't find my base. Seriously guys, this is why the server is dead 90% of the time, there are no admins on EVER.I had ****ing 2 stacks of porkchops and iron tools.

    Btw, I can't find your steam. Also, Sukar, your spelling is horrible >.>

    Ok dude if you have a ****ing problem with us trying to fix things and help, leave. The spawn town and 2 towns outside of it were severelly griefed and we had to reset to fix them. you happy < 90% of server population happy. Also don't make fun of his spelling. You want to play on this server then respect admins, it's in the rules asshole.
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    From now on if you have a complaint add me on steam (tjdrago) or skype (trevor.sorrells) so you can tell me asap.
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    it appears someone has griefed the spawn area and its outlying towns. If anyone has information on it please PM me.
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    I will be hosting the server once i get more RAM, which should be this weekend, and i pan on unbanning amx because i liked his ideas for his castle and instance stories. I assume amx did not tell AJ about his ideas and he only really deserved a warning, not a full on ban. Sirloff will be re-white-listed, but i will fix the permissions so he only has white-listing powers, no offense mate. I'm not sure what to say about Loki because I haven't heard from him since. I want the sever population to go up, we need more players, so if you're thinking of applying stop thinking and apply! I have so much planned for teh future, but we need people to play if I want to make it happen. Thanks.
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