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    How do i upload a picture of my skin on this forum?
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    Out-Of-Character: Trevor
    Minecraft Account Name: tjdrago

    -How old are you?: 16

    -Time-Zone/Country of Residence: Eastern Standard -5/USA

    -Do you have a good grip on the English language/good grammar?:English is my native tongue

    -Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself:I'm very creative and innovative. I have been a gamer for about 4 years. My strengths would be math and science when it comes to school subjects.

    -How much time could you be on the server weekly?:5-7 days a week, evenings

    -How long have you played minecraft?:for about 8 months

    -What do you know about roleplaying? How long have you been doing it? What kind?:I know role playing is when you act out what you are doing and develop your character over time. I have been role playing for 3 years on garrys mod, half-life 2 death match and WoW

    -What do you expect this server will be like?:A almost fallout like map with serious players

    -What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?:I run my own server and got bored because i had built basically everything i could. Other than that i played swisscraft and left because they were jerks

    -Have you ever been banned before? if, why? ( Be Honest ):no

    -Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules? What about the lore?:yes, and i read the lore all the way through

    -What is a slime called on this server?:living nuclear waste creature

    -How did you hear about us?:my friend

    -Will you be willing to download and be active on our Mumble server?:yes

    -Character Name:Tj Drago

    -Biography:Born to a family who traveled the wastes with a largely militarized group on August 16, 2197. Grew up constantly on the move and with a gun in my hand. We rarely saw food and ate about every 3 to 5 days. Drank any water we found, even if it was irradiated. This lead to many deaths among our group. We finally settled down when i was 16 in an abandoned police station on a deserted highway. It still contained running water and rations from before the war. We lived there for 3 years before running out of supplies. As we roomed further into the wastes we were ambushed by a large faction of raiders. They took everyone prisoner and took us to their compound. Everyone was forced into labor and the ones who refused were either shot or tortured. My parents could no longer work from malnutrition and were decapitated right in front of me. I couldn't take it any longer and fled the camp in the middle of the night. I roamed the wastes and scavenged what i could from then on.

    -Character Family:My father was one of the leaders of our group and one was a strong and courageous person. My mom was fairly strong hearted, but was not physically strong. She tried the best she could to care for me.

    -Character Age:20

    -Character Appearance:Six foot two, one hundred ninety-five pounds. Medium length blond hair and green eyes. Always wearing a gas mask to protect himself from the toxic air. Wears a worn out tactical vest taken from the police station to help buffer blows from hand to hand combat. Wears paintball pants found in a store with built-in nee-pads. to protect his arms he has arm wraps wrapped around his fore-arms to protect his skin condition called eczema and shield his skin from the environment.

    -Character Personality: (Any fatal flaws?): Strong hearted and helpful. Is in good physical shape despite lack of nutrition. Is mostly mentally well aside from bursts of anger. The bursts of anger is caused by the withheld emotions from his parents deaths. This anger has gotten him into trouble before. Only talks when necessary or when around people he is comfortable with. Gets annoyed fairly easily.

    -Occupation:Scavenger of the wastes

    -Can your character read or write?:Can do basic reading and writing

    -Can your character mine?:Yes he can mine because he is in good physical condition

    -Can your character build? (Holes in the ground do not count.):Can build basic structures and housing.

    -Can your character fight?:Is very good at fighting because of the fact that he grew up in a militaristic family.

    -Can your character farm?:Is not good at farming even the basic things. He has always been a scavenger and scavenges for what he needs.

    -Does your character have any special skills?:Is a very good marksman and good at hand to hand combat.

    -Does your character have any mental or physical disabilities? Any health problems?:Anger management issues and a skin condition called eczema.

    -Character Fears:He fears decapitations because that is how is parents were killed. He also has a slight fear of heights.

    -DESCRIBE an event where your character is in deep pain: (No *I dodge the raiders arrows*. Write it out.)
    *A whip slaps the back of Tj's back*
    "Ow! God dammit!" he screams.
    "Language Tj," his mother whispers.
    "Language? Are you joking? We are being forced into labor by a bunch of thugs and you are worried about language?" Trevor yells.
    "Well the least we can do is stay civilized if they won't," she whispers.
    "Screw that! If we want to get out of here we need to fight our way out!" he yells again.
    "Stop talking!" A raider yells as he cracks his whip again.
    "Tj please," his mom whispers under her breath.
    "Listen to your mother Tj. Your mother and I are to weak to get out of here anyways," Tj's dad says.
    "Don't say that dad. You have always been strong enough to fight," Tj says looking at his dad worried.
    "I said stop talking!" The raider yelled as he smacked Tj's back with the whip once more.
    "*Tj falls to the ground doubled over in pain and yells,* "What the hell!"
    "Still gunna talk eh? Well we'll see about that after this," the raider grabs both of his parents and slams them up against the wall. "Get on your nees!" he yells
    "What are you doing!" Tj screams.
    "You'll see soon enough you worthless piece of crap. And with that he unsheathed his machete and raised it.
    "No, don't!" Tj screamed at the top of his lungs.
    The raider swung the machete down and decapitates both of his parents. "Wanna talk now dirt bag?" The raider says with a laugh.
    *Tj falls to the ground onto his hands and nees and stares at his parents dead bodies. His mouth hangs agape and he crumbled to the ground.
    "You gunna cry *****?" the raider asks Tj.
    "You will die," Tj whispers, "You will all die."
    "Sure we will," The raider says, "Sure we will."

    -A screenshot of your skin: (Please include a picture of the skin being worn, and a png of the skin itself.)I do not know how to add a picture to this application. I attempted to upload the 2 attachments of my skin, but do not know if they went trough. Please email me if you have any further questions.

    -Other Information:
    "I will use ((*)) or brackets to speak in OOC in the local chat if needed or I will get banned!
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