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    Quote from Morticour

    Minecraft Name:Morticour
    Role-play experience: Ive Rped on 2 servers and am about to start a 3rd, and hopefully this will be me 4th :biggrin.gif:
    Have you played GoW? Own all of them, Total Gear Head, When i seen this server my eyes went wide O.o.

    Character name: Rugar
    Faction: As much as i rather be a COG, i see there arnt to many for Locust... so ill go Locust lol
    Job: Soldier
    Background: Chapter 1 (Soldier in Training)

    Rugar is Grenaider Grub, not much to look at about 7 foot tall, he looks weak and helpless, The locust have made him be a worker for far to long, they underestimate him, and he wants to prove to everyone his talent, he far exceeds many other locust, mainly in just swiftness and accuracy. But his first time on surface, he was on patrol with 3 others, this was his first attempt on trying to become a Soldier, they were patrolling and supply searching, when they incountered a Stranded ambush, one of the Locust was sniped down and then 5 Stranded quickly rushed in to attack, the Leader of the Locust Patrol "Graski" quickly shot a stranded and Rugar was Petrafied with fear, he didnt think quick and as he realized it was just him and "Graski" and by the time his thought came back it was a 2 on 2 Firefight. Still shocked that this is happening he ran, getting shot in the side, he fell dramaticly to the ground, all that he felt was heat in his side, he shot back, luckily hitting the shooter in the chest, The last stranded was running towards him, mad with rage that he had killed his friend, and then "Graski" then shot him in the arm, and he fell. "Graski" then came to Rugar and tried helping him up, but didnt realize the Stranded wasnt dead, his shot didnt go Through any vital organs, the Stranded then pulled a knife and stabbed "Graski" in the left shoulder, and then Rugar shot him in the head before he could do anymore damage, and thats when "Graski" realized there was something about this Youngling that seemed promising, when the got back the the Hallows they informed the others what had happened. And they decided to make Rugar a Soldier.

    Role-play example:

    Myrrah- My Children, COG have been spotted insde the hallow, kill on sight.

    Locust Soldier #1- "Lets go." (picks up Hammerburst)

    Locust Soldier #2- "Alright." (Picks up Retro Lancer)

    Rugar- (slowly gets up)...

    Locust Soldier #1 "Rugar why are you taking your time?"

    Rugar- "Im in no hurry? the COG wont get that far."

    Locust Soldier #2 "A little cocky for freshmeat arn't you?"

    Rugar- "No, Im confident."

    Locust Soldier #1 "Well we will get the glory then (scoffs)"

    Rugar- "Go on ahead ill catch up."

    Rugar- (hears gunshots ahead, and rushes into the room, to see the other 2 soldiers have been shot and killed.)

    COG #1- I Think thats all of them for now, move out.

    COG #2 and #3- Yesir!

    COG #4- Are you sure we should be in the Hallows?

    COG #1 Yes, they never expect it, thats why were here, to get some of their supplies.

    COG #4 Alright, ill scout ahead.

    Rugar- Hears footsteps getting close...

    COG #4 Turns the corner to find Rugar jabbing him with his Bayonett from his Retro Lancer.

    COG #1 (cries out for COG #4) Then rushes to see whats going on.

    Rugar- (Turns the corner) Then shoots and misses.

    COG #1 (Yells out) YOU SON OF A *****! and charges Rugar

    Rugar-(Glances the corner, and sees him coming) he shoots and hears a thud. Rugar looks again to see that he had killed the COG and sighs in relief, the rest of the COG retreated out of the Hallows.

    P.S. Obviously Locust dont speak english, but im sure the communicate somehow lol, so look at the locust in the rp as how they speak in GOW games. And i would like to know if you guys are considering making the Faction Lambent?

    Yeah i understand that, and we are making a texture pack that makes mobs lambent.
    Also... accepted!
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    Quote from Willhellm

    Nah dude, it's a chick. And she's got more balls than most of us on the forum combined.

    ... except me. i have...

    Balls of Steel!
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    These kind of conversations are what the admins mean by "spam"
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    Quote from online222222

    I hope this answers your question

    it answered mine quite thoroughly
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    Quote from Zimmeme


    Thanks for the courteous response
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    Quote from ThatAnn0yingGuy

    I honestly cannot believe two people asked to be whitelisted RIGHT AFTER he posted only trusted and selected members will be whitelisted right now...

    Sorry i didnt know, but i posted a few days ago. Also i played on Ruined World with a few of the people here, so i can be trusted.
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    Quote from Hasup

    Minecraft Name: Hasup
    Age: 15
    Role-play experience: Some in minecraft, some in sites, some in other games.
    Have you played GoW?: Yes, but i might be hazy on the story.

    Character name: Hasup
    Faction: Locust
    Job: Soldier
    Background: 1-2 paragraphs: The darkness around Hasup was sad and lonely. Though, he didnt care and didn't think. He was like most Locust. A brute, just about 8 foot and didn't think much. Though, hes a bit quicker than some other Locust, his main power is his strenght. He only gets stronger by killing as much as he can. Sometimes he challenges other Locust, just to show his dominance. He spared some, and killed some, those those he spared is the one that was his greatest comrades. His brain is not very used as much, yet he knows that his goal is to destroy the human race and obey The Queen.
    Role-play example: 1 paragraph at least
    Queen: My soldiers, human are living near us... kill all of them.
    Hasup: (Without speaking, he followed her command)
    A few minutes later...
    Human#1: FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!
    Hasup: GUARH *he rushes in the middle of the human with some of his comrades*
    Locust #2: Guarh! *dies by the massive bullets*
    Hasup: *grabs the dead body and throws it at the human*
    Human#2 and 3: *the dead body of locust, crushes their skull*
    Hasup: *Gets human #1 and rips out his head*
    Human#4: Get back! Get back! Aim your fire in that one!

    Don't make him to mindless, he still needs to some what think. Declined until you revise it.
    Also work on your grammar.
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    Quote from Chimlet225

    Minecraft Name:Chimlet225
    Role-play experience:I've done many Fallout RP's making up story lines for at least 30 characters, and when I was younger loved to go in the backyard with some nerf guns and imagination.
    Have you played GoW: Just finished the third game yesterday, and beat the other two, I know a lot on this game, and love it!

    Character name: Michael Pecararo (Red)
    Faction: Cog
    Job: Soldier
    Background: Mikes been inslisted in the Cog since not long after the Pendulum wars, he's seen much bloodshed but hasn't been shaken over the years, he's always stuck with his long shot and boltok (He had stolen from a Theron guard not to long ago). He has hobbies of kicking tickers and smacking them to death as he calls a "sport". Unlike some of his comrades he prefers the dark, he feels safer in it. And no matter what, he always wears his Cog issued helmet, as apposed to what Dom said to Ben a little while back, his helmet does NOT screw up his vision and he's killed many grub snipers before they saw him coming. He's a smaller guy, not normally into hand to hand combat, but if he needs, he'll be ready for a little brawl.
    Role-Play Example: Michael had been searching ruins all night and dawn had stumbled upon him, it was time to leave, he hadnt gotten to far before seeing what appeared to be a child in a mothers arms in ash, he stopped and stood for a while, his thoughts had been mixed, but he felt no emotion, he knew he had to stay frosty and he had seen worse, he came closer to the ash pile to see no face, is that what he had become? A cold dead expressionless doll of war? He giggled a little walking closer, years of smashing skulls, torching skin, and ripping apart grubs had made him cold, harsh, almost no longer human. He stopped right before walking into the ash pile realizing what had just happened, he stopped, just as his squad mates came by.
    Cog 1: The hell was that?
    Cog 2: Yeah man you went a little nutty over there, what's your issue?!?
    Michael: I don't know...
    Cog 1: Well what did you get?
    Michael: Actually I found some-
    Cog 2: Sanity? Oh wait, that's unachievable by someone like you.
    Michael: Why should I need sanity if all I do is kill?
    Cog 3: Well, you know there's always hope man,-
    Michael: Pff (starts a little laughter) you honestly expect me to hope in a world like this? There's no hope just bullets and blood, and maybe some ticker kicking (slight chuckle).
    As the five men stared at Mike they could tell something had been on his mind.
    Cog 1: Hey, Red, if there's anything you want to talk about, just te-
    His sentence had been stopped with a bloody gurgle, he looked down to see a blinking tip in his chest, looking up for help his five comrades were already running for cover. Another second later he was just a few chunks and a splatter on the ground. This is what Mike had been used to seeing happen to his friends, his brothers....
    Michael: Men! We have some Theron guards!!!!
    Cog 5: Obviously something important, watch those arrows guys.
    Michael was ready, in no rush he took the heads of two idiot grubs running up, while each of the cog soldiers took out the two Theron guards.
    Michael: Well, wasn't that important, they fought about as well as those ash piles against the hammer of dawn (slight chuckle)
    The others looked at him not taking his joke lightly, the group then split into twos looking for food and ammo, maybe even weapons.

    Fantastic RP example it really showed who your character was, accepted
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    Quote from NameIsTooken

    Minecraft Name:Jodtoyouey
    Role-play experience:Plenty. From WoW to minecraft, I've done plenty.
    Have you played GoW? Yep. I love the series.

    Character name:Tydis "Titan" Renolds
    Background:Tydis grew up as a kid who was mocked for his size, being taller than everyone else, and never fitting in with the rest of the kids because of it. Because of this, he has grown to become one of the strongest fighters the Cog have ever seen. He is ruthless, and, while obedient to his superiors, tends to fend for himself, as if he was a lone-wolf. He has a very deep voice, but it is rarely heard by others. He believes that "actions speak louder than words", and is pretty "loud" when it comes to all things Locust. He is a Gear, and makes sure that every Locust he meets sees his face as the last picture their tiny minds can see.
    Role-play example: This scene takes place with Tidus and his squad travel through Sera, on a mission to retrieve lost supplies. After a long day, the squad takes refuge in unidentifiable ruins. Just as Tidus is about to sleep, the lookout runs into the ruins screaming:
    Lookout: "Ambush! Quickly, everyone get your weapons and prep *is shot in the back of the head, dying on impact*
    Quickly, Tidus grabbed his things and ran to the nearest cover available.
    He meets his commanding officer of the squad and two other members of the squad behind a wall, safe from oncoming fire.
    Commander:"I'm not one for pep talks, but we are ALL walking away from this. Understood?"
    Squad members:"Yes sir!"
    The battle ensues, and both sides reach the edge of certain victory, then just as quickly loose their upper hand in the fight. After a long and hard battle, the Gears are victorious. Tidus as always, takes on the job of the body count of Locust.
    Tidus does his job, but stumbles upon a Locust on the verge of death, lying in desperation. He walks up to it, stands above it, smiles, and stomps its skull with his boot, killing it instantly. Tidus laughs and is happy to have had such an opportunity.

    Accepted, nice character
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    Guys an RP example would be a conversation or something your character does and have your background longer than a sentence.
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    Gears of War

    Do you love minecraft? Do you love Gears of War? Well if you answered yes to either question you will love this server.

    This GoW minecraft server provides every aspect of the GoW universe into an MMO style gameplay. Every thing you have ever wanted to do in GoW can now be done, whether it be RPing as a stranded or exploring the Hollow as a Locust. There is intense PvP combat and raids on enemy bases. Every thing you need to know can be read below and if you havn't played GoW, but want to know all about it read up on the time line here: Gears of War Time Line





    The COG have since fled Vectes and are seeking a new base of operations. One has been found and they are currently on route. Hopefully this one won't be sunk...

    Civilian: Gathers supplies, sells goods, and keeps the farms running.
    Engineer: Repairs equipment and keeps the base functioning.
    Soldier: Protects the base and all of its inhabitants and explores the outside world for resources.


    The Locust had their Hollow flooded, but the Hollow was only a small part of their underground empire. They live under the ground and don't come out until night to do their errands...

    Worker: Finds food and keeps the "housing" some what functional.
    Construction: Expands the new Hollow and builds structures for the rest of the colony
    Soldier: Invades the surface and collects supplies from raided bases.


    After the Hammer strikes any survivors outside of Jacinto banded together and created their own settlements. They keep to themselves and frown upon outsiders and anyone who isn't Stranded.

    Trader: Keeps the settlement running, finds food, and grow what they can from what little crop there is.
    Techy: Keeps what ever electrical and mechanical machines the settlement has working to an extent.
    Guardsman: Guards the settlement from attacks by all outward forces.

    How to Pick a Faction

    When you spawn you will be in a spawn area. There are 3 doors to go through, each one goes to the starting area of the faction it states. Once you pick your faction it is permanent and can only be changed by an admin. Once inside the starting area you may choose your job and do as you wish. Inform an Admin of your Faction and Job so he can edit your Faction and Job.


    No griefing
    1. Don't steal from your own faction.
    2. Listen to officials.
    3. Don't attack your own faction members.
    4. When attacking a city the outer wall must be destroyed by either TnT, fire, or weapons to get through. You cannot block climb over the walls. Every inhabitant must be killed for the city to be taken.
    5. When the city is taken the losing faction cannot take it back for 5 days. After the 5 fays they can take it back.
    6. A new town can only be created if 3+ people found it and live there.

    Faction specific rules

    Locust may only come outside at night, but if they do go outside during the day they will take damage.
    Locust cannot dig up into human settlements, but they can dig up outside of it.
    Locust live underground, but their main base is in the nether. nether portals may not be created by any other faction, but Locust.
    Humans can go underground, but Locust can kill them on sight if they do.

    Rules of Engagement
    COG can kill Locust on sight.
    Locust can kill COG on sight.
    Stranded are neutral and a reason is needed if you want to kill them which must be stated clearly before attacking.

    The server is currently under development, but we are still taking applications. We are not putting up the IP until we have the starting areas up which should be fairly soon.

    We have a forum where you can talk to us and learn about the server. Our Forum


    The character is a character you create and a background that fits your character. The RP example is where you demonstrate a scene or conversation that shows you can RP.

    Minecraft Name:
    Role-play experience:
    Have you played GoW?

    Character name:
    Background: 1-2 paragraphs
    Role-play example: 1 paragraph at least

    We are looking for someone that can make a texture pack for us. PM me if you can or know someone who can.
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    Im debating between that and Borderlands atm because i havnt found a good Star Wars or Borderlands one yet.
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