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    Where is the spawn being moved to and what time (EST) will the server be back up?
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    Quote from zakpuck

    (I hope this is good enough for the island. AJ should give you creative abilities to remake it)
    Dayummmnnnn. Hahahaha, your app was one of the best I've seen, and I know you were on the old server. Welcome to Ruined World 2. Even if your app was really short you would have been accepted because AJ loves you, but it was long and really good. I am excited to see you on the server. I'm whitelisting you right now. Oh yeah: ACCEPTED

    Thanks man and I love AJ lol
    Yeah i really would like to get another island, do you know of any on the map?
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    Out of Character

    MineCraft account name: tjdrago

    Country of Residence and Time Zone: USA and EST

    Define role-playing in your own words, do you have any past role-playing experiences? Role-playing is developing your character through interaction with others and events. I have RPed in minecraft in the original RW, WoW, Gmod, HL2: DM, and star wars: the old republic. I love to RP and have tons of experience.

    What is your reason for applying to this server? I was a big player in the first RW and was sad when it shut down. I’m hoping for this one to be just like the last.
    Have you been banned before, if so why? No I have not

    Do you agree with our rules? Yes I do, I actually think they are great and will prevent griefers and the like

    Will you use the server's official texture pack? Yes its one of my favorite texture packs besides bordercraft

    In Character

    Character name: (Last names aren't required) Trevor Drago

    What is your character's race?: Human

    Your character's story so far: In 2306 my grand fathers island city was slaughtered. I don’t know what did it or why they did, but the stories I’ve heard give me nightmares to this day. My Dad was the one who told me these stories. His dad, my grandfather, had started his town on a small island, secluded from everyone else. As more and more people got the urge to travel he had more and more visitors. The island he and settled, now named Drago’s Isle, was growing. After 10 years he had a city above the water with piers and board walks connecting each pelgo. The island thrived, but as with all stories of this nature it didn’t last long.

    People started to go missing at night. No one knew why, but it was becoming more and more frequent. For weeks this phenomenon kept occurring and no amount and investigation could find out why. Suddenly one night a great howling was heard outside. Most people thought it was a Tsu Storm from the booming noise, but my grandfather knew better. He gathered the guards of the town and went out into the night. That was the last my dad heard of him. He ran away with his girl friend early the next morning when they heard the booming getting closer. As he rode the boat away from the island he could hear screams of anguish and terror. He knew whatever he had left behind was a monstrosity.

    He ran off into the hills and settled in a bunker that had been his father’s safe house when the island started to grow. I was conceived in this bunker on August 16, 2418. My parents sought to teach me everything they could for one day, I would be on my own. The bunker was self sustaining, so I could learn all the basics. My father was a fighter at heart and taught me all he could. I was a decent enough fighter, but no master swords man, although I did enjoy the bow. My mother taught me how to farm and cook. I could cook fine for it didn’t take much, but I could really only grow trees, reeds, and melons. Wheat seemed to hate me. I did love one thing though that only my grandfather did, or so I was told. I loved technology. Now most humans aren’t great with technology, but put me behind any kind of computer and I’ll get right to it. My father also taught me how to mine although he couldn’t mine anything past the mid level ores I learned well enough.

    When I was 17 my mother fell ill. We hadn’t been out on the surface for at least two years, so we and no idea where to go to get medicine. My father sent me out to find anyone that could help while he stayed with her. I left the bunker and traveled for two weeks. It seemed the wasteland was just that, a wasteland. Finally I stumbled on a settlement called Fireside. I went in and asked around to where I could get the medication my mother needed. Finally I found it, I could save her. I spent a night at fireside to rest up and eat good food then left. I made it home in 10 days, but when I approached the entrance to the bunker the hatch was flung open and a reeking smell escaped from it.

    I quickly descended into the bunker to find a mix of burnt and mangled corpses that were slowly decomposing. A majority of them had leather vets on with a red “R” on the back. What that was I don’t know to this day. I found my dad lying dead in one of the back bedrooms with a gaping hole in his chest. My mother wasn’t around though. I kept going farther back into the bunker and finally entered the garden and there she hung… dangling from the birch tree she had planted at my birth. I stared in shock and sat down. The shock was so great I actually passed out for a couple of hours. I awoke t the smell of rotting flesh and sounds of someone picking through belonging. I walked out and into the atrium of the bunker to find two men picking through the bodies. I immediately picked up a bow and shot each one of the through the head without asking questions.

    With the brutal death of my parents I now have an inner rage so intense that when released creates a path of destruction. I do not like what I have become, but the “R” raiders didn’t really think of what would happen to me then did they?

    After I took what I could and left the bunker I roamed the wastes for 13 years seeking isolation and avoiding confrontation. No one should have to deal with the rage that dwells beneath my surface. Someone day I might settle down. I do lie islands, always preferred the isolation, much like my grandfather and who knows? Maybe today will be the day I sit down and figure things out.

    Does or did your character have any companions or family? Father Andrew Drago: killed in a raid on the bunker by an unknown wound to the chest, He was a strong man and a brilliant fighter. No one came between him and his family unless they went through him. Sadly they did eventually.
    Mother Meagan Drago: Sweet woman who would do anything to help her family. Loved plants and nature all together. She was hung by the “R” raiders from the birch tree she planted for Trevor when he was born.

    How old is your character? 30
    escribe what your character looks like, any distinctive physical features? He has a T shaped scar under his left eye. He has mid length dirty blond hair and emerald green eyes that burn like fire when he is enraged. He is 6 foot 4, a tall man for this day and age. He weighs 225 pounds which is very healthy even though he grew up with a good amount of food to eat. He has a skin condition called eczema which was inherited from his grandfather, it seems to skip a generation. The skin condition dries out and depigments the skin and he ahs it on his forearms and neck. He wears a tan shirt that is the color of the wastes itself. A green olive drab tactical vest covers the shirt. he wears black pants with padded knees and black combat boots. His most distinguishable feature is the gas mask he wears that has red, haunting eyes.

    How does your character act? He is mostly calm and reserved unless he is mad in which case he goes into a furry and destroys and almost everything around him. TIP: Don’t get him mad.

    Character's occupation: He is a techy at heart. Give him a computer and he can crack it and do anything with it you want.
    Does your character have an education? (Read or write) His parents taught him to read and write fairly well.
    Any special skills that your character has, nothing unbalanced: He is great with computers and ranged weapons.
    Does your character hate or fear anything? Hangings and the rotting smell of death.

    Describe an example of your character in great suffering and pain (RP): Trevor has just gotten back from his nearly two week journey in search of medicine for his mother. He walks into the building that houses the entrance to the bunker and sees the hatch open.

    “What the hell? Who left the hatch open? Mom and dad are always nit picky about closing it.”
    He peers over the edge a stench of rotting flesh and burnt bodies’ hits his nose and he slides on his gas mask out of reflex.

    “Oh god…”

    He slides down the ladder as fast as he can and the horror he sees cannot be explained. Dead bodies lay strewn about in the atrium of the bunker. Men with leather vests that have a red “R” lay dead and slaughter throughout the room.

    “No… no! How did they get in? Wait… mom? Dad?”

    He ran down the hall and into the living area only to find more bodies. He pushed through the slaughter and into the bedroom to find his father bled out with a gaping hole in his chest. He ripped off his gas mask and ran to his father.

    “Oh… my god. No, this can’t be happening. Why would someone do this? Who would want to hurt us?” Trevor says as he cradles his dad’s lifeless body.

    “Dammit dad!” He screamed, “Why didn’t you fight harder?”

    He set his father’s head down and closed his eyes then ran farther into the bunker. Room after room of decaying lifeless bodies were all he found, but no sign of his mother. He saw the glass door of the garden cracked open and ran towards it. I pushed through only to see his mother, hanging from the birch tree she had planted for him at birth.

    “No…,” he whispered, “No!”

    He sat down with his back to the wall and began to sob.
    “Who would do this? Who is so cruel to use an army to overrun and kill tow ****ing people?” he said as he sobbed.

    Trevor screamed at the top of his lungs, “Dad! Why didn’t you fight harder?”

    After that he blacked out. A few hours later he awoke to an even stronger stench. His put his gas mask back on, walked over to his mom, and cut her down. He cradled her as he cried and then heard someone rummaging through the massacre. He set her down and started toward the entrance.

    As he walked by his father he picked up his bow and arrows and went to find what sort of person steals from the dead. He walked into the atrium to see two men bent over bodies and taking the items. A rage he had never felt before over took them and without thinking he shot each one straight between the eyes before they even knew he was there. Trevor would not, could not be the same. This slaughter had lit a fire that no amount of water or sand could put out. These “R” bastards had created a monster they could never defeat and he would continue to “Fight harder.”

    Provide an image of your character's skin:

    **** yo ****, i got a mustache
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    alright nice.
    I'm almost done with the app, i couldnt wait till tomorrow lol
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    alright just read up on the lore and i have to say its just fantastic. I'm very happy i was added in :biggrin.gif: and i see why my character cant be used.
    Also is my island from the 1st RW in this map or no?
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    ah ok sorry. I wasn't sure on the exact dates so i figured he'd work, but now i see. I'll make another one and submit tomorrow.
    Also Hello Prisco :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from Raven692

    I have read the story line. If you take time to read my character bio, he has been cryogenically frozen through The Great Ruining, all the way to the discovery of the Herboxtians. If you don't like the idea of my character being cryogenically frozen, please say so...

    Ah sorry, didnt read that far. My apologizes and i have no problem. On the old ruined world my friend was in a cryo tube as well.
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    Quote from Dark_Myrmidon

    I really would like factions running around, ruins and dungeons to discover, and technology and civilization building! Couriers, Raiders, Soldiers, Scientists, Merchants, so many options for Factions! We could have wars, trade relations, and allies! Ruins and Dungeons full of items that could benefit us in RP! Teleportation technology, Generators, Better Radios, Vehicles, and much more things that don't necessarily benefit people physically! And we could have things cities could build, like factories, radio stations, taverns, barracks, all that jazz!
    I thought of this kinda system. People build things in tiers, like you could have a tier II Radio Station, that helps with communication and sound quality. Or you could have a tier III generator, that runs off of Nuclear Energy and could generate batteries/light buildings/power other objects. Here, http://imgur.com/a/QvXQM#LNAqD go to this link, it has the tiers of generators in order from least to greatest. What do you guys think? Do you get what i'm going for? Any criticism will be appreciated!

    hmm its an interesting idea, but without a mod to do this people would have to RP it honestly.
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    Quote from Raven692

    Andreu was born in the year 1983.

    Read the story line :sleep.gif:
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    If you guys want to make quests, why not make an instance? Like make a linear play through with mob spawners and the objective is to fight through them, light them up, fight a boss, and get the loot. We can reset them after every play through. I can help if you want. i have some good ideas.
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    Oh My God! I've been waiting so long for another Ruined World! I'll re-post my app. Thank you so much for making another! :biggrin.gif:
    By the way do you have the old map. I would LOVE to have my island back.

    Out-Of-Character: Trevor
    Minecraft Account Name: tjdrago

    -How old are you?: 16

    -Time-Zone/Country of Residence: Eastern Standard -5/USA

    -Do you have a good grip on the English language/good grammar?:English is my native tongue

    -Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself:I'm very creative and innovative. I have been a gamer for about 5 years. My strengths would be math and science when it comes to school subjects.

    -How much time could you be on the server weekly?:5-7 days a week, evenings

    -How long have you played minecraft?:for about a year.

    -What do you know about roleplaying? How long have you been doing it? What kind?:I know role playing is when you act out what you are doing and develop your character over time. I have been role playing for 3 years on garrys mod, half-life 2 death match, SW: TOR and WoW

    -What do you expect this server will be like?: I expect it to have a wealth of stories and history. It seems to me like the map with be mostly dirt and sand. Ther will be many different characters to interact with and talk to.

    -What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?:I run my own server and got bored because i had built basically everything i could. Other than that i played swisscraft and left because they were jerks

    -Have you ever been banned before? if, why? ( Be Honest ):no

    -Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules? What about the lore?: I agree with the rules completely and they seem very fair to me. The lore is great and I have read it all the way through twice.

    -What is a slime called on this server?:living nuclear waste creature

    -How did you hear about us?:my friend

    -Will you be willing to download and be active on our Mumble server?:yes

    -Character Name:Tj Drago

    -Biography: Born on August 16, 2197 to a family who roamed the wastes with a largely militarized group of people. We settled in one place for more than a week. We would scavenge what we could from the surrounding area and move on. Some nights we stayed in caves the men of our tribe, I guess you could call it, dug out. We traveled through towns and looked for food, water, and most of all ammo. The nights we were caught out in the darkness were spent fighting the hordes of monstrosities trying to kill us. One of two usually died in those battles, but they rarely happened. When i was 9 i found my first computer in an old electronics store in a town we were scavenging. I picked it up and tried to turn it on. Amazingly it powered up after a hundred or so years of disuse and neglect. I wasn't exactly sure what it was at the time, so i just started pushing buttons. After i tinkered with it for a day i had basic control over what it was and how to basically use it. I brought it with me when we left and continued to mess around with it. I learned how to use the programs that were on it and even how to program my own by the time i was 14. Then it was destroyed as we were running from zombies into a building one night. They came out of nowhere and gave chase to use as we walked down an abandoned street. We ran to the nearest building, but as i jumped through the door i dropped it and it was crushed under the feet of everyone behind me.

    When I was 16 we finally settled down in a semi-safe place; an abandoned police station. The station still had running water and MRE rations from before the war. The electricity had gone out, so e still had to use the torches we had been carrying around since before I could remember. There were bunks in the back of the station to sleep on and when we saw them we were the happiest people on this god forsaken earth. We hadn’t seen an intact bed in years and to lay down and actually sleep soundly for once in our lives was amazing.

    When we had stayed there for 6 months and it had a sense of permanence my mother and a few other women we were with started a small farm by the stream not too far behind the station. She tried to teach me how to farm, but I never really payed attention. The only thing I ever really understood was the sugar cane and that was because I had a major sweet tooth. The one thing i did focus on there though was the computer sitting at the receptionist desk. I hadn't had a full blown computer since i was 14, so i wanted to give it another go. This one was more advanced and had more programs than the previous one, so i enjoyed it very much. I learned how to program entire operations and applications for this computer which amazed our tribe or people. It was at this moment i thought i had a really special talent here.

    When I was 19 we finally ran out of supplies at the station and with nowhere close to go get more we had to leave. We roamed for 4 days before we finally found a small town to get some food and water. It was a small welcoming community that told us we could stay there for a few days if we’d liked. Man I wish we hadn’t. That night, while we were all asleep, a large group of raiders came to the town. I woke up while I was being dragged out of my bed and I could hear people screaming all around me. I had no idea what was happening and when I was dragged outside of the building we were staying at I could see a good majority of the buildings around me being burned. The rest of the night was mostly obscure. All I remember was being thrown into a wagon of sorts and taken off somewhere.

    The next morning I woke up shackled to a wall in a long building. My parents were across from me in the same state as I was. A good 75 people were all chained to the wall up and down the aisle. A man with tires on his shoulders came into the room and yelled, “All of you have been taken by the Raptors. You are currently in one of our labor camps. We will work you until you cannot work anymore then work you some more. This is not a place of refuge, it is a place where you work or die. You will be released and sent into the quarry within the next hour.” And with that he left us. I don’t know how long it was before we were released to go outside, but I do know when we went outside the sun was so bright it was blinding. The quarry was situated between two huge mountains. The cliff faces acted like natural barriers to keep the prisoners in. The next 6 months were pure hell for my family and I. All we did was stay close to one another and try to avoid attention.

    One day in mid-July we were working in the quarry and I just got fed up with it. I tried to talk my parents into escaping with me, but they were just too weak. When a guard heard me he told me to stop talking and when I refused he did the unthinkable. He raised his machete and decapitated both of my parents with one swoop of his blade. I collapsed in agony and it was at that moment I swore revenge on all who affiliated themselves with the Raptors. That night I got my cuffs off with a bobby pin and snuck out of our bunk room. I went to the main entrance and killed both of the guards by snapping one of their necks and easing his body to the ground, so it wouldn't make any noise. Then i took his knife and slit the other ones throat. I took what I could from them, which consisted of a knife, some leather armor, and one piece of bread, then I fled the camp. I roamed for another 3 months before I ended up where I am now. And where I am is… well… here.

    -Character Family: My father’s name was Jack Drago. He was one of the leaders of our travelling group. He was an expert marksman and a very courageous and noble man. He protected us from the monsters that came to kill us during the nights and fended off the raiders that tried to ambush us as we endlessly walked the wastes. My mother’s name was Samantha Drago. She was a very kind and strong hearted woman. She was not physically strong though. My father constantly had to care for her because she was never in good shape, but despite her condition she tried as hard as she could to care and nurture me.

    -Character Age:26

    -Character Appearance: Six foot six, two hundred and forty-five pounds. Medium length blond hair and green eyes. Always wearing a gas mask to protect him from the toxic air. Wears a worn out tactical vest taken from the police station to help buffer blows during hand to hand combat. Wears paintball pants found in a store with built-in nee-pads. To protect his arms he has arm wraps wrapped around his fore-arms to protect his skin condition called eczema and shield his skin from the environment. He wears combat boots also scavenged from the police station that are a size 14, he has fairly large feet.

    -Character Personality: (Any fatal flaws?): Strong hearted and helpful. He will help you do odd jobs and tasks if you ask him nicely and tell him what it is beforehand. He is in good physical shape despite lack of nutrition. He is mostly mentally well aside from bursts of anger. The bursts of anger are caused by the withheld emotions from his parents deaths. This anger has gotten him into trouble before. Only talks when necessary or when around people he is comfortable with. Although he will acknowledge your presence with a curt nod or hello. He also gets annoyed fairly easily.

    -Occupation: He is a Free Lancer and by that I mean he will do almost any job, as long as it is appropriate. Before he was taken to the labor camp he was a scavenger, but after he escaped he had to fend for himself with no one else to help him. He started doing jobs for people. They paid to do things and he did them. They ranged from mining out a cave to killing a high priority target. Anything his skills could be applied to he would do sometimes even if it meant his life.

    -Can your character read or write?: He has never needed to read nor write, but his mother taught him how anyways seeing as it might be a useful skill one day. He can read basic to moderate words and sentences and can write basic sentences.

    -Can your character mine?: He has had to make holes in mountains to stay the night in because of lack of shelter. He is also in good physical condition, so he is fairly good at mining. Another reason he is good at mining is because he was forced to mine at the Raptor labor camp where he mined for 3 months, everyday. The only thing he ever had trouble mining was obsidian and diamond.

    -Can your character build? (Holes in the ground do not count.): He has only ever built basic structures out in the wastes such as small hits and other small structures. He never settled down so he never built a large house to settle down in. He mostly stayed in abandoned buildings and caves he and his father dug out.

    -Can your character fight?: His fighting is his strongest asset seeing as how he grew up with a militaristic family. He can use ranged weapons better than most people he has met and is an amazing marksman. His melee weapons skills are lacking because he has only ever used them as a last resort. His hand to hand combat skills are also very good. One of his father’s friends that traveled with their group taught him how to defend himself using a mix of different martial arts. He tends to get in brawls a lot and this skill comes in handy.

    -Can your character farm?: He can’t farm very well seeing as how he has always been a scavenger. His mother taught him to grow sugar cane, but nothing else. He has also never had the need to grow things such as wheat because they were always moving and never had the chance.

    -Does your character have any special skills?: He has one major skill that is quite rare in the wasteland. He is very good with computers and electronic devices. Mostly programming to be exact. He started tinkering with old world computers that he found in abandoned shops when he was about 9. His father noticed that he liked to mess with them, so when he went out scavenging he always kept an eye out for computers and other electronics. The skill showed best when he hacked a roaming robot attacking his family. He snuck behind it and ripped open the access panel in tje back of it. He rewired some of the electronics and the robot instantly turned docile.

    -Does your character have any mental or physical disabilities? Any health problems?: He has severe anger issues caused by repressed memories of his parents. They are random and can happen at any given time which does not help him during delicate situations. He has a skin condition called eczema which is the loss of pigmentation and dryness of specific areas of the skin. The eczema turns red when he sweats and itches very badly. The only way to help soothe the condition is by applying water or skin cream. The water however will dry it out after it is dried, so the only semi-permanent fix is skin cream. He also as very mild asthma that only kicks in when he has exerted himself for a long period of time. This causes him to wheeze and cough.

    -Character Fears: His main fear is decapitations. He gravelly fears this because this is how his parents were executed at the raider labor camp. When he sees someone decapitated he flinches, but does not show his feelings right away. He usually holds them back until he can be alone and lets out his emotions in either a break down into sobbing or by repeatedly punching an object. He also has a slight fear of heights. When he gets near the edge of a tall building or cliff his heart races and he desperately wants to get away from the edge. If he is on a high building, but not near the edge he usually fine.

    -DESCRIBE an event where your character is in deep pain: (No *I dodge the raiders arrows*. Write it out.)
    *A whip slaps the back of Tj's back*
    "Ow! God dammit!" he screams.
    "Language Tj," his mother whispers.
    "Language? Are you joking? We are being forced into labor by a bunch of thugs and you are worried about language?" Trevor yells.
    "Well the least we can do is stay civilized if they won't," she whispers.
    "Screw that! If we want to get out of here we need to fight our way out!" he yells again.
    "Stop talking!" A raider yells as he cracks his whip again.
    "Tj please," his mom whispers under her breath.
    "Listen to your mother Tj. Your mother and I are to weak to get out of here anyways," Tj's dad says.
    "Don't say that dad. You have always been strong enough to fight," Tj says looking at his dad worried.
    "I said stop talking!" The raider yelled as he smacked Tj's back with the whip once more.
    *Tj falls to the ground doubled over in pain and yells,* "What the hell!"
    "Still gunna talk eh? Well we'll see about that after this," the raider grabs both of his parents and slams them up against the wall. "Get on your nees!" he yells
    "What are you doing!" Tj screams.
    "You'll see soon enough you worthless piece of crap. And with that he unsheathed his machete and raised it.
    "No, don't!" Tj screamed at the top of his lungs.
    The raider swung the machete down and decapitates both of his parents. "Wanna talk now dirt bag?" The raider says with a laugh.
    *Tj falls to the ground onto his hands and nees and stares at his parents dead bodies. His mouth hangs agape and he crumbled to the ground.
    "You gunna cry *****?" the raider asks Tj.
    "You will die," Tj whispers, "You will all die."
    "Sure we will," The raider says, "Sure we will." and with that the raider walked away laughing.
    Tj crawled over to his parents bodies and sobbed over them for what seemed like forever. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up. He saw the face a man he did not know. The man said, "You gotta suck it up or they'll kill you to and remember, **** happens."
    Tj looked up at him with a cold hatred in his eyes and said, "How could you say that? My parents were just slaughtered inf ront of me and you say **** happens? Go to hell!"
    "Just trying to help," said the stranger and with that he walked off into the quarry.
    Tj knew the man was right about one thing though. If he didn't suck it up they would kill him too. He dragged his parents bodies into a remote part of the quarry and dug them both graves. He put each one in the grave and before he buried them he locked their hands together in a tight embrace, so they would still be together, even after death. He buried their bodies and went back to his station

    The rest of the day the only thing Tj thought about was what the old man said; **** happens. And although he didn't want to admit it, he knew the man had a point. Things were going to happen to him the rest of his life. Most of which he wouldn't be able to control, so he would have to do the best he could with what he had.

    That night when they were sent to the barracks he remembered to bring a bobby pin with him from his maintenance kit. He was leaving this hell hole tonight. They entered the barracks as usual with the guards cuffing them and sending them to their slots in the warehouse. There were no beds here, only a cold, hard concrete floor. The lights went out about an hour after he sat down in his slot. He waited about 3 more hours before he made his move. Most people by that time were either asleep or crying. He took his bobby pin out and lock picked his cuffs. After he got free he crawled to the door of the warehouse and snuck outside. This was it, there is no going back now.
    He snuck through the camp by weaving through the various buildings and watch towers until he made it to the front entrance. He crawled through an open window and hid behind a desk. He peeked around the side and saw two guards standing by the door. One was slightly farther back than the other and out of the other guards sight. This was his chance to be free.
    He crawled up behind the first guard and grabbed his neck twisting it almost all the way around. He lowered his body to the ground silently and took his knife. He snuck up behind the second guard and slit his throat, lowering his body to the ground just as slowly. He took the guards leather armor and a pork chop and then stole off into the night.

    Finally, he was free.

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