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    Quote from ytninjaas»

    Hello. For every one who wanted to add guns into lostcities(It's obvious if you wanna it like water is wet):

    This mod uses vanilla loot tables, so for example you can patch techguns 1.12.2 (the mod that i use) and add here edited vanilla loot table. The problem is that i don't know how to do it exactly because even if maybe i can edit loot tables, i can't add a new lootable. I tried to patch tech guns mod, watched dozens of modding tutorials, and i almost gave up. If there is a good programmer / hacker, then i hope they will read the solution.

    Tags for search: 1.12.2 zombie apocalypse mod mods loot table lootables patch java json minecraft Minecraft techguns flans mod flansmod guns firearms ak-47 pistol sniper

    And for who is believing that the author will add 1.7.10 version of the mod, then you are so pathetic like you want a nether update in minecraft cave game. He doesn't want to do this, cuz there are way newer mod versions.

    Hang on .. ill post my file for you tomorrow

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