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    posted a message on colored redstone
    my idea is that you can dye redstone just like leather armor. the dyed redstone only works with redstone of the same color. like blue redstone will only work for blue and wont for green. you could also use dyed redstone when making a piston repeater or anything else with redstone in it to have it work with that color of redstone. with undyed redstone it would work with any color and dyed red would be normal redstone. like using normal repeater for color converting.the unative redstone would be a darker color of its dye and the partaols would be the dyed color too. this would make redstone easier to use so the 2 different devices to not meet and not affect each other just something simlpe me and a friend came up with and yes i know its called redstone.
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    posted a message on My First Ever Zombie Defence Map
    could u have posted this when it was done -_-
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    posted a message on Roleplay & zombies : A possible combination for a server?
    awsome idea n this is alot like human element a game i cant wait to play i suport but being younger then u cant help with anything but i do know some people who have made their own mod
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    posted a message on Remove the Level Cost to name an item.
    all those talking about troll raining children there is a lot worse that could happen a sword named **** is never as bad as a 8-year old finding out what porn is mc is nothing next to the open internet so stfu

    Quote from korda_machala


    Renaming costs so much, because it makes repairing items cheaper in long run!

    If you name a item, repair costs won't increase. If you won't do that, every item repair will increase future repairs (items store how many times they were repaired).

    majong can fix that you know-_-

    also naming just makes it more fun theres something about it being yours even more
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    posted a message on Eternal Dark (Mod Idea)
    this is a great idea but insteed of having a ceiling why not just have a black sun and moon
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    posted a message on Axes for Cutting Leaves
    i support it takes to long to fully cut down a tree and i also think axes should make leaves drop saplings more because i always end up with no wood and have to spawn some in for survival

    also i cant help but ask is that a castle crasher skin mac
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    posted a message on Need Some One To play With!
    Quote from brownplug

    whats that????

    vanilla is used to say plain anything so in mc its no mods
    also could you put more details
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    posted a message on Glowstone Sword
    Quote from Ic3Cr34m

    I don't think minecraft is getting too full for more items at all.
    I think we should get all the suggestions for items we can get, so we can make it more addicting.

    Also, I think he put alot of effort into this post, therefore I support.

    Quote from Zoch

    There have also been a ton of mobile light source suggestions put out there. They will never get added. It is difficult to code and will cause the average computer to kill itself because of lag. Glowstone also doesn't make much sense to have as much durability as gold. I mean, it crumbles to dust in a second of punching.

    I've seen the yogscast do a mobile lighting mod and it had no lag but good point
    really i just want a blaze rod sword
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    posted a message on Printed Books Found in Abandoned Mines
    support minecraft needs more stuff like this it adds to that lonely apocalyptic feeling minecrafts always had
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    posted a message on New and Improved Bats
    bat do nothing they were made to do nothing but be cute honestly i wish there were more mobs like the bat
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    posted a message on Glowstone Sword
    heres my idea
    a sword made of glowstone and blaze rods with the durability of a gold sword and damage of a stone sword and when your holding it it glows like a torch from the upper block of your body
    what this is supposed to do is be a moving torch that also doubles as a weapon slightly better then your hand
    this is because you'll be going to place a torch and a creeper spawns in front of you and all you have to hit is with is a torch witch does half a heart of damage
    also this isn't oped in my opinion because it will break easily and does little damage and you need to have found a neather fortress before you get it
    also this uses a blaze rod as the stick and I'm one of those people that want a blaze rod weapon in the game plus most ideas like this make it just give a free fire aspect to the sword witch i think is too abusable
    anyway please tell me what you think
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    posted a message on Minecraft Let's Play! A different little idea I have (read on to see if you want to join)
    sounds interesting too bad im 13
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    posted a message on Looking for Youtube Let's Play Partners - CTM/Adventure/Survival/Team Battles
    Hi i have a mike and headphones skype 13 and somewhat mature I've done some recording and I'm free most if the day after 5 in Virginia i have no sever host experience and mainly just love co-op and i will play any map
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