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    Haaaappy new year.

    Here's what happened... I started programming for a job and going to school for it, and that made me hate it. I've decided to keep it as a hobby and not make it a career.

    So, I'm making it now, and I'm more determined than ever.

    Also, if anyone wants to try out the demo on the ps3 for "Akimi Village", it has a lot of the same mechanics I'll be putting into the RTS, so definitely check it out. Harvest, bring to "work bench", build new buildings using those resources, process resources, etc... Lots of similar mechanics. Just, minecraft themed.
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    You'll all be happy to know that I am back into Minecraft quite heavily! I also had a few breakthroughs in the dev tree that will make this project smooth and buttery.

    Also, I see the poll wants a story-based RTS in a Minecraft setting. With all the new mobs and updates, there's a few refined teams.

    Humans: Human, Swordsman, Archer, Giant.(limit 1, melee)
    Team Special: TNT Cannon can be made.

    Pigs: Pig (can be converted to Pigman on the field), Pigman, Ghast, Creeper (limit 1, siege, can be charged)
    Team Special: Lightning Tower can be made, Portal can be made.

    Undead: Zombie, Spider, Skeleton, Spider Jockey (limit 1, ranged)
    Team Special: Mob Spawners can be built in the field which pop out units if you have the funds.

    Ender: Enderman (melee, can teleport or build), Ender Dragon (limit 1, does melee, ranged, and siege)
    Team Special: Ender Dragon only functions when close enough to an Ender Crystal which must be built.

    So they all have a worker (who also specialize in siege), a melee, a ranged, and a "hero" which has strength in one of those 3 classes, so if you prefer ranged, you can go for the Undead with it's hero ranged unit.

    The map is going to be height-mapped (and, of course, destructible) and you will have to clear out an area before you can build on it (by collecting the dirt). You can upgrade your units weaponry from an Weapons Store.

    I'm not going to take donations until I have a playable demo of some kind, and I'll be getting about 10-20 hours a week of work done on it, as well as posting youtube videos of my progress.

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    Check this out, we just finished filming, editing, and narrating it. Narration courtesy of Karlie.

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    Dan Redux wishes you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday!

    My present to you, is my full attention. Vote in the poll to decide what game I need to make and I'll make it. Simple as that.

    Here's the things I've done in the past 5 days, I'm on a roll:

    XML Tutorial [1, XML on DanRedux.com]
    Minecraft 3D Engine [1, displaying a Cavern with Smoothed Edges] [2, displaying Depth of Vision Blur]
    Minecraft Grass/Wheat Engine (Flows in the wind!) [1, Grass] [2, Wheat]
    2D Light Engine in Progress [1, a couple coloured lights and shadows]
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    Cubescape currently free!
    Direct Download Link

    Friday, August 26th. LIVE 14 hour coding session as a fundraiser. RSVP on Facebook.

    This is a game I'm developing that has a lot of dedicated fans already. In it, you will choose 1 of 4 factions (Pig, Humans, Hostiles, and Passives) to fight for survival or domination. Each faction will be extremely unique, having their own resource sets and entirely custom units and buildings.

    The inspiration for Cubescape was, of course, Minecraft. Lots of Minecrafts concepts and characters are showing up in Cubescape already. It's indev, and usually requires a $3 donation to unlock forever, but is free right now!


    Fan Video:
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    Yes, we are Testers, but I honestly didn't know this when I signed up.

    Testers usually test for free, or get paid. You think you PAY to test the new Call of Duty games?
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    Bumping to ask-

    Should pistons be added into the game? They are a mod that allows the creation of a redstone-powered piston (a telescoping device that can shift a row/column of blocks one block over). Coupled with a cobblestone generator, they can be used to create self-building and self-repairing structures.

    I have three possibilities. One is simple 2 extra building types- Self creating/repairing walls and self creating/repairing bridges. Both would require quite a lot of resources. Two is make this technology an upgrade.. Be able to create "cobblestone generators" which can be used on any building to have it build and then repair itself. Three is simply to not introduce it to the game.

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    Minecraftia: RTS.

    Build an army, construct your empire, and lead your faction to ultimate victory.
    To download an early demo, click the small square Notch face: :Notch:

    Playing as Humans:

    You need to gather the following resource types: Wood, Food, Iron

    You spawn Humans at the "Castle", which build Tier 1 buildings, and gather Tier 1 resources.
    Humans can be trained at the Barracks to become a Swordsman, or the Archery to become an Archer.
    Humans can be trained at the Academy to become Builders, capable of building Tier 2 buildings.
    Humans can be trained at the Castle to become Gatherers, capable of gathering Tier 2 resources.

    Playing as Hostile:

    You need to gather the following resource types: Souls, Block, Lava

    You spawn Zombies at the Hell Tower. Zombies are capable of Tier 1 building, and Tier 1 resource collection.
    Zombies can build a Skeleton Pit. Skeletons are capable of Tier 2 building, and fire bows from distance, and use swords up-close.
    The Spider Bit, a Tier 2 building, produces Spiders which are capable of Tier 2 Resource Collecting, and attack with melee, and have high speed.
    The Creeper Pit is another Tier 2 building that produces Creepers, which are self-destructing units that have high explosive damage and shockwave.

    Playing as Pigs:

    You need to gather the following resource types: Food, Stone, Netherrack

    Pigs are spawned at the "Portal", and have the ability to Tier 1 gatherine, and Tier 1 building
    Pigs can build Barracks, which will train a pig into a Pigman. Pigmen gather Tier 2 resources and build Tier 2 buildings.
    Pigmen can be trained at the Hell Circle, becoming Zombie Pigmen. These are the offensive/defensive units.
    The Portal has the option to sacrifice 5 garrisoned Pigmen to produce one Ghast, the flying-type missile unit.
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