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    posted a message on Disappointed in the patch?

    Anyone else disappointed in the recent patch? It was my understanding from the twitter feed and news about the game's newest members that you have many many more people both programming and testing the newest patches so when I see the tiny list of things that were updated in the Xbox version I have to ask where exactly did the administration go wrong and where is the problem in the process of development? We waited how long since last year before we saw a patch and to see the tiniest patch come out with the most recent edition was just unbelievably sad.

    I once thought that Blizzard Entertainment held the all time record for the most delayed production and patch schedules I can see now I was mistaken as this team seems to be catching up just before the finish line. The patch that we waited so long for didn't have anything but skin updates from the PC version even Sheep don't drop mutton. Seriously, drops were not updated?

    At this rate we'll have an Xbox Two by the time we'll see command blocks come out of this studio.

    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say these things.

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    posted a message on Nether Torches
    Crafted by glow dust for yellow light, quarts for white glow, warts for red flare??? For Console As well?

    I'd actually suggest they make them a blue flame torch or even green flame torches! That would be awesome!

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